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  1. I saw it at the Opening Ceremonies and it was great.

    I doubt we will see this outside of Otakon because of the legal reasons mentioned. (Basically someone has to be compensated for their work for every performance/showing). I doubt a bootleg will get out. I took down my video camera, shut it off, and put it in my bag during the showing. It wouldn't have come out at all good that way, so I hope no one else tried to video the screen at any of the showings.

    Was another animation done at another Otakon?

    It may be a legal nightmare, but it would be great if Otakon could someday release a dvd of material.

    I've seen some of Gainax's anime shorts for a few Japanese con's but were they ever officially released?

  2. I've been going on thursdays since 2003. It was more necessary to be in the line back then. Now you can wait till an hour before the doors open for pick up and still get in and out, in no time at all. The staff have it down.

    So last year I tried to do some interviews and such with my video cam. It's up on youtube under "otaku underground"

    After picking up badges and materials, I pour over the schedule and plan what I really want to see with my friends. We get pizza or Chinese.

    I never thought of going down and back on Thursday, not sure if that would be any cheaper with gas, even from Camp Hill, PA. It's worth having the hotel room taken care of.

    Funny, I still haven't been to the sushi place in all the years I've went and it's been there.

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