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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Yw5jkAHgME
  2. Less than a week to go until the AMV Contest deadline. I know y'all aren't waiting 'till the last minute! :)
  3. If there's a problem with any of the content, you'll usually have a few days to clean it up. In the past, we've sent the finalists for legal review letting them know "we're already aware that these specific scenes are likely a problem and we've already reached out to the creator to fix them, so pretend they're not there". This isn't an extension to re-edit your video. We have your original and as tempting as it is to tighten things up and fine tune scenes, if your video gets to this point, your grace period is just to replace anything that we specifically point out. There have been some exceptions though. If every scene in your video has different TV watermarks, at that point you're just blatantly ignoring the rules and you don't get a chance to fix it. A little slip-up here and there, or scenes of questionable, personal judgement, fine, but if there's no saving your entry, you don't get a "second" chance, so don't deliberately paste naughty-bits on every frame of video hoping that I give you a bonus week to edit :)
  4. Send it in early. If I think it's too much and will never pass pre-screenings, then I'll let you know and you'll have plenty of time to correct it. If I think it's fine, but it still doesn't pass pre-screenings because of something subjective, then you'll have a short window to make changes. I will never fail a video for something subjective like "too violent" without giving the creator a chance to clean it up. Nobody should be punished for something that is up to interpretation. Now, if the rules say "no subtitles" and you have subtitles, and you submit your video at the last minute, then I can't help you there. No mercy from me if you submit something that blatantly violates the rules at the last minute
  5. AMV CONTEST INFO We received 112 entries this year. Deliberations were fierce, but here are the finalists...and everyone else for that matter. Only listing the studio names in case the creators want to keep their entries a secret. It's not required to, though, so chat away. All entrants that are not disqualified are entitled to 3 creator ribbons (for yourself and 2 friends). These ribbons give you access to priority seating in both rooms for the Friday and Saturday AMV Contest screenings, as well as priority seating for the AMV Contest Awards presentation. Priority seating means that you can skip the line for these events, and your row is reserved. These are not Otakon memberships, you still need to have an Otakon membership to attend. There were several videos we know won awards prior to the award deadline, but we determined that those awards were not "major" enough to warrant cutting said videos. Lest anyone think that I'm playing favorites, I'm not. There was literally a video about boobs that I had to cut due to it winning "Best Comedy" elsewhere. It was a very sad day. The awards rule isn't designed to cut as many videos as we can. I get no joy from removing our best entries, but it's the best way that we have right now to find the middle ground between "every other contest" and "NO HUMAN EYES CAN EVER HAVE BEEN LAID UPON THIS VIDEO UNTIL THE CON". If you won a major award yet somehow survived the culling, congrats. You beat the system. No takebacks. AMV Contest FINALISTS alchemyminiAMV Aly-san AngelMaeVictory BecauseImBored1 BleachShippu5678 Cosmic Cuttlefish CPT Kawaii DAPSEpako DopplerDo Dragontamer Fatal Editz GloryQuestor James Blond JanikaChan & Trenzilla Kazemon15 Kireblue MadMegatax MerĊ-tachi Studios (Cirera & Kira) Mycathatesyou69 Obsidian Zero Opner PaNTSU oF d00m PerkyPastry Pixelblended Studios (Xophilarus) Ramen Noodle Productions Rider4Z Rybicka AMV Shin shorisquared somaticjester Spartan Media Productions Speedy180 SSGWNBTD Studio le Croc TheDestineeAMV Tsunderbird Studios (Bimyou) Valter RCP Warlike Cygnet ZephyrStar AMV Contest NON-FINALISTS 'Kap "Chosen" Productions [Under The Box Productions] (Davis 51) [Under The Box Productions] (Krigen) 888WolfStar Aquiline Studios (Cyanna) Aquiline Studios (Scintilla) Arctic Tribe Armed and Out of Medication Productions BasharOfTheAges Brad DeMoss Brian Auxier Bry__ CamiChan19 Casual-Swimmer Chris Eng Cneq Dandy DJ Jonny Blaze drewaconclusion Elv EmberFox EnQuatre Erik Heckert Erika Furudo FOURth Day FT GhetAMV Grocerystorephobic Haley Heshan Hip Hop Anime Ikuna JakeWhyman King Redeem Lelani luvluna MalkyTop MiraKayla Mysunsai narujun NepNep Nuke Otaku Lounge Productions Pasta Sauce Productions Pikapwn Pokechan Pwncakes42 RockAndCedar Studios rydencyborg SaminatorDavis Sean.PNG ShadyMacro Soltaru SpookyYuki Studio Hawk TehPhoenix The Universal Donor TheMightyMic Toon Addict Productions Tsunderbird Studios (PieAndBeer) Tsunderbird Studios (Tsunderbird Seth) xanniechan_ Zandersen Zane Kordich Too Good for Otakon (major award winners) LapuLapu - Best in Show - ACen 2018 ProjectTwinsAMV - Best Romance - Con-Nichiwa 2018 TheAsian777 - Best Drama - Anime Detour 2018 Tsunderbird Studios (Keiichiface) - Best Comedy - MTAC 2018 Disqualified CrystalMoon7290 hadez Widiot Studios AMV Contest Rules Official AMV Contest rules are here: https://www.otakon.com/activities/amv-contest/ We are open for submissions RIGHT NOW. If the rules change, and suddenly your submitted video would not be compliant with them, you will be given ample time to make corrections as necessary. Two significant changes this year: 1) We will accept entries that were sent in on a previous year, yet did not make the final cut. Always have, ever since I started running the contest. What has changed this year is that if the same video has been featured as a non-finalist more than twice already, it will be disqualified. For example, if you sent us a video in 2015, it did not make finals, you sent us the same video (or a recut version of the same video) in 2017 (it took you two years to clean it up, can't rush perfection!), and that too did not make the final cut, if you send us the same video (or recut version of the same video) in 2018, it will be disqualified. This is to prevent people from sending the same entry year after year, just to score a reserved seat. 2) We will accept download links to your video this year. Please be CERTAIN that your video is ready to download when you submit your form. Do not submit your form 3 months early, and then change your video the day of the deadline and ask us to re-download it. The submission form has been updated with a line to provide a download link. Providing a link is optional. Tradition FTP/snail mail services are still offered. AMV Theater It's back. Same location as last year (WEWCC 144ABC).
  6. =========== OTAKON INFO =========== Game-time folks! Here's the important stuff! AMV Contest Times ------------------- Friday 4:30PM - 7:00PM Saturday 4:00PM-6:30PM Sunday 9:00AM-11:00AM All 3 screenings are in Video 1, which is Hall A in the BCC. The Sunday screening is an encore screening and there will be no voting then. The contest runs 2 hours and 2 minutes. The last half-hour on Friday and Saturday is to give the room time to empty out. Please be advised that during the Friday and Saturday screenings we will be packed to capacity. If you don't get in line early enough, you may unfortunately be turned away. Also, since we will be packed like sardines, if you have to leave the room for any reason, you will not be permitted re-entry. There are bathrooms and water fountains inside the theater, so please plan accordingly. AMV Non-Finalists (Overflow) Times ---------------------------------- Friday 9:00AM-11:00AM Saturday 9:00AM-10:00AM We have 5 hours worth of non-finalists but only 3 hours to show them in due to too much awesome being on the schedule this year. The playlist will be arranged differently this year. We took the top 3 hours of non-finalists based on their prescreening score, randomized them, and moved them to the top of the playlist. IF YOU ARE AT AN OVERFLOW SCREENING AND WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR VIDEO IS PLAYED, PLEASE COME BEHIND THE CURTAIN AND REQUEST IT! We will bump your video to the top of the playlist if it hasn't already been played, regardless of where it "placed" during pre-screenings. We want to give priority to the creators in attendance, but some people have picked up on this and started indicating on their submission form that they would be at Otakon, when they never showed up. This is the best way that I could come up with to ensure a good show and make sure that everyone gets to see their work. AMV Creator Badges -------------------- If you entered the Otakon AMV Contest and didn't get disqualified (non-finalists are safe!) then you are eligible for special creator badges. Each creator gets 3 badges for them or their friends, and the badge allows the wearer to skip the line for the AMV Contest and get seated in the good seats. To make sure that you get a seat, please show up no later than 15 minutes before the AMV contest starts, or we will give away what's left of the reserved seats to the public. AMV Creator Badge Pickup -------------------------- You may pick up your creator badges in room 312 in the BCC. There should be a sign outside that says "AMV Ops". The room will be open to the public at the following times: Friday 11:30AM-2:30PM Friday 7:00PM-9:00PM Saturday 10:00AM-noon There will also be a sign posted outside of Video 1 with this information. Iron Editor and AMV Awards --------------------------- Iron Editor is set to take place from 7:30PM-10:30PM on Saturday in Panel 5. This room is in the Hilton, one of the hotels connected to the BCC. We will play the winners of the AMV contest throughout the duration of Iron Editor and present the winners in attendance with their trophies and swag. =============== OTAKON FINALISTS =============== I will only be listing the studios that made the finals. If the studio wants to reveal what video they sent in, then they may do so. If they want to keep it a surprise, more power to 'em AimoAio alexmichur00 AngelDragoon Anicsi BecauseImBored1 Camichan19 Centurione CityLightSumerNights CorsairAMV DJ Crocker drewaconclusion E-Designs GhetAMV GuntherAMVs Hagaren Viper Iron Solari Kazemon15 KushiiSmiles Kyssifur KyuuYuKi LC_Lapen Lone Wolves Productions Lussuriioso Machina21 MycathatesyouAMV Nightmistress85 One-Winged Angel Productions Parodic Productions PieandBeer PixelBlended Studios Re-Evolution (Cassie) Rider4Z SelfishPromise Shin Studio Hawk Studios in Technicolor SVProductions Syliyn Xophilarus ============================= OTAKON PRE-SCREENING TIDBITS ============================ So we had an Otakon pre-screening. 15 judges. 138 videos. 2 trash bags worth of beer. 2,070 votes later, the finalists are decided. Compared them to all of the winners of all the other 2013 cons thus far. Surprisingly, there were a lot of "trolls", but none of them even qualified for Otakon finals (yet) so no conflicts there. ============= OLD NEWS ============= Hi all. The Otakon deadline is passed and all entries have been collected. The next step is to decide which videos move on to the final competition. If you have nothing else to do on July 6th, there is limited seating still available for you to help decide the contest finalists! Otakon pre-screenings are going to start at 11AM Saturday July 6th. If you want to come earlier and stay later, that's fine too since we're making a weekend event out of it, though the actual video-watching will only occur on Saturday. The location is in Sicklerville, NJ. PM me for more details. ------------------------- Due to AnimeUSA moving to September, I will be accepting submissions to both Otakon and AnimeUSA simultaneously. This introduces a few new moving parts but also makes a few things easier as well. The official rules for both cons are up and viewable at this address: http://vicbond007.net/2013_rules/ They are also linked to by their respective conventions. FTP is operational at this time. any downtime will be announced on the rules page. The submission process now allows you to use 1 form to send your video to two conventions at once, but this comes with extra stipulations so please be sure to read the new rules very carefully. Submissions ARE CLOSED FOR OTAKON. FTP deadline for Otakon was 1AM EST 6/17. The mailing deadline was 6/16.
  7. The issue with Madoka is it was this year's hot show, and each video on its own was stellar. It would have been unfair to dump high scoring videos just because someone else used the same show. We did joke about making a Madoka category.
  8. Post what you liked and what you didn't. Get responses and stuff!
  9. Bump for pre-screening information.
  10. Hi renji, Sorry I did not reply sooner. Never could get the BB to e-mail me when stuff is replied to. Either display format is fine. 720x480 16:9 mpeg2 is how we are screening the contest, but if your entry is 848x480 (or 854x480, 6 of one, half dozen of another) you can send that instead. Words are fine, so long as they're not just "there" because that's what was on screen at the time. If they work WITH your video, then by all means go ahead. We don't actually have a "no subtitle" hard-rule, but we do have a "if we see fansubs flashing around on screen just because they're in ye-olde-stolen footage, then it will get downvoted out of the contest" rule.
  11. AMV CONTEST WINNERS 1st Place: Trailer - snapxynith - Fanservicables 2 2nd Place: Trailer - kireblue - Another Destination 1st Place: Dramatic/Serious - RAWdangers - The Ballad of a Dog 2nd Place: Dramatic/Serious - Shin -Magic Eye 1st Place: Action - BecauseImBored1 - Teenagerrrs!! 2nd Place: Action - irriadin - Put Ya Guns On! 1st Place: Romance/Sentimental - EimiJ7 - Matchmaker 2nd Place: Romance/Sentimental - Nipahcha - Come Home 1st Place: Upbeat/Dance - Pacotacoshell - The Sunlit March 2nd Place: Upbeat/Dance - Jump Cut Productions - Shut Up and Ride 1st Place: Comedy - l33tmeatwad - Mother's Day Special 2nd Place: Comedy - Parodic Productions - Squid Girl is Metal Vic's Pick - Eternal Voice Studios - Starcraft Best Overflow - Brakus Media - Yer Guns, Put Them On New Iron Editor Champion - Shin Best in Show - VivifxAMV - Ponynote (Submitted under the name "When Fandoms Collide...") -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule Friday 10:00am - 1:00pm :: VIDEO 1 :: AMV Overflow Friday 7:00pm - 9:30pm :: VIDEO 1 :: AMV Contest (This screening has 1 hour for seating from 6:00-7:00. There will be a room clear prior to seating. From 9:30-10:00 there is seating for Fan Parodies, but there is not a room clear.) Saturday 9:00am - noon :: VIDEO 1 :: AMV Overflow part deux (we'll show EVERYTHING that wasn't shown at the first overflow, plus the troll videos again since we "only" have 5:40 worth of overflow content.) Saturday 3:00pm - 5:30pm :: VIDEO 1 :: AMV Contest (This screening has 1 hour for seating from 2:00-3:00. There will be a room clear prior to seating. From 5:30-6:00 there is seating for Battle Royale and since they will be checking 18+ wristbands, this will also entail a room clear.) Saturday 6:30pm - 9:30pm :: PANEL 1 :: Iron Editor/AMV Contest Award Ceremony Sunday 9:00am - 11:30am :: VIDEO 1 :: AMV Contest Encore Presentation (As this is a no-voting screening, there will not be a room clear/seating block before or afterwards) Overflow Info "Overflow" is where we show all of the entries that were not outright disqualified, but also did not make the final cut. We intend to show everyone's video once, and we have enough time this year to do so (thanks Jim!). Right now the playlist is set up in alphabetical order by studio name, but BY ALL MEANS if you have an entry in Overflow, pay a visit to the man behind the curtain and we'll bump your video to the top of the playlist. L33t-Seat Badge Info If you submitted a video to the contest and DID NOT get disqualified, then you and 2 friends are eligible for special supplementary badges. These badges are NOT replacements for paid Otakon membership badges. These badges allow you to sit in the really good reserved rows, and allow you to skip the line and walk right into the theater. We do ask that you show up AT LEAST 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE CONTEST STARTS or else we will give away any unclaimed "special" seats. They are only good for the Friday and Saturday AMV Contest screening as these are the only two AMV events that have a line (and they work for both days if you want to come twice!). If your video was categorized as a "troll" then that is still not disqualified, and you are still eligible for badges. To pick up your badges, the creator themselves must visit room 312 in the BCC at one of thes scheduled times: Friday 2:00pm - 5:00pm Friday 9:30pm - 11:30pm Saturday noon - 1:30pm I will also try to have them on-hand during the overflow screenings. AMV Contest Finalists Asylum Studios - One Wish BecauseImBored1 - Teenagerrrs!! Brad DeMoss - Men Cousin of Sparda - Seeing Red diegao94 - Erien Dragon/Roy - A Kiss Goodnight Dragontamer5788 - Angelic Tribute EimiJ7 - Matchmaker Eternal Voice Studios - Starcraft Galia & Kitty - In Terminis irriadin - Put Ya Guns On! JudgeHolden - Haters Gonna Hate Jump Cut Productions - Shut Up and Ride Kiarrens - King of Knights kireblue - Another Destination KushiiSmiles - Living Legends l33tmeatwad - Mother's Day Special Magicflier - Turning the Tables milkmandan - Save the World Nicole Parker - PonPon Nipahcha - Come Home One-Winged Angel Productions - Search & Destroy Pacotacoshell - The Sunlit March Parodic Productions - Squid Girl Is Metal Pockying - Never Love Again RAWdangers - The Ballad of a Dog Rendakor - Ladyboy Chainsaw Screaming Insomniac - Chosen Shin - Magic Eye snapxynith - Fanservicables 2 StarTrinity009 - Eden Me Baby Tsunami Pictures - The Contractor VivifxAMV - When Fandoms Collide Warlike Swans - Tollkirsche Whispers Reloaded - Spell Dwellers xDreww - Caged zibbazabba905 - kyubeystwood Troll List drewaconclusion - She Loves That Rock and Roll DriftRoot - The Kingdom of L.F.S. Random Destination Studios - Naruto Ball Z Shippuden - Heroes Come Back RiderG - Bending Inferno Two Frame Studios - Gurren Feeling Non-Finalists [key]Scarlet - Renegade (still running) Achiita - Off the Edge AimoAio - Tales Alexmichur00 - Best of Friends Ankar - Enemy Advantage! Armed and Out of Medication Productions - Furinkan Stalker Arschel Morell - Haruhi Suzumiya - The Streets of Philadelphia AuN Studios - Can't Be Tamed Axelstar - Dai-Gurren Basterds BasharOfTheAges (Shin-Ei Gumi) - Madness Quota Bebop0083 - Pray for a Sign Brakus Media - Yer Guns, Put Them On Brian Evans - ENKA.M.V. Cemocan - The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die (Evangelion AMV) CityLightSummerNights - Cheers to This Cloudsofsand - Somebody I Used to Know Comet Princess Productions - Everything Motoko's Not Cory Lynn Sutton - Soul-Fusion [ Shaman King Amv ] Counterinsurgency - The Bird and the Worm Daitenism - A Beauty that Never Fades Dan Seiter - Steins;Gate - Shot in the Dark Daniel Carlin-Weber - Reaching My Threshold Daramue - Say Goodbye to the Light Dean Seirafi - I Want It That Way DiscoVader Productions - A Long Road to the Redline Distance - Rainfall Dr. Phanthasy - Loved at Last Dragonofblu - The End Dreamscope Studios - Thoughts of Life drewaconclusion - She Loves That Rock and Roll eh-designs ( - Erik Heckert - ) - Lelouch Holmes - The Zero Requiem Eternal Voice Studios - How Harima (Somehow) Stole Christmas Eyes of Tomorrow - Let It Go GuntherAMVs - The New Avengers Hikaru2322 - Sayaka's Fall Imagine - Tenshi Has Been Modified imp4ever - The Girl with the Mystic Eyes JanAnimE Productions - Rebirth of a Dream Jiba Dojo - Pain Is Weakness Leaving the Body Josh Lord - Bridge to the Sky KT - The Nature of Homura KyuuYuKi - Reunite Without Fail LiloScaries - Alive Tonight LucarioRose24 - Louder Than Ever Luminaire - Starships Were Meant to Pierce the Heavens Lussuriioso - The Good Guys! Mike Hudak - Too Strong to Lose Miracle Falcon - My Own Personal AMV Hell moonbunnychan - To Be Human Mr. Fergus - Grave of Little Talks MycathatesyouAMV - DeezNutz nihilant01 - Domine PhoenixKAP - ROAR ROAR ROAR PinkHearter13 - A Girl Like You Project Air - Premonition RADX888 - Guilty Dreams ReggieSmalls - Put It On Reversed Studios (Chiikaboom) - Strut robodevil - Lightning Strikes Roien Productions - High School of the Dead, This Is My Love Ryan L Hess - Love Daikon SatoshiSakura - Wish SeyonoReyone - Blame It on the Anime Shonen Jidai - Girl Meets Alchemy Slaughterism - Whatever It Takes SoSori - Only Seventeen Spadio Studio - That Same Small Town SSGWNBTD - A Cast of Hawks Studio Hybrid - Under the Radar SuperJujuAwesome - Forget Daioh Syliyn - Bro Eater Symphonia252 - Going Insane Tahno's Private Lessons - Who We Are Terri Leigh - Afterlife Truffle Pig Studios - Riot!! Tsukiryu - Darkrai's Crumbling World Under The Box Productions (Davis 51) - Batou: A User's Manual Under The Box Productions (Krigen) - Lost Samurai wildfireforums.com - Just in Time WizardOfCeles - Perfect Submarine yuki916 - Lock On Gundam Yuna101 - Yuna's Breath of Life Zaiyei - Little Perfection Zandersen - The Flower We Saw Round Here Zanzaben - Gaston Zatanna - The Good Life Disqualified List DMRA - American Psycho Magical*Studios - Demon's Fate Patoo64 - Blah Blah Blah Yazzy Bear - Too Close New News that Will Soon Be Old Prescreening Info Calling all people who have nothing better to do on a Saturday! If you can drag yourself to Philadelphia PA by 11AM 6/23/2012, you get to help pick the finalists for the AMV contest! Yes, you will have to watch every video, you don't just get to pop in, upvote your own entry, and leave. This is real work. If you're interested, PM "chaeseco", 'cuz it's his house. DRAGGED INTO THE 21ST CENTURY, KICKING AND SCREAMING Due to powers beyond my control, the AMV contest will be screened in WIDESCREEN this year. This means that despite what we've been doing for the past 20 years, if at all possible, you should NOT letterbox your footage ahead of time. Any AMVs that we receive pre-letterboxed, will be scaled up slightly so that the video doesn't have black bars on all 4 sides. I have NO problem doing this for you, so please, if your source footage has been pre-letterboxed, by all means, send what you have! If your source is natively 16x9, then send that. If your source is 4x3, we will play it in the center of the screen, no DragonBox style cropping will be performed on 4:3 videos. If you're still confused, consult this image: Note that the dark grey area represents the screen that the video will be projected on. I will be updating the official and unofficial rules ASAP. More Stuff 'sup folks. I'm back for more fun, more abuse, and more fun abuse! The official rules are posted here: http://www.otakon.com/events_amv.asp We are accepting entries at this time. Entries that were submitted prior to the rules being officially posted, will be looked at shortly. The major changes this year are: 1) I added a new rule prohibiting the use of your song/trailer's original music video/trailer footage, in your own AMV. It's subject to interpretation, but it'd generally be a good idea to avoid using the original music video as source footage in your own. It can very easily lead to us getting "teh sued". If you HAVE to use portions of the original music video, you can PROBABLY get around this limitation by applying a heavy video filter or two to the footage so that it is different enough from the original, though this is still open to Ota-lawyer's interpretation. 2) We ARE aware that Anime Next takes place on our deadline weekend, so videos that win their first major award at Anime Next, are exempt from the anti-trolling rule, as prohibiting those entries would go against the spirit of the rule. I'll answer questions and things in this thread, and this first post will level-up over time to include updates about AMV-Contest-like-events going on at Otakon 2012.
  12. VicBond007

    Otakon 2011 AMV Contest FAQ

    First post updated with ballot and WINNING list.
  13. VicBond007

    Otakon 2011 AMV Contest FAQ

    Is this still the right time, or does the currently posted schedule (I believe it says that it starts at 6:30) overrule? Thanks! The posted schedule is correct. It is 6:30 now.
  14. VicBond007

    Otakon 2011 AMV Contest FAQ

    Rosario + Vampire is actually one of the shows I was considering, but I haven't found a good batch of episodes yet. Ironically, most of the vampire shows I've watched lately have *sunglasses* sucked.
  15. VicBond007

    Otakon 2011 AMV Contest FAQ

    I can publish that after pre-screenings since we get quite a bunch that are "undecided" to start with. Okay, that would be nice. Thank you. Another question though. I have never went to Otakon before, this should be my first time, if all goes well. Does the AMV screenings have the AMV schedule in it?... or, is there any way at the con we will be able to have the schedule on hand, be it in a con book or something? If not, that is fine, but just curious here too. For the AMV contest, you'll be handed a ballot when you walk in that lists all of the finalists. For overflow, I don't publish a list of videos because that playlist is dynamic. We move things around based on which creators show up to which screening.