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  1. Okay sure... those with compromised immune systems or are older etc, but let's please not turn this into a debate on the virus...
  2. Yeah the BCC is great. I really hope that ==IF== they actually tear it down and redo it it can accommodate AT LEAST 100,000 people like how the WEWCC can in DC. I think I remember reading that AwesomeCon, that takes place at the same con center Otakon is at now had something like 80,000 attendees and it wasn't super crowded.. The BCC needs to be rebuilt to support that. I'd love for Otakon to go back to Baltimore, but I don't think that'll happen any time soon, sad to say. I think we were close to 30k attendees in 2019, and I bet this year it'll soar to 35k+. Back in 2013 the BCC was barely ab
  3. Hell yeh! I love your videos! I'll have a drink with you if I see you somewhere at the con!
  4. @Nycanimechick It doesn't seem like you've ever been to a crowded con before like what Otakon was back at the Baltimore Convention Center until we left there in 2016 (our last year there before moving to DC the following year)... @Revan posts a good representation of how annoying it could be to get from one part of the con center to another during peak hours. I miss the BCC dearly, but the WEWCC is awesome too. EDIT: I just went back and read @Nycanimechick's complete post @Revan quoted a portion of... Sure Otakon now takes places literally in the middle of a huge city, but it's safer than
  5. While it's good to be aware of such things as "pandemics" etc, please remember that there are people working on this stuff around the clock (or at least I'd assume) and cons like our Otakon and ANYC are MONTHS upon MONTHS away... I'd hope and assume that the danger will have died down by then... This thread is honestly just fear mongering... @Aresef I know you mean well, but sadly that's what it's coming across as to at least some people I'm sure.
  6. Holy crap what a deep topic... I really hope Ota isn't cancelled but by then I think all this should be sorted out, or at least one would hope.
  7. lol that jab... and yeah I agree.. Baltimore isn't helping Otakorp wanting to move back there... I'd love for Otakon to move back, but I'm really starting to like DC. It's a more modern city and it's more appealing than Baltimore is now... #RIPMcKeldinFountain
  8. This will never happen, and even if it does Otakorp will not take Otakon back to Baltimore... Stop giving people false hope.
  9. I guess... but I wouldn't wear a kigu in the late July/early August DC Heat though....
  10. Unless I somehow get it together and make/get something Olympics related I'll be bringing the same Senbonzakura Miku genderbend I've been bringing since 2016. I might bring my Street Pop Miku again if I can revamp it... Not sure what I'll do with it yet if anything at all.
  11. That sounds awesome! 2008 was the year before I started coming to Otakon, so seeing stuff like this available again would be cool.
  12. Hey all! MaGFest (Music and Gaming Festival) 2020 just happened this past weekend. I was there as were 30k+ other people and it was a blast. Did anyone else here go? https://super.magfest.org for more info Also, check out a video I made of my experience: https://youtu.be/UxMnAvg6ZEM
  13. All of it needs work... Also you're not first to the market with this kind of thing... Wikia.com and other Wiki style sites out there are already doing what you want to do... I suppose this is good practice for you to learn different elements of HTML etc, but yeah.
  14. Okay so first off, the "Anime Club Discussion" forum here isn't the place to advertise/post your website creating endeavors... second your site needs work....
  15. Was it the 2018 show we met up at afterwards? I can't remember but I'll trust you.
  16. If I recall you went to the 2014 show, correct? At the Hammerstein Ballroom? I think we met up for a moment after the show? I think that's right.
  17. Hell yeah! I wonder if the setlists will be the same this time....
  18. NYCC is gross.. I was there in 2010 and 2011.. their policies suck. lol
  19. Hey all! I just learned courtesy of the New England Arcade Connection Discord server that Hatsune Miku Expo 2020's dates were announced for North America! Check it out below! https://mikuexpo.com/usaca2020/ I'm super stoked because as you'll see for May 5th there'll be a Boston performance, and as many of you here know (I mean it's in my profile) I currently live in Boston! I can easily get to the House of Blues Boston to attend this concert. I not only cannot wait for the new Project Diva game coming for the Nintendo Switch (of which I have one of the special editions on pre-order), bu
  20. OH I have another musical guest request: ANRI! She's rockin' and I hope she can still travel internationally.
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