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  1. Honestly, the same goes for you. Just accept that all I was doing was trying to do was add to the conversation and that I'm indifferent to the situation as a whole. YOU'RE the one being defensive. Had I not have found that video (of which is an opinion of one YouTuber, even if the theme was similar to the one I posted before) I wouldn't have posted again. TheQuartering brings up some points that LostPause(Noble) did not. I found it interesting and found that it might be something people could talk about in a civilized, adult manner... With you it seems like that's not possible. Again, I am indifferent to the situation, and I hope Vic learns from this situation. I am not a fan of his work generally because I'm not a huge fan of dubbed anime. I wish him well, and let's see if he can bounce back after this ordeal. Have a good one.
  2. I never said anything like that. I posted that video solely to contribute to the conversation... Calm down.
  3. I know I said I wouldn't participate in this thread, but I just found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn5ftKntbfk
  4. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    Dude I love it that you've been attending Otakon a bit longer, but still long like I have! RIGHT ON!
  5. GasparAKAShiggitay

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    I know I requested my fav seiyuu and Jpop/Rock band already, but I'd like to request someone else: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BoA not to be confused with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bôa (both of which are very good) but BoA (no accent over the o) is one of my favorite Asian singers, and I think she'd be a good fit for Otakon, whenever you can get her. She sings in Japanese, Korean, and even some stuff in Mandarin Chinese. She fits Otakon's mission for Asian pop culture perfectly.
  6. I mean no harm to him or you (I'm assuming one of his fans). I personally don't care for the guy, but I do not wish any harm onto him.... I'm just saying that threads like these can easily get out of hand, and with that I'm not posting to this thread anymore. He did what he did, and he's paying for it in more ways than one. I hope he learns from this experience and grows from it.
  7. Was testing something... move along... lol
  8. I suppose... TBH even before all this crap started to surface I never really liked the guy to begin with... I can't really explain it, but he never resonated with me well, and now this stuff started happening/surfacing.... I dunno what to think anymore... If you support him and you want him to be successful again, then so be it and have fun with that, but I don't like him and I'm sticking with that.
  9. Hahahah I did read most of the thread.. I'm not a member of any kind of cult... What I meant was this is just harboring drama... Drama is good to a point but it'll likely get out of hand soon enough (not saying I want it to or encouraging anyone to take it in that direction) but I'm just saying.
  10. Why is this thread even still a thing? >_>
  11. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    Oddly enough my older Ota shirts always get f'd up in the arm pit of the shirt..... that makes me sad cuz it makes it basically unwearable
  12. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Hotel Room

    @Otanon https://board.otakon.com/index.php?/forum/22-roommate-central/
  13. GasparAKAShiggitay

    2019 Hotel Incidentals Reminder

    Hey all! So I was reading through the "How was your hotel?" thread from last year and I saw some people surprised at the fact that at check-in they want $150-200 more than the actual reservation and if you can't successfully get that held on your debit/credit card you cannot check in... This is due to incidental insurance, so if you screw anything up in the room besides normal wear and tear for that weekend, the repairs are covered. The $150-200 usually consists of around $50 per night you have booked for your stay. If you booked the room for yourself only, then I can understand the frustration of not realizing that they need that incidental insurance/not realizing you had to budget for that. Please be aware that such a charge is only a HOLD, and will be released/refunded if nothing warrants that kind of repair in your room. So, I intend this thread to serve as a reminder for everyone to have you / your group budget an additional $200 or so for the incidentals, even if the booking site you're using doesn't mention it, even though they should, but if you're an experienced con-goer/hotel booker you should expect/remember and budget for it.... Thanks for reading, Shiggitay
  14. Hey all, so I can't sleep due to having a cold, so I decided to fire up some PS1 and play some Driver 2 in the "Take a Ride" / "Just Drive" mode. I end up stealing a school bus and funny shenanigans happen. Here's a video of what happened when I recorded the footage. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/GIfrolAFIsc
  15. GasparAKAShiggitay

    What are you playing?: 2019 Edition!

    I'm actually pretty rusty using my mini arcade controller, as I more often play on the actual arcade machine, but I can still play decent overall... lol.