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  1. There was a minute of deliberations between each entry, which is often the time when judges discussed the costume, looked at the reference material and the photos that were taken. One thing that's always helped me is to start from one end of the costume and work my way from that--for example, start with the wig and work my way down to the shoes. That way you're moving in a steady direction and you don't forget anything along the way!
  2. The list of Hall Costume contest Winners is here now: /index.php?showtopic=15662">http://board.otakon.com/index.php?showtopic=15662 And I have put in a request for an announcement on the website.
  3. Hello all, Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Hall Costume Contest. We had an excellent turnout despite the very-last-minute room change, and I really hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Please leave feedback so Otakon can keep working to make this contest even better. A lot of feedback from last year went into consideration when planning for this year, so please rest assured you're not typing for no reason. Good and bad, we want to hear it all. Although there are some things that were out of our control (like the biggest one--the room change) we want to know how
  4. FRIDAY Judges' Awards Michael: Jen Sondheimer Jamie: Tara Wood Amanda: Erin Smith Tarisa: Tini Clayton, Audrey Fields and Kristin Woodson Novice Honorable Mention: Sarah Forae 3rd Place: Chelsey Cruz 2nd Place: Alice Lee 1st Place: Katie Del Giudice Journeyman Honorable Mention: Chris Gary and Mike Garasic 3rd Place: Jewels L 2nd Place: Shannon Anderson 1st Place: Joshua Eder Craftsman 3rd Place: Greg Clark 2nd Place: Amanda Shockley 1st Place: Elizabeth Schram Best of Friday: Kristin Twesme Saturday Judges' Awards
  5. Check in on both days starts at 10 AM for pre-registered entrants. At-con registrations will be taken at noon, or after all pre-registered entrants are checked in (if it is earlier than that.) If you pre-registered, but are not waiting in the pre-reg line before noon, your pre-reg will be dropped and you will have to wait in the at-con reg line. (Check out rule 4 here: http://www.otakon.com/events_hallcostumecontest.asp for more information!) You don't HAVE to be in costume, but it is recommended (especially if you get there right at ten am!) because judging will start at 11 AM. (This
  6. Honestly, your costume doesn't look any bigger than some I've seen at Otakon. I think you'll be fine! Upstairs on the 400 level, there are larger bathrooms with PLENTY of room to change in--when you first walk in, it's like they have a room designed for changing. If you bring your costume in and change there, everything should work out perfectly.
  7. I sent out MOST of the Friday entries, and I'll be starting on the rest, plus the Saturday entries this week. I apologize that it takes so long, I have to do them all by hand as I enter them.
  8. Don't panic if you didn't get it immediately after! You won't get the confirmation emails for a bit yet. I'm still getting entries sorted--there was quite a rush right after it went up. A general rule of thumb will be to expect the email within a week, and not to panic unless you haven't received some form of contact within two.
  9. Also to clarify, you would be encouraged to compete at a higher level. The awards system is an ICG guideline, and should be taken as just that. Novice is the most entered category at Otakon, and a good deal of the entrants really are just starting out. To quote the FAQ : "However, you may enter at
  10. Also, what kind of shows do you like? It's the most fun to dress as a character you really like or identify with.
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