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  1. Gotcha. Thanks.
  2. Whoa. Anime Japan Fes is/was (the last update to that link was in late January 2009) in Tokyo. I WANNA GO TO TOKYO. lol. I'm jealous. And yeah JP and TMR are f*cking spectacular. They seem like awesome people as well.
  3. I hope I can get tickets for ANY of the shows.. I really wanna see the FLOW / Yousei Teikoku set. I've seen both TMR and JAM Proj before at Otakon and Anime Boston, respectively, but I wouldn't mind seeing them again cuz they're spectacular live.
  4. @MattTheMinion is there anyway a live ticket availability counter or something can be implemented to let people know how many tickets are available for the two shows? I think that'd help.
  5. I'd also like to know that... I have ACen before Otakon this year (like every other year as of 2012)... so I want to be able to attend as much as I can at Otakon.
  6. w00t finally!! I'mma get my tickets when I get paid next... unless I can wait? Will these sell out?
  7. Awesome! This'll make alotta ppl happy and more at ease about the Kon being in DC. Thanks!
  8. Alright. That's what I thought. AB is the only con I frequent that has "airport grade" security.
  9. Okay awesome, but what about prop weapons check at the door like at Anime Boston?
  10. Hey all, so with the wake of heightened security during my home com (Anime Boston) from 2014 on, questions have come up about the security situation for Otakon this year, especially since it's in the nation's Capital. We'll be a 20 minute walk from the White House, as well as all of the other monuments in the perimeter of Washington DC. So what's the deal with it? Should we be anticipating bag checks, prop weapon checks (for those that have such as part of their cosplay), etc. ? -GasparAKAShiggitay
  11. The only problem I see with the Metro is the fact that it supposedly closes at midnight this year vs it being open through 3AM years prior... so for all you fans of late night con programming like the ever so popular "Voice Actors After Dark" you'll be out of luck getting back to your hotels that way. I mean, you could ├╝ber, traditional taxi, or walk, but yeah the issue of being in cosplay in the August Wash DC heat.... yeah no.
  12. Sadly I think you're out of ~$100... :\
  13. Yeah... I was expecting epic sh*t to go down, but ACen is fun anyway, so yeah. Maybe I'll see you there xD
  14. So you're not going to ACen at all this year? I go mainly for friends and somewhat for the con itself... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Yeah I remembered that fact after I posted that post. haha Thanks Kim!