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  1. Hopefully Edwin will see this, so that we can consider doing it. I know we always have a hard time with prizes, we pretty much have to work with what we're given. I personally think discounted or free memberships is a good idea though.
  2. Well, I must say, there were quite a few really good skits this year. I was scoring coordinator, so I was sitting at the judges table, and let me tell you, they actually had a hard time with a few awards this year! lol As per the "only allow a certain number of skits from a series"...well, the problem with that could be we might end up short on skits XD (I kid, I seriously hope that would never be the case)
  3. Yes, you can cosplay, but keep in mind to try and not block anyone's view with big headpieces or props.
  4. As far as I know, they're "allowed" but we HIGHLY discourage it. As Edwin said in another thread "you stick out like a sore thumb between skits". Yes, I believe you do get judged for performance, which would probably be a 1 or 0... I think what you want is the Saturday Hall Costume Contest, which has a walk-on during/after the masquerade. You get to walk on in front of the audience, but don't get judged for 'performance'.
  5. Let's not forget the rule about "no throwing objects" on stage, or is that not written? If it's not written, it should be! I know last year we had to tell one skit "No throwing kunai" lol. Sometimes what seems like common sense, still needs to be printed for the world to see
  6. If by "character re-enactment" you mean you'll be speaking and/or quoting the character, that sounds like masq to me. I know I have seen walk-ons in the Sat costume contest before though that walked on, did a pose/move like their character, and then walked off. So I guess it depends on if you'll be speaking or not.
  7. ...Soon-ish? Details are being ironed out. The sooner it's up, the sooner we can get the database all nice and neat, lol And Jim...I had someone email pre-reg saying "Your website isn't working". Sooooo specific! >_< The one asking why there's not a website wins though, oh man!
  8. FMA - both me and my hubby cried during episode (I believe) 25. We didn't watch FMA after that...it's just...SO sad, especially Elysia-chan. Fushigi Yugi - The last episode with Nuriko. I have yet to see the very last few episodes of this series though. Miyazaki movies get me choked up. Something about the music and the emotional scenes... Totoro, I have to fight to not cry, the scenes where May gets yelled at and runs off, and they're looking for her...gah!
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