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  1. I mean... Chipotle is okay, but when CalTor(t) was in its building for those many years it was great because they were about the only decent food place open until 2AM. Sure 7-Eleven and Royal Farms is also open that late ( 24h I believe) but if you want something more than snacks, CalTor(t) was the place to go through 2AM.
  2. IKR? I'm so happy Otakon again has some decent Mexican fast food. F*ck that Chipotle sh*t. lol.
  3. OMG I'm so happy a CalTort is intact in DC! I'll be going there SOOO often during Otakon weekend! w00w00t!!!
  4. I could have sworn I posted to this thread... Maybe it was last year's? Anyway... This'll be my 9th Otakon in a row, and I'm eager to see what DC has in store for us! Name : Gaspar (I go by Shiggitay here online) Hometown: My current "hometown" is Watertown, MA, but my true hometown will always be SW Connecticut/NYC. Primary contact info: FaceBook. Add me if ya want. Something interesting: This isn't really all that interesting, but back when I first got into anime I didn't realize that Pokémon was anime at first.. ^^;;
  5. I'm not gay myself, but generally the Otakon audience/populous is very open to the LGBT community as far as I can tell in my 9 years (with this year) going every year. I think you'll have fun. As for bi/gay goods in the Dealer's Room? I have no clue. You'll have to walk around the new DR and find out for yourself. lol I hope you have a good time!
  6. Totally Spies is barely anime, though I know we get non-anime cosplays all the time... but Totally Spies? really? lol
  7. Thanks for the reply! Is 6ish weeks enough to get all of them out?
  8. So at this point I know the musical guest requests are all over the place, but if possible I'd LOVE love LOVE to see Do As Infinity live. I've been asking for them for several years now, and if DAI is available and Avex Trax/Avex Mode can sponsor/send them over I'd die super happy. I think they'd make a great Sunday concert candidate. I guess we'll soon see who it'll be when they do the contest like every year. EDIT: I dunno how reputable this site is, but apparently DAI is booked during OtakonDC weekend in Taipei: I'd think it'd be near impossible to have them flown from Taiwan to Washington, D.C. overnight for a Sunday show.... Also it seems they only play West Coast US shows, i.e. Southern California, so I bet Anime Expo would have a better chance of snagging them... Damnit.
  9. Hahah. At Anime Central this year I saw a metric CRAPTON of Dragon Maid cosplays.. everyone from Fafnir, to Lucoa to Kanna to Tohru... I think I saw a Kobayashi herself as well. ACen was FLOODED with that show this year. It's a good slice of life show, with the dragon twist of course. I would NOT be surprised if we see some if not a lot of it at OtaDC year 1.
  10. Haha I wish Anime Boston did that..
  11. Speaking of badge mailing, when are they going to be mailed out? It's halfway through June... our event is in August...
  12. Yeah that sucks... International drinking laws suck ballsack. lol.
  13. What hotel you at? Maybe I'll come say hi.
  14. Totally understandable! I just cringe at the DiC Sailor Moon theme because it's NOTHING like Moonlight Densetsu... like AT ALL. I did start with the DiC version of the anime itself, but I quickly noticed its flaws and converted myself immediately. lol.
  15. Ew why? lmao I was just gonna post and say that if it was me I'd add some of the Japanese Sailor Moon tracks as well.