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  1. All of it needs work... Also you're not first to the market with this kind of thing... Wikia.com and other Wiki style sites out there are already doing what you want to do... I suppose this is good practice for you to learn different elements of HTML etc, but yeah.
  2. Okay so first off, the "Anime Club Discussion" forum here isn't the place to advertise/post your website creating endeavors... second your site needs work....
  3. Was it the 2018 show we met up at afterwards? I can't remember but I'll trust you.
  4. If I recall you went to the 2014 show, correct? At the Hammerstein Ballroom? I think we met up for a moment after the show? I think that's right.
  5. Hell yeah! I wonder if the setlists will be the same this time....
  6. NYCC is gross.. I was there in 2010 and 2011.. their policies suck. lol
  7. Hey all! I just learned courtesy of the New England Arcade Connection Discord server that Hatsune Miku Expo 2020's dates were announced for North America! Check it out below! https://mikuexpo.com/usaca2020/ I'm super stoked because as you'll see for May 5th there'll be a Boston performance, and as many of you here know (I mean it's in my profile) I currently live in Boston! I can easily get to the House of Blues Boston to attend this concert. I not only cannot wait for the new Project Diva game coming for the Nintendo Switch (of which I have one of the special editions on pre-order), but now also for this concert. Is anyone here as excited as I am? Sadly there's no NYC stop on their tour in 2020, so the next closest for people living in and around NYC is New Jersey, but which concert are you guys going to if you attend one? Miku Expo live concerts are PHENOMENAL! If you're a Vocaloid fan to any degree it's an awesome experience that you should experience at least once! This'll be my 3rd Miku Expo concert (2014/2018/2020). Miku Expo happens every other year, but I missed 2016 because I was at a con and I couldn't do both (I was sad/mad).
  8. OH I have another musical guest request: ANRI! She's rockin' and I hope she can still travel internationally.
  9. A fan of culture I see... Yamashita Tatsuro is awesome! I love 80s Jpop/JRock, but you and I might be the only ones that know of him... Most of the con-going generation now is below the age of 20... but if he can be gotten, that'd be freakin' great!
  10. Uhhh why is there a duplicate of this thread? There's another one already posted by someone.... HERE: Mods I'd suggest you lock this thread so as to not create confusion... or maybe merge the two if you can do that? EDIT: otoxo already noticed the duplicate thread before I did... lol
  11. As I request every year: Musical Guest: DO AS IN-FREAKIN-FINITY XDDD. I've been requesting them for as long as I can remember. They FINALLY came to the US for a con back on Labor Day weekend of this year to San Japan in San Antonio, Texas but I couldn't get out there to see them. PLEASE BRING THEM TO OTAKON 2020! I hope their schedule allows for it! KOTOKO (never seen her live, but it'd be cool to see her in a concert setting May'n (I saw her in 2018 at Anime Central, and it was awesome) Utada Hikaru (I've seen her a few times, but she's an awesome grab, especially for the Kingdom Hearts fanboys/girls out there, as she sings many of the vocal pieces for the games... Seiyuu: Kugimiya Rie (she was just in the US for AnimeNYC, but it'd be cool to see her again) Tomokazu Sugita and Hirano Aya (she was last at Otakon in 2012 but her and Sugita-san on stage doing lines from Suzumiya Haruhi would be ICONIC and AWESOME and Otaku life completing!! Hayashibara Megumi Mitsuishi Kotono (Sailor Moon/Tsukino Usagi) || Hisakawa Aya (Sailor Mercury/Mizuno Ami) || Tomizawa Michie (Sailor Mars/Hino Rei) || Shinohara Emi/Emiko (Sailor Jupiter/Kino Makoto) || Fukami Rika (Sailor Venus/Aino Minako) || Han Keiko (Black Cat Luna) || Takato Yasuhiro (White Cat Artemis) <=== in case anyone doesn't know why I grouped those seven requests together it's because they are the ORIGINAL 90s 5 inner Sailor Soldiers/Scouts/Senshi as well as Luna and Artemis' seiyuu and having a MEGA PANEL with at least the Senshi seiyuu would be amazing and I've been wanting this to happen for YEARS. That's what I got for now... Otakon Guest Relations Dept, GET ON IT! LOL
  12. ...as I reply to this months later... Yeah I sort of envisioned it like what I quoted there... I just don't think it'd have the same effect as we make it here in the US/Europe/Canada etc.
  13. Hey man.. sorry for not responding to your Renaissance vs Marquis question earlier, but I saw it just now and I responded. I hope it helped.



  14. I was there all weekend for year 3 (my first year) and it was a lot of fun as Danny said. I sadly and admittedly was mostly in the "Video Game Room/Arcade" area of the Dealer's Room most of the weekend, but I did get recognized in my Senbonzakura Mikuo cosplay quite a few times, and that makes me happy. On Sunday at 11AM I attended the Kugimiya Rie Showcase panel which was awesome, as it was her first time/year EVER in the US at a con (and I think overall her first time outside Japan as well). She live dubbed a scene from Toradora (ep 24 at the end) and it was awesome seeing her in-sync with Taiga in that scene but I was slightly disappointed she didn't say her fan favorite line of "Urusai!!" which means "you're noisy" but mostly translated by fans as "shut up!!". I really hope they bring her back to some sort of con somewhere that I go to (like Anime Boston or Anime Central) and she says "urusai" at some point in character. I've been requesting her for Otakon for many years, and I'm happy someone finally got her to appear at US con. LMAO Really?!? I would have been laughing my ass off if I saw that guy get OWNED like that.. The only thing that I didn't like (and this not the con's fault, but 100% my own) is that I had to commute from almost the middle of Long Island to NYC each day because I was staying with friends in the town of Amityville, and I took up their offer because I didn't have to factor in the cost of a hotel room, but for 2020 I'm going to do just that, as it'll make things much easier and much more convenient if I wanted to take a break, or drop off accumulated merch from the DR/AA, or what have you. All in all I did enjoy ANYC 2019 and its 46k attendance glory, and I plan on attending again in 2020. I loved walking the streets of NYC with friends when going to get food and then when I walked it myself going to Penn Station to catch my train. I had missed it... because as some of you may not know I used to live in close proximity to NYC, and I love it a lot.
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