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  1. For the sake of completeness my Otakon photos.
  2. Yes, but legally, AMVs shouldn't use songs under copyright so that's nothing new. Also, the timing of Otakon deciding to remove the trailer/parody entries from the contest between Friday and Saturday is also curious. So, what changed?
  3. The Sheraton in general is a good hotel chain, and if it's the one I'm thinking of it's directly connected to the BCC, which should make it easy to get back and forth between the con and your room. The rooms also were pretty good, best I can recall from the last time I visited there.
  4. Baltimore born and raised, and yes with the mixture of Old Bay and awesome Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes, we own when it comes to seafood.
  5. I'm not as well versed in Kaiju. But I'm definitely going to see if I can get Mike Dent (R5 Central, Otaku USA, occasional Rangercast cohost and good friend of mine) to fly out from Milwaukee again next year.
  6. Another Southwest Airlines from PVD to BWI dude here, though I plan to crash with some friends in Baltimore who are also planning on attending.
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing another sentai/toku panel. Of course, maybe you could also branch out into kaiju?
  8. And all the people that made plans around their panel have missed out on other opportunities. Doesn't sound like much of a fair trade to me.
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