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  1. A friend of mine was dressed up as Gundam Deathscythe. On Friday, just for fun, I started counting how many people were taking photos of him. 352 people snapped photos. (This is what I can confirm while I was hanging out with him / helping with costume)

    Were you one of the people who took a pic?

  2. The Best of the Best, the Legend of Legends (at least, that's how fans refer to him), Isao Sasaki. Just the titles given to him say it all; however, just as in the case of Ichiro Mizuki, I don't think we will ever hear a voice like that again (no Jrock star can equal that voice, and I am quite sure that the Jrock stars will willingly take a step back to give the stage to him.) Asians tend to have a lot of respect for age and experience.
  3. Treemont Park/Plaza. Any sort of testimonies from there? My group is planning on going there soon. Excuse my newbiness, as Im all sorts of new to this stuff. When you call to reserve the room, you're required to give a credit card number? If so they don't charge it, its just in case you dont show up correct? Next, when you do show up, its entirely possible to not pay with that card, but with cash or a different card correct? ^^/ Thanks~
  4. The Sheraton in general is a good hotel chain, and if it's the one I'm thinking of it's directly connected to the BCC, which should make it easy to get back and forth between the con and your room. The rooms also were pretty good, best I can recall from the last time I visited there.

  5. I wouldn't mind seeing another sentai/toku panel. Of course, maybe you could also branch out into kaiju? :)

    I'm not as well versed in Kaiju. But I'm definitely going to see if I can get Mike Dent (R5 Central, Otaku USA, occasional Rangercast cohost and good friend of mine) to fly out from Milwaukee again next year.

  6. It looks like the most reasonable compromise is to require all panelists to pre-reg. If they show up, they get refunded after the con. If not, they're out their pre-reg fee at the most. Refunds with canceled registrations would be allowed for panelists who notify panels staff ahead of time if they cannot make the con for a family emergency, work issues, etc. Really, the only people that we need to clamp down on are those who never show up at their panel without notifying the con ahead of time.

  7. One thing that a smaller convention, AnimeUSA, utilizes is to dedicate a panel room to a topic. IE- all cosplay panels are in room 1, industry panels in room 2, web/fandom panels- room 3, international guest- room 4, domestic guests- room 5, etc. It makes it easy for attendees to find their favorite panels, and it prevents similar topics from being scheduled at overlapping times.

    I've staffed conventions before, but not in the paneling dept. I'm not sure how Otakon panels are scheduled, but it could streamline the process.

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