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  1. I'm not a staffer this year, but I don't see why they would say no. People have been playing every year since 03 ( I remember at one point possibly 06 we played down by the fountains) It was hilarious and fun and used basically as an interactive photoshoot. At one point the Ouran twins were the spinners and they were acting very in character to the amusement of all of the players. So far it's been a responsible bunch and nobodies gotten hurt, though as I said, it's usually just a few people.
  2. Hello! wondering if anyone saw me :3 friday Sanzo from Saiyuki(I had a fan and bubblegum cigarettes which I kept putting in my mouth backwards) SNJ Shino from Naruto Kumaguro Ryuichi from Gravitation(I tied three Shuichis to a pole with pink bondage tape) PJ Sasori for the PJ party Saturday Early morning-Sanzo from Saiyuki I was the Xellos from Slayers at the Slayers shoot Sanzo at the Saiyuki shoot Yamato Ishida from Digimon(season one) Harem master Sasuke(with a Harem Girl Naruto) Prom SNJ Gai/Rock Lee Sunday Yamato Ishida from Digimon I had a Gabumon plu
  3. The new way to reserve is both invasive and inconvenient. How am I supposed to know who s going to be staying with me next year? the names change so much over the year that it's probably not going to be the same...also the way to reserve on the phone is only open while I'm at work so there's no help that way. According to the site every hotel but the radisson is sold out, which is pretty ridiculous if it's true since con ended yesterday :/
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