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  1. Crap! I'd edit this to link the pics, but I can't seem to edit that one anymore. x.x Sorry! Hopefully they're not too big.
  2. So yeah, I'd like to bring my Carmen Sandiego to Otakon this year, but I thought it would be an amazing trip into nostalgia if I could find some people to cosplay her henchmen from the game show. A lot of them could be considered thrift store cosplay for anyone who wanted a quick extra costume and a change to relive their childhood. V.I.L.E. Operatives- Patty Larceny Vic the Slick Double Trouble Top Grunge Contessa http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w262/mr...tessaposter.jpg Robocrook http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w262/mr...crookposter.j
  3. Just an update, the managers are still really looking for monster actors (can never have enough, and no experience is necessary, just a love of Halloween and scaring people)! So either send an e-mail or come down to Merriweather (near the VIP lot at the South Entrance) next Wednesday (10/8) at 5PM for rehearsal and they can find you a role/costume! Or if you have a scary cosplay (Survival horror cosplayers? Silent Hill? RE?) feel free to bring it and show the managers. On the plus side? Professional theatrical make-up artists! They are -AWESOME- (we got a preview this morning).
  4. Hey guys! I wanted to get the word out that The Fear Grounds (new prettier website coming soon) at the Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, MD is looking for both paid actors (requirement: ability to work every night it's opened) as well as volunteer actors/crew (able to work whatever nights they want, volunteer incentive package included). More information can be found here: http://www.thefeargrounds.com/index.php?id=25, but I suggest if you're interested in auditioning for a paid position you e-mail volunteer@thefeargrounds.com before next Saturday (Sept. 27). The owner said we real
  5. Hm...very few anime have made me cry. I think only three so far. 1) E.Y.E.S. of Mars 2) Saishuuheiki Kanojo (Saikano) 3) Howl's Moving Castle And that third one was just tonight. The ending made me tear up! Darn you, Miyazaki-sama!
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