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  1. Actually if anyone is staying at Days Inn and whats to do something let me know. My groups always tend to enjoy having a party, watching movies, playing munchkin or something random all through the wee hours of thursday/friday night/morning.
  2. Actually....I must give praise to Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid. When Otacon came into play and I did research on the character I came across Otakon and decided "Hey! I like anime! I should go! Hey it's also on my 16'th birthday! w00t!". So yeah....2003 was a good year...
  3. Actually, whats probablly made it so popular for cons was the Haruhi AMV from AMVH4.
  4. ugh so much work. I work two jobs actually one in a deli, one helping my grandfather on his farm so that takes up alot of my time during the week (not to mention trying to get The Ninja Legion back up and running at 100%). I'm pretty much the group leader all the time with cons it seems and with a huge gathering of personal friends for a Edo run on thursday that I'm planning it doesn't look like things will be getting easier. Then the shopping list of rare manga and anime and live action vids......T_T I feel overwhelmed *cries* ~Fist
  5. I have a group going after they pick up badges over to Edo (as opposed to Shiro and going before getting badges) If anyone from the boards wants to come with us I'm sure we wouldn't mind extra people . It would probablly be like 6 or 7 ish when we leave to go there. If interested just PM me or something, all I ask is you be mature >_<
  6. Well then. Instead of Thursday eat and meet which Shiro was so kind as to bring together, is there a specific day during the convention which everyone would like to get together? What days and times are best for everyone? Note this won't be a eat and meet as thats Shiro's thing and you should look into the link MC posted earlier for that. This is simply for Otakon Board members (and staff of course) who want to just hang and chat in a specific location.
  7. I'm probablly going to be in ninja gear on friday. Anyone interested in doing a mass ninja march Friday morning? lol
  8. For those with radio's I'm probablly going to be bringing my Ipod and Itrip, I'll probablly have a good amount of anime and anime remix music going if you want to tune in and listen to it.
  9. How about this. The quickest way to defeat your enemy is through knowledge of your enemy. As such why not make it a quiz off? Ninja's have to answer questions about real pirate history and pirate's have to answer real ninja history. Not sure how many questions it would be....but all contestants of the losing team would have to do something like the luck dance or something random.....bah I'll figure out a win/lost thing later thats all for now. ~Fist
  10. hmmm this year I'll be with two college friends who decided to finally date Kawaii! Also I'll have OtakonOtaku with me as well as one of the cohosts for my show Une.
  11. Hey everyone those who have bee here awhile should remember me (hopefully....maybe....please?.....a cookie's involved...) and I wanted to know if anyone wanted to do a board meet up for this year as has been ritual in the past number of Otakons. If anyone is interested maybe we could do something for Thursday after we all get our passes, or if its split maybe something Thursday and something during the weekend (Friday or Saturday)? Maybe lunch/dinner as a group, going to rave as a group, something random like that. Sorry to bring this up suddenly if I'd seen this not being done I would've p
  12. Hey anyone here going to AUSA in 2 weeks? Curious on if anyone else from the boards might be going and if they want to meet up. Let me know!
  13. ota_dad my 16'th birthday was the first year I got to Otakon as well! (Birthday was on the 9'th too so it was my first otakon on my b-day) Well...I know a guy....lets say...Jay...and he called them up asking "Will this waiting list make sure I get a room at the Otakon block rate of $199?" at which they replied "yes". I do believe that makes it a verbal contract which is illegal to break in the state of Maryland? Pardon me if I'm wrong as I'm no lawyor but isn't that something which can get them in trouble with the Better (Greater?) Buisness Buiro?
  14. Hold it.....so....Are we going to get called back....or are we out of luck? If days inn just screwed us over.....[insert cruel mean evil thing to be done yet probablly won't because of lazyness here]
  15. I hope Days Inn doesn't botch this up....I called 9 am this morning and got put on the list. They said they would call back on the 22'nd....*is really hoping they will call or I will be ticked*
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