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  1. And now for my (semi)annual guests requests!

    My dream guests would be the 5 original 90s Sailor Moon seiyuu (seeing Mitsuishi Kotono and Tomizawa Michie in character aka Usagi/Sailor Moon and Rei/Sailor Mars having a tongue war saying iconic lines would be HILARIOUS)
    , Do As Infinity as a musical guest (my first Jpop love), Megumi Hayashibara, of whom could DOUBLE as a musical guest AND a seiyuu guest, Kikuko Inoue's return to Otakon since her last visit to my knowledge back in 2009 (I learned she was there too late and I missed her... I wasn't happy... lol)... Inoue-san is going to Animazement in May in Raleigh, NC..., among many others, but those are my top requests.

  2. As stated on the Otakon website:


    With that said @BortBorterson I'm not a staff member either, but I totally get your concern... I didn't go to ACen this year partially due to their flip floppy policies regarding COVID safety... and partially due to money... I've been unemployed basically since the pandemic started... Otakon won't be relaxing the rules until I'd assume next year at earliest as the pandemic goes more and more into its endemic stage... (Don't quote me though as that is pure speculation on my part, and as we all know this pandemic is an unpredictable beast, even if it's improved out there if even by a little)... I can't wait to not have to wear a mask at every con that runs that I attend (I'm 100% vaccinated and boosted) but if it means I can attend the con semi-normally I'll do it!

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  3. I recently got a mask that I think'll match my cosplay frickin' perfectly! I can't wait to go to con now!

    On 6/20/2021 at 1:00 PM, shadowspawn said:

    I have a question out of curiosity (purely curiosity, as I have masks out the ying-yang and plan to bring a good supply with me).  Will there be a "mask station" for people who lose / forget / whatever their masks ad don't have one?

    That's an interesting question... I'm sorta curious too. I'll have at least one mask on me but it'd be good to grab a backup if you leave it in your hotel room or something...

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  4. 1 hour ago, Ikano said:

    The only other thing that I can think of that someone hasn't mentioned here before is you could offer to take COVID tests after con to prove you did or did not catch it...

    I saw CVS selling two different rapid ones the other day in-store like...with over-the-counter medicine [no need for doc "prescription" or what have you]....one seemed to give results in 15 minutes and it didn't appear like you had to send it in the lab somewhere...Though honestly I don't quite remember the details printed on the box since the price tag was not quite chump change in my book...

    'Course she could always counter-argue that it gives you a false-negative, so I don't quite know how effective this would be...

    I could offer to do that but she'll not have faith that I'll actually do it. I might go to CVS in the morning and find a COVID test to have with me. That's a great idea. Thank you. Also, I might be staying with friends in NC after the con, so that'll further allow me to prove to her that I'll come home healthy and fine.

    EDIT: This one isn't TOO badly priced, and honestly I don't care... I just want to prove to my mom that even if I test "positive" it's because my VACCINATED system is taking care of it.

  5. So here's a bit of a pseudo-update to my rant/vent regading my mom:  She and I were watching a movie, and then she grabbed her phone and said "The pandemic is uncertain..." and mentioned that people from Europe are coming over to the US bring different strains with them. I just walked away (partially due to having to use the bathroom, but that's besides the point) when she started on that. She has no idea how low cases are in the US and she seems to not know/understand, as much as she'll insist the opposite, how the vaccines work, and what can and cannot happen when someone gets sick with COVID when vaccinated (which NEWS FLASH not a lot happens if anything).  I found some CDC articles saying that travel from the EU is allowed now but with restrictions and it's not recommended. Americans wanting to travel to select EU countries for non-essential reasons who are 100% vaccinated can, but not all of the EU has opened up yet.  IDK WTF she was reading off of her phone, but that's far from the truth... plus  as I've mentioned earlier in this thread: SHE'S 100% VACCINATED! It hasn't been proven that the vaccines CANNOT protect you from these strains out there... Even the "Delta" strain that's dominant here in the US doesn't stand much of a chance. This is getting even more ridiculous, and it's getting super annoying. Bah.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Revan said:

    Your mom is 'irrational and stubborn'? Sounds just like my parents - probably all parents, when it comes to their kids. (It's almost like they're not doing their jobs if they aren't a pain in the @$$. 🙂 )

    While admittedly, you can use all the logic in the world in your arguments, but some people won't be shifted in their opinions. The only approach I can suggest is that unless you're going to be locked up at home for the rest of your days*,  that you will be in a large group of people in a confined space at some point in the future - Sporting event, concert, public transit, movie, etc. - so she may as well bow to the inevitable. (I see my parents regularly, but I think I'll take a little break from seeing them after the con just to be sure. - That's my irrational paranoia kicking in.)

    * This may be seen as a perfectly reasonable option for some parents.

    Yeah but the fact that she "let" me go see local friends like 48h after my 2nd shot is enough for me to call her a hypocrite... I was literally in a crowd when at the restaurant we went to and I was fine afterwards. I do have a cold right now but only because my sleep cycle is horrid. I'm going to show her the articles linked in the OP of this thread in a few weeks, so as to give cases time to drop even more, and vaccinations to rise more as well. I'm going to go to Otakon this year whether she likes it or not. Also to reiterate, only my mom is all up in arms about me going out there again. My dad is (I used "indifferent" in the OP) understanding and he agrees with me that my mom is overreacting and not being fair.

  7. 16 minutes ago, Clutch said:

    I would say "Mom, I need you to book me, and pay for, a hotel to stay in for 2 weeks after the convention. Love you!". If she is that adamant about it, she can pony up the expense of a hotel for 14 days.

    If only it was that easy... Haha my friend on an FB Messenger call said the same thing... He's like "Mom, why don't you come with me?", though she wouldn't and she'd get even more upset... It's really irrational, and makes no sense... It's frustrating. Fully vaccinated individuals like myself do NOT have to quarantine! This country is slowing getting into better shape, so I'd understand the whole quarantine thing if I was going to say, Canada for a con or something, but within the US it's somewhat "normal" again to travel. Ugh.

  8. So, as this doesn't really involve the convention directly directly, I thought I'd post it here. I'm planning on attending Otakon this year (I have roommates for a hotel room that I have booked at the Embassy Suites that I'm guessing is a carry-over from last year, I pre-registered, etc) but I live with my parents who are [somewhat] older. My dad, who just turned 72 about a week ago, seems to be indifferent with me going to a large scale event during a pandemic. It's gotten loads better than exactly a year ago, and he agrees. The thing is, my mom, who's 9 years younger, is SUPER paranoid I'll bring home a strain/strand of the virus and she fears I'll infect her and my dad, and despite the CDC now saying that vaccinated people do not need to quarantine, she's insisting that I can't come home for 2 weeks after the convention no matter what I tell her. What doesn't make sense to me is the fact that all 3 of us are 100% VACCINATED (parents got Pfizer). I know that means that we're not 100% immune to the virus, but if we get any known variation of it pretty much, we'll get sick, but chances of it being critical or fatal are very low (like 0.01% or so). I have two shots of Moderna in me and it's been proven SCIENTIFICALLY that those vaccinated can be in crowds with little to no risk of transmission or spread should you be exposed. I'm aware that Otakon has stated that mask wearing will be mandatory in all convention areas (WEWCC, Marriot Marquis hotel, etc) and I plan on honoring that, even though theoretically I would be okay and I wouldn't cause any problems for the general population. My 4 roommates are vaccinated (or will be by con-time), so there's that too.

    [SideNote] A few days after I got my 2nd Moderna shot, I convinced my mom to allowed me and go to see some local friends (all vaccinated individuals) for some dinner fun on a late Saturday afternoon/night. We went to a crowded restaurant and NO ONE  there was wearing a mask. The waitress told us that "it's pretty much back to normal here". I didn't get COVID-19, and I don't see how me attending an event with yes potentially more than a few dozen people in a restaurant would be statistically different, but it's the same concept. Also my brother went to Florida for work and he was in crowds, and although he doesn't live with us anymore, that's indeed also the same concept at least in my eyes. [/SideNote]

    With all that said, I've also been keeping track of cases etc in the US and they have significantly DROPPED since mass vaccinations were made available to the public. A year ago we were averaging 250,000 cases a day, but now we're under 15,000. That's like a 94% drop, and that's awesome. Just about half of the country has at least 1 shot administered, and a little bit less has both. Given my mother is being overly stubborn and irrational about this and she's a hard egg to crack (lack of a better metaphor), how can I convince her that I'll be safe and that the venue with its upgraded ventilation systems will keep me and everyone else safe? How can I tell her that she doesn't need to make me quarantine when it's been deemed safe enough to travel within the US with little to no risk to anyone's health if you're vaccinated like myself?

    In closing for this post I'd like to say that I've tried talking to my mom about this, but as I said she's being irrational and stubborn about it all. I've compiled a set of links I plan on showing her in about a month so as to further prove to her that cases are going down to ALMOST near pre-pandemic levels, and I'm including them here/below.







    I'm aware that the above articles have basically all the same info in them and that it's redundant, but that's the point in convincing my mom that it'll be safe enough for me to go to Otakon 2021. I'm trying to figure out a way to word it and present it to her and I think those articles will help., but even then it won't be easy given again, how stubborn and irrational she's being about all this. It's ridiculous... I'm 37 years old and she doesn't trust I'll do the right thing out there...

    Thanks in advance,


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  9. So as I said on the Otakon Unofficial Discord Server (of which y'all should totally join pre-Ota and just overall https://discord.gg/wjrfMbH): 

    "Holy crap... Reading up on the cleaning tech the WEWCC installed makes me REALLY wanna attend this year!! It feels like it'd potentially be "COVID-free" (notice I have it in quotations cuz we'll never be fully COVID-free, at least not for a long time) during the con!"

    I'm giving myself this weekend to fully decide (since this weekend is the badge mailing deadline), but I think I'm going! The fact that in-con-center I have to wear a mask most of the time doesn't bother me! I need this trip and I'm most likely gonna do it!

  10. Yeah I'm technically gonna be fully vaccinated by June 15th, as I just a few days got my 2nd Moderna "Fauci Ouchie" as I like to call it... I did go out with friends here in Boston for the first time in almost 2y last night though... it was nice.

  11. 7 minutes ago, TnAdct1 said:

    For those who didn't see it on Facebook: Otakon 2021 is a go, although with some obvious changes this year due to the pandemic (i.e. no international guests, possible earlier close times).

    Yeah with the restrictions that could be put in place it'll be interesting to say the least... I'm still on the fence on attending partly for that reason, but we'll see.

  12. On 5/25/2021 at 8:26 AM, Daniel Perales said:

    I feel more optimistic about Otakon as the date draws closer. I've already posted in another thread that both New York Comic Con and Anime-NYC is a go.

    Anyway, I'm going to keep my mask on me just in case. Not just for Otakon, but for Amtrak (we may still have to wear them on the train by then).


    Yeah the CDC says we have to wear masks on public transit (bus/train/plane etc) but everywhere else it's up to the establishment. Maybe by August it'll get better? Maybe a hint of herd immunity? IDK... We shall see.

    Re: AnimeNYC I'm poised to go if I end up not going to Ota (well I'll go to both if I end up going to Ota but yeah). By then it should be waaay better. Re: NYCC? It can go DIAF.

  13. If I end up going, which is a big IF... I plan on bringing at least my Senbonzakura Hatsune Miku genderbend (pic of me in aforementioned cosplay is my profile pic) as my main cosplay... If I can revamp it in time I'll also bring my Street Pop Hatsune Miku (kinda genderbent?) As my Thursday/Sunday cosplay, but I don't know yet.

    EDIT: @Kotorijoin us on Discord if you haven't already! Even when Otakon isn't happening we're a lively bunch and we have a good time! It's free! Here's an invite link: https://discord.gg/wjrfMbH. If you end up joining and your nickname is different than what it is here say something in the #general channel. I hope to see you there!

    EDIT 2: I'm not a mod here but I think this would have been okay to post in the Otakon 2021 forum/section, but I guess it works here too...

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  14. The tack being taken by Reed and by Awesome Con (which is also in August) is potentially instructive. The same people run both Awesome Con and ANYC.

    AnimeNYC isn't ReedPop... It's Left Field Media, consisting of former Reed members.

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  15. 9 minutes ago, alabaster said:

    Didn't you make it to Vegas?  Or maybe I ran into you in Panel Ops or something?  


    Honestly, I've met so many folks over the years who knew me from being on stage or from here, the data is often left untagged in the hard drive of my brain. Especially because at con I'm so exhausted.... :)

    Haha no I didn't attend Ota Vegas at all, but maybe I "met" you at PanelOps? Not sure. And I echo the exhausted part when at a con, though for different reasons, but still.

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