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  1. Make the sins one, you can always use the base pattern from the first to make the second later on if you get really antsy, but you'll have something that can look clean in a few months after making it for the con. Good luck
  2. You would be able to be shirtless at the con, but it'd bee a good idea to carry one with you if you want to go eat in a public restaurant or go anywhere else outside of the convention center
  3. Modify some plastic frames by cutting off the tops and gluing the lenses in the bottom piece, then make the bands with snaps to go around your arm with a vinyl or gold fabric and heavy interfacing, padded interfacing and not stiff interfacing.... the gems can be made out of clay and then colored by painting them with the proper color nail enamel... hope this helps
  4. Jessica from DragonQ8- 3% Sailor Chibi Chibi from Sailor moon-75% done Meryl Stryfe V 2.0- (Will have Cape Finished/With guns) Nia from Gurren Lagann- 100% Done Nami from One Piece Thriller Bark Arc- 1% done Belle Mere from One Piece- 100% Done, unless I decide to remake her shirt and get new shoes
  5. This past wonderful Weekend I was Thursday Belle Mere from One Piece, or Woman with burgundy mohawk/80's hair on thursday in Preredge Line Friday Nia from Gurren Lagann Mid Time Jump- I didn't go to either of the shoots, but i got stopped alot, I also did a Fusion pose with another Nia, if the Simon-chan is out there who took it, it'd be greatly appreciated Hinata Hyuuga Shippuden Naruto- I was waundering around later at night with a bunch of other Narutards just taking photos and such Saturday Nia from Gurren Lagann- Again Meryl Stryfe from Trigun, I d
  6. I ended up missing all the shoots because my hotel didn't have free internet... I knew i shoulda printed out the darned schedule! @_@ however, I was Nia, I was Mid-Time-Skip nia, waundering by myself, Went clubbing for the Otaku Breakout night at Club Orpheus, It was sooooo much fun! I lost the cutest costume contest... to a Chii... @_@
  7. Just a heads up for those of you who are still interested in this... I guess we can meet by the fountains on the first floor and decide from there where we want to go! so Official Photo Shoot stats are Saturday 8pm Fountains!
  8. Usually, if you want to mingle with other costumers of the same anime, you can humdrum around for around an hour. In your case I think you would want to head out. It really doesn't matter if people stay or go, there is usually a group who mingles around even after 2-3 people have left. It's really however long a person wants to stay or what the group wants to do
  9. Also, the last day to request your set up gathering with Eurobeat King, is August 4th. Via Cosplay.com's otakon Gathering official forum... The list will probably be updated by the 5th-6th, so just keep an eye out...
  10. I'm currently Organizing a 30-40 person Pirate dinner, So a small gathering on Saturday shouldn't be a problem. Starting a thread on a subject in multiple places usually means the person responsible for updating the threads is responsible for organizing everything else... HELP IS A VALUABLE ASSET to organizing anything though the way I usually do things, is have people contact me be it... PM, AIM, or MSN IM And then we exchange numbers, Set a Meeting Place Date and Time for the WHOLE GROUP photo meet-n-greet You get a map in your booklet when you get your badge. and that s
  11. The only problem I have with the Fountains is, they are always overrun by other huge groups of cosplayers... But hey, if you guys are up to it, we can do that... @_@ The fourth floor is usually a good place to atleast gather... but here are a few other places to choose from... (Courtesy of EuroBeat King!) "-4th Floor Outside Main Events (2007, 2005 & before) -Inside Video-Game Room -By Starbucks (Near Registration) -By the Big Ship (2nd floor) -3rd Floor Outdoor Terrace -Walkway leading towards Food-Court & Hilton -The Fountains (This is the most popular area
  12. *Chiming in* Sorry I have been momentarilly Distracted by my costuming/Bernadelli Duties... ( I have 5 costumes to make, 2 weeks to do them in...you do the math GAHH!!! @_@) Anyways Yes, the shoot/Meet is set for Saturday at 8pm However A Meeting Place Has Yet To Be Decided! THANKYOU WOLF!! *pats you on the head and gives you some bernadelli donuts*
  13. If anything... for a propgun, check out your local nerf section of a Toystore near you. They might have more of a variety than just a squirt gun, but the colors are so bright and odd and since it's plastic you can spray paint it. Unless of course you use "Said foam" and such... For a Trench coat, Depending on whether you're going with the manga or the Anime Style one, and if you know someone who has experience with dye or dying fabrics. Then you could do the whole look for one at a thrift store trim it, stitch it, dye it thing. If you go more the seamstress route, or tailor, depending on the t
  14. Don't worry, you'll like it here...we have cookies and cakes! Can't wait to see it!
  15. I will be there as Nia, mid-time jump, pink dress en such, with the giant arse flower on my head @_@ I dunno yet if i will have my cape finished, but for now I have.... *think think* Wig is 98% done, blue streaks en all, the flower accessory needs to be reglued Pink dress is 75% done, gotta hem it and make the collar snappable so it can be washed etc... Pleated skirt is 85% done, gotta attach the snaps on the back and the lace to the back hem Bracelets: Bottom ones are done, the upper arm ones are figured out in my head but not physically done yet Shoes/Belt: Belt is finished
  16. If you're talented with clay work you could sculpt them over a cardboard base or make 2 cardboard Cone shapes and use hot glue to make the bumps
  17. I used to cosplay as Chibi Chibi all the time! At first, one of my friends made the wig for me, then after continuous wear (I started wearing Chibi Chibi in 2005) it started too...not look so good! So, I dis-assembled the odango, and simply made two small buns next to each other. It worked out pretty good for me, but I know some people would rather have hearts in their hair. http://www.flickr.com/photos/patgavin/2272...57603932088863/ Then I saw you werent talking about the wig; As far as the fuku went, I didn't make mine, but whomever did didn't use any piping in the costume
  18. Uh... I have photos of My milli costume, but none of my Meryl... not many were taken, you guys will have to see there X3 ki ki ki ki ki ki *evil laughter*
  19. I'll be doing Sailor Chibi Chibi, when I finally get her finished... @_@ Faux dangos are fun to make but a pain sometimes... Biggest problem I've encountered so far is the little bulbous piping they have.. I'm gonna used some rubber piping material from a local hardware store and cover it with fabric, that way I can wash it and it'll be good...anyone have any other ideas for how to make that weird piping?
  20. Just a heads up... many people at the con don't get there till later afternoon say.. after 1-2pm friday, if they don't come on thursday... so noon not quite the best time... Man the Season Finale was interesting...
  21. When you pull your hair back and braid it or pony tail it, or whatever you do... (Personally i have short hair so i just use a headband)... when you put on the wig, use a few bobby pins to help keep it gripped to your head
  22. Get an old Bikers helmet and make the attachments out of a harder styrofoam or clay, then attach, and spray paint where needed, heed this warning though, before spray painting styrofoam it is necessary to coat it with a primer, because it naturally eats away at the stuff like sulfuric acid would human skin.... @_@ gah.. hope this helps
  23. Hey, just posting this topic here for those of you on Otakon boards that don't frequent Cosplay.com's forums very much. This is the Original post here... http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=151651 I'm just curious to see if I can get a gage of how many Trigun Cosplayers are gonna be bopping around, I'm personally gonna be Meryl Stryfe one or two days of the con, depending on weather. Anyone else??
  24. check ebay, or there's always Acewigs.com. It all depends on time constraints. and if you have a local wig shop, check there first, you'll most often find the best deal there due to not having to pay shipping, or you can always hire a "Wig hunter" or someone who lives in the area of a wig shop to find a wig that looks really close to if not identical for you.
  25. Updated List actually.... @_@ gah costume over load...Yes...I do enjoy my sewing... a bit much... Thursday Belle Mere: One Piece Version 1.0= 100% Done, yay! Friday Meryl Stryfe: Trigun= 55% Done, Need to make Cape. Hinata Hyuuga: Shippuden Naruto= 100% Done, need to get a new set of contacts. Saturday Chibi Chibi Moon...:Sailor Moon= 15%...yes I have gone to the Moonie Side @-@ Nia from: Gurren Lagann= 35%... If i get her done in time Sunday Nami Special Edition: One Piece Costume Days are subject to change and morph due to change in photography sch
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