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  1. Being the Rude from skit number 13, Soul Society News, and the last one in the "Bleach Block" I can tell you our group was kinda worried about this. You seem to forget though, that the groups don't all sit down and go, "Hey, I'm doing a skit from (blank anime) how about you guys try to avoid that one?". Also popularity is going to have some focus on what is done. I'm expecting to see quite a few more "Snakes on a Plane" type skits, sinply because it's being talked about and so on. *shrugs* I do think they could have tried to spread them out instead of grouping them all together, that in an
  2. - Grave of the Firefly's is definatly the saddest anything anime or not I've seen, depressing but thought provoking and in general a great movie. The first words, "September ?? 19?? That was the day I died" definatly deppressing from beginning to end. - Yep, Fruits Basket as well was a tear jerker... in the episodes with Hitori, Momiji, and Kyo. (((Akito is a pure bitch!))) - Samurai Champloo, at first I didn't care much for this anime but then I decided to give it a secound chance and I watched it last night and saw the epi. "A Risky Racket" very sad. - Wolf's Rain made me cry
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