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  1. lol that jab... and yeah I agree.. Baltimore isn't helping Otakorp wanting to move back there... I'd love for Otakon to move back, but I'm really starting to like DC. It's a more modern city and it's more appealing than Baltimore is now... #RIPMcKeldinFountain
  2. This will never happen, and even if it does Otakorp will not take Otakon back to Baltimore... Stop giving people false hope.
  3. lmao what is he, an Intel/AMD CPU? XD
  4. I guess... but I wouldn't wear a kigu in the late July/early August DC Heat though....
  5. Unless I somehow get it together and make/get something Olympics related I'll be bringing the same Senbonzakura Miku genderbend I've been bringing since 2016. I might bring my Street Pop Miku again if I can revamp it... Not sure what I'll do with it yet if anything at all.
  6. That sounds awesome! 2008 was the year before I started coming to Otakon, so seeing stuff like this available again would be cool.
  7. Hey all! MaGFest (Music and Gaming Festival) 2020 just happened this past weekend. I was there as were 30k+ other people and it was a blast. Did anyone else here go? https://super.magfest.org for more info Also, check out a video I made of my experience: https://youtu.be/UxMnAvg6ZEM
  8. All of it needs work... Also you're not first to the market with this kind of thing... Wikia.com and other Wiki style sites out there are already doing what you want to do... I suppose this is good practice for you to learn different elements of HTML etc, but yeah.
  9. Okay so first off, the "Anime Club Discussion" forum here isn't the place to advertise/post your website creating endeavors... second your site needs work....
  10. Was it the 2018 show we met up at afterwards? I can't remember but I'll trust you.
  11. If I recall you went to the 2014 show, correct? At the Hammerstein Ballroom? I think we met up for a moment after the show? I think that's right.
  12. Hell yeah! I wonder if the setlists will be the same this time....
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