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  1. Rules are up. http://www.otakon.com/amvrules.asp In reference to studio logos, here's the deal: 1) If you're tacking a studio logo/credits to the beginning or end of your AMV for the sole purpose of advertising yourself, it's gonna get chopped off. The reason for that is because last year we got 8 hours and 45 minutes worth of submissions. We could only fit 2 hours in the contest. We'd prefer to fill those two hours with ANIME MUSIC VIDEOS and not ego-stroking. We make the title cards for you. The audience will know everything they need to know. Also, people get carried away wi
  2. Hi kids, contest coordinator here. Alan, pin this plz kthx! As was done in previous years, I will only be listing the studios that made the final cut. I will not list their AMVs in the interest of keeping the contest fresh. If the video's creator wishes to disclose which entry that they submitted, I'm perfectly fine with that, but I figure it's best to leave it up to the submitter and not "out" them myself If you wish to know what score your video got at prescreenings, email vboruta@otakon.org with your studio name and the video title. OMGWTFinalists in pretty much no particular
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