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  1. Haru Glory from RAVE and Teru Mikami from Death Note ^-^
  2. Me and my girlfriend are going to Otakon 2009 as couples from 2 anime xD First off is Lelouch (either R2 Zero or Emperor costume) and C.C. (either R2 dress or Bondage suit) and second is Syaoran and Sakura from Tsubasa xD
  3. I will be returning as Zero from Code Geass once more, as well as Orange-kun (Jeramiah Gottwald also from Code Geass xD) in his R2 form.
  4. 1. Yugioh, and all those merchandising anime (including Bakugan -.-)) Arent 30 second commercials bad enough? Why make 30 MINUTE commercials? 2. Baki the grappler, Hajime no Ippo, Prince of Tennis, ect. SPORTS AINT ANIME! 3. Anything dubbed by 4Kids/VIZ. Nothing against the originals, just the dubs.
  5. Kurai

    Code Geass!

    I don't see anything set in stone on cosplay.com, but then again I dont see many people lining up for Code Geass cosplay either. Still, I wanna at least get the few of us together, someone should set something up, even if its unofficial.
  6. Kurai

    Code Geass!

    I will be there as Zero and maybe as School Uniform Lelouch given I finish Zero soon. Does anyone know if there is a cosplay.com gathering set up for this? I tried looking, but I got confused and gave up xD If there are even a couple of us in Code Geass I would like to at least try and create a small photoshoot to get all of us together at least.
  7. Unfortunately, I lack the skills and knowledge on how to sew, pattern, or otherwise create, so I am forced to buy D= I plan to learn eventually since it'd be alot easier for me, but I cant really find anyone to teach me DX
  8. Im doing Lavi myself as well xD Currently putting together his innocence xD!!
  9. Y'know, I recently finished Code Geass (and am eagerly awaiting the second season xD) and I thought to myself, "How cool (or rather awesome, as the costume would KILL me in august DX) would it be to cosplay as Lelouch/Zero? Only problem with that idea? The FREAKING helmet! As far as I can tell, you'd need nothing short of a professional manufacturer to make one of those, and theres nothing even close to buy and use as a substitute! Anyone have a comment on this downer of a dilemma? xD
  10. Kurai


    I don't believe that Dramacon is completely over yet xD If you read on Svetlana's personal webpage, after she most recently updated it (or it may have been her livejournal, I don't remember) she actually says that she MAY do more Dramacon, but currently she isnt because she is focusing on other projects. So while it may not be for some time, there may yet be a Dramacon volume 4. I loved Dramacon in its entirety, and back at Otakon 2006 I cosplayed as Matt from volume 1.
  11. I already finished my Kyouka Suigetsu (the crossguard was a pain in the you-know-what.), which is why I'm still leaning towards him. If I get enough money, I might do both lol.
  12. I'm debating on which character I'm going as. Right now I'm either going as Hueco Mundo Aizen or Hueco Mundo Gin. Leaning more towards Aizen since it'll be easier for me to pull off (and no wig nessesary).
  13. FMA, The ending of Wild Arms 4 (yes, its a game I know, BUT ITS STILL SAD T_T), Some Inuyasha scenes, Tenchi Muyo (sometimes, when Im not laughing my butt off.)
  14. El Hazard: Wanderers Chrono Crusade Tenchi Muyo/Tenchi Universe/Tenchi In Tokyo (THEY DONT SAY WHO HE CHOSE!!1) There are probably others, I have forgotten them though...
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