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  1. So you're not going to ACen at all this year? I go mainly for friends and somewhat for the con itself... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah I remembered that fact after I posted that post. haha Thanks Kim!
  3. Hahaha nice visualization material there! I'm gonna have blast as I do every year (for the most part). This year though I won't try and kick a door open like a derp, ripping the crotch of my cosplay pants as a result... Yeah that was slightly embarrassing. lol. I've been wanting to vlog my cons, but I never get around to it for one reason or another. Maybe this year'll be the year I do it starting with ACen? Who knows.
  4. Well the battery life they're quoting/documenting is for when you're playing Zelda BoTW... less intense indie games use less, equaling their modest 6-8h battery life and playtime... So I guess we'll see what they do.
  5. This year I got my fellow Anime Boston goer and childhood (middle school really) friend to go to Otakon with me, so I'll be going to his place down near NYC, and then we're gonna road trip it down to Wash DC from there. I have no clue when we're gonna arrive. Years past though when I'd go down alone I'd arrive at around 2pm or so, with the exception of last year when I stayed the night Wednesday at a friends' just south of Baltimore for the Kon's last year in that city. If anyone wants to do a Thursday meet up or something I'd be game for that. I know we have the AniSong Matsuri going on... we could all gather for those concerts and rock out together...
  6. I dislike cons like NYCC anyway.....
  7. Hi Mark. lol
  8. Good stuff! I sadly can't see SAO: OS on day 1 due to work (I could ask that day off, but I already have Anime Boston off so I don't wanna push it), but I'll see it eventually... I've also gotta finish season 2 (GGO, Mother Rosario, etc).
  9. Hey all. As most of you may know the Nintendo Switch launches/releases tomorrow, Friday March 3rd, 2017, and I'm sure the country's Best Buys, Toys R Us's, GameStops, and any other electronics retailers are gonna be BOMBARDED with lines waiting for either pick up their preorder bundles or just some hopefuls wanting to get whatever stock they have on Day 1. Is anyone here getting an NS on launch/release? I would if I had the money, but at the same time while I love Zelda games I'm not great at them, and I really want a special edition version from Japan. They are region free (FINALLY!!) after all. My ideal NS console would be a Vocaloid/Hatsune Miku themed one, preferably one that I could design in Photoshop and have it made for me custom like that. That'd be epic. I'd also want an accompanying Project Diva/Mirai title (either or) to play on it. Anyway, who's getting one, whenever you do?
  10. I just hope someone hosts a Vocaloid Photoshoot/gathering again cuz I hope to have two (one being a current) Hatsune Miku genderbent cosplays for that weekend.
  11. Ah good. I was hoping that even with this awesome accomplishment of bringing Lantis artists to Otakon that there'll be some awesome musical guests at-con during the weekend as well! I was just gonna start a new thread asking about that.
  12. It's almost as big or as big as Otakon now-a-days... of which why I call it the "Otakon of the Midwest". I say that in my OP. lol. If not Otakon size it's a low-end large con? If that makes sense?
  13. Thanks for that detailed response @MattTheMinion I appreciate it.
  14. Yeah sorry... we even tried to plan it out where to meet etc.... We can make it work this year given the con center is flippin' huge and it should be easier to spot each other. lol.
  15. Okay so ==TECHNICALLY== Otakorp could have signed another 5-7 year contract with the BCC/City of Baltimore, while of course putting into effect an attendance cap, right? Is it true that the BCC is "falling apart" and is dangerous for as many people as Otakon brings?