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  1. around 4 am - Get up, dressed, and ready 4:30 to 5 - Hop into the car to begin the drive to Baltimore; grab a bite to eat at Wawa or something on the way 6:30 to 7 - Grab parking 8:30 - Grab pass, meet up with partner, and go over panel stuff one last time. 10 - RHYTHM GAME PANEL FUN HAPPY TIME WOOOOO (There's nothing like Samba de Amigo to wake someone up in the morning)
  2. Wow, Baltimore's going to be really crowded that weekend! Between the warship, Otakon, the Orioles home game, and other things, Baltimore's gonna be hoppin' with activity. Reading about the ship is really neat, too.
  3. Potbelly is cheap and very good, and more importantly, they have MILKSHAKES.
  4. Going with my husband and a few friends - we'll probably meet with other friends while we're there.
  5. We got things fixed at the Hyatt yesterday - thanks for the help.
  6. And all the people that made plans around their panel have missed out on other opportunities. Doesn't sound like much of a fair trade to me.
  7. I definitely enjoyed being in the Anime RPG Campaign panel - whoever mentioned that there was no water must have gone way after we did. There was plenty of water bottles, and even cookies up there! We also enjoyed attending Ten Games You Should Have Played, and my fiance was very happy with the Lunar panel. Well done, everyone!
  8. I'm really not one for tears, but Ben can testify that I was bawling for Touga in the episode where he battles Utena for the last time. (Not because he's drawn pretty or anything like that, but the way he had changed over the entire series, and to see it culminate in that episode... ...:cry:)
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