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  1. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    Also everyone, here's a fresh invite link: https://discord.gg/Kn7Ewkx
  2. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    I'll let you know what Dysin says... maybe we can convert it to an official? As I said, you're welcome to join if you want to offer feedback, since you're former staff.' Also, I believe the one linked here is the only one at the moment, but I could be wrong.
  3. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    I respect all your points there, but as it is the current unofficial server is actually quite informative and some of the staff members are there already. I've msg'd our admin chat asking the owner Dysin what it'd take and if he wants to make it official. Feel free to join and offer ideas as well
  4. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    I mean, I can talk to the server owner Dysin to figure out what it'd take to make it "offcial"... Yup! We've got a good crew of peeps! I've only had to kick one user for spamming crap.. but that's one in like several coming and going.
  5. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    Hey all! I know I must have made a thread like this at around this time last year, but Otakon has an unofficial Discord server! Come join to chat with fellow Otakon-ites and anime fans alike! https://discord.gg/Kn7Ewkx See you there!
  6. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Anyway we can change BADGE MAILING ADDRESS?

    Okay! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Anyway we can change BADGE MAILING ADDRESS?

    I have a similar question that I thought would be ok to post here since it's a related issue. I preregged for Ota 2018 at Anime Boston this past weekend, and the rep sitting at the Dealer's Room table typo'd my last name. I can't seem to fix it on my ShowClix account. @MattTheMinion is there anything Otakorp can do to fix it? My last name is Heller but the rep Eric I think (?) entered it as "Keller". Thanks in advance!
  8. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Finally PreRegged for Ota 2018!!

    So, I was at my home con of Anime Boston this weekend (Year 10 Hype!!) and I chilled with an Otakon staff member in the Dealer's Room named Eric I think? I also preregged for Otakon 2018 (also Year 10 Hype!!) finally. The confirmation email was being a dork arriving over the con center WiFi, his iPhone hotspot on AT&T, >>AND<< my own Sprint LTE connection. I did indeed the money pulled out of my bank account, so I am indeed in the ShowClix system, but that was annoying.... Anyway, I really can't wait to return to DC again for the 'Kon, and I hope to see some of you there!
  9. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Early Bird discount--how long did it take to hit 10k last year?

    Awesome question and awesome answer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Arcades thread the third

    HELL YES!!!!!!11111 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Your first Otakon

    YES ANOTHER My-HIME series fan! Great choice! Yeah the music is second to none, though I also enjoy the music in Shakugan no Shana, but I digress. Kajiura Yuki is a goddess when it comes to composing music! Her girl band Kalafina is great too! See them in concert if you can! I saw them in 2009 at Anime Boston and in 2014 I think ? at Anime Central!....
  12. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Arcades thread the third

    You should get a Project Diva Future Tone machine! They're available for straight out purchase now apparently.
  13. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Your first Otakon

    My first Otakon was in 2009, though I had been a fan since 2000 starting with Sailor Moon, THOUGH... I had been watching Pokémon since 1997 or so with my brother early AF on Saturday mornings. It was my second ever anime convention (first being Anime Boston 2009, only some months earlier). This year is gonna mark my 10th year anniversary at both AB and Otakon. I'm excited! See some of you at either or both!
  14. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Arcades thread the third

    Soooo my area Round 1 (Silver City Galleria, Taunton, MA, about an hour south, depending on how you drive from Boston area) finally has a Project Diva machine (I was super hyped to see it there...apparently it's been there for around 8 months, and no update to their social media? -_-). I was there recently, but their stupid "Aime Network" or w/e... their authentication network for the games, was down... but kinda up at he same time, as some of the machines worked.... like the DDR A machine they have, and various crane game machines. I was disappointed that I couldn't play and play horribly because I'm nowhere near used to the flat arcade button layout (for Project Diva), but I really wanted to play anyway. I know the charts for most of the songs since I have the PS4 port. At least now any time I trek down there I should be able to play given the network doesn't derp out again, and it's not during maintenance moments. That's a pseudo update, but actually before I close this out I just wanna share this news as well in case people don't know: convention arcade game provider Tokyo Attack has achieved the impossible. They were able to get or get the rights to not one but TWO (!!) Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone Arcade cabinets! I'm super excited for that since they usually come to Anime Boston (coming up in late March 2018), Anime Central, and Otakon. I really hope they show up with those two machines (or at least one) at at least one of those three cons that I'm attending. OH I hope they show up at Anime NYC 2018 as well... but anyway at this point I'm just rambling.
  15. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Here are my annual requests for: Musical Guests: DO AS INFINITY (of whom was in Taiwan during Otakon this year. ) Voice Actors (Seiyuu): Mitsuishi Kotono Hisakawa Aya Tomizawa Michie Shinohara Emi Fukami Rika Furuya Tohru Han Keiko ...and any of the other Sailor Moon seiyuu from the 90s series. I'd die happy if either DAI or these fine seiyuu were to come to Otakon 2018 (or any year possible). ...more seiyuu: MEGUMI HAYASHIBARA! Please and thank you.