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  1. Yeah, I admit that I could have choose those words "under the rug" a bit better, more like "pretend it didn't exist". Since all we heard from Otakon years ago was that it was handed to the lawyers, the licensed was pulled and that was it. I was hoping for some official statement on something other than what we got. When I heard the quote "handed to the lawyers (I believe this came from an old feedback panel)" I was hoping that we get at least a statement about what happened. I just felt like everything was quiet and that was it. As I said, if another game was announced, I'm pretty sure I would
  2. As someone who lost $200 from the game back when it was done (and I only paid that much money because Otakon was supporting it). I would first like to have my money back before any other project was announced as this would be a kick in the teeth for me. Or at least have the people who backed the game have our original ideas and tiers done. Having another game would feel as if Otakon is trying to sweep it under the rug, which they seem to have done already.
  3. The Good: The space. Every year that has been in DC I can't get over how much space the con has now. I honestly hope it never goes back to Baltimore. The panels: Honestly, this was one of the better cons that had really interesting panels. While I'm not "huge" into panels. The fact that there were a number of panels that I really wanted to go to sealed it for me The Game Room: This is maybe some of the best games in the game room this year. I like how a lot of the games were Japanese games with a mixture of US console games. I think since Otakon is loosing more video game vendor
  4. I think our outfits is pretty much obscure is Toma and Index from To Aru Majutsu no Index. I have yet to see anyone doing those two cosplaying, I can't even find any pictures of them. So I'm hoping it will be good, down side is I had a hell of a time trying to find her 4 "jewels" that Index has on her outfit that I decided to go with Teardrop crystals due to how close they were. I'm hoping it looks ok. I normally like to do obscure cosplayers. Gives you time to do other things I think. A while back I did a Naruto cosplayer and it was the last time I ever did anything like that. Last year
  5. On all three days my sister and I will be cosplaying as Toma and Index from To Aru Majustu no Index. I'm hoping to have my sister's Index outfit ready by then.
  6. Right now it depends on what happens with my sister I'm planning on going as Death Sythe from Soul Eater or Dr. Stein... leaning towards Death Sythe (Maka's Father) and my sister is planning on going as Maka if she finishes losing her weight by then. I'm going to try and help her out this year as earlier this year I have already lost over 70 pounds (I've gained 10 pounds back over the last 4 months since I stop being on the diet but I'm planning on going back on this monday due to school starting up) so if we have a year to prepair I think we will do ok. However, we may change our mi
  7. On Friday and Saturday I was Tomoya Okazaki and my sister was Fuko Ibuki (she even had the starfish and party hat, lol); both characters are from the visual novel game and anime Clannad. I was never able to get any good pictures of us (we had one done in our hallway at home but it wasn't very good) so PM me. We were planning on taking the professional pictures of us on Sunday but my sister got sick and stayed home. I went up (to finish buying stuff in the dealers room for me and her) and I didn't cosplay on Sunday.
  8. I decided to change my idea for Cosplaying this year, while I was orginally going to do Apollo Justice, I'm now going as Tomoya Okazaki from the Clannad Series. I've got everything ready but the hardest and that is the blazer. I had to pay some shop to get that made cause mine suck. It should be ready about 2 weeks before Otakon happens. My sister wanted to go as Fuko Ibuki from Clannad, so the blazer I also had to order too. The only thing left to do is fix my hair, since currently my hair style would show me being more like Youhei Sunohara then Tomoya since my hair is light and parted in the
  9. I honestly think it's more random then anything else... sure it could happen but don't expect it too. Normally when I go to the cons I just try to find some friends at events and all... never more fun then making a friend while waiting in line for the dealer's room to open. Course alot of times in the past I would do that but never get any contact information from people I met... only recently have I done that (made a few friends that way) course sometimes they never contact me back afterwords. One problem I have with finding love at Otakon is the long distance relastionship some can brin
  10. The only way I can think of is 2 on Friday and/or Saturday (one in the morning and one at night). Since Thursday is pick-up badge only... unless someone wants to be in an outfit that day for some reason.
  11. This will be my 2nd year of Cosplaying (first time was 3 years ago). This time I'll be Apollo Justice from Ace Attorney 4 and my sister will be Trucy Wright. I was orginally going to be Phoenix Wright from the first 3 games and my sister was going to be Ema from the first game, but after playing the 4th game, we thought it'd be cooler this way because
  12. The only live action version of an Anime/Manga I've seen is GTO... which I liked better then the anime/manga. The show didn't seem to have alot of fillers on it, but one thing is that in animation, you are not bound by the rules of reality. (Look at how long "The Simpsons" have been going on mind you, there is no way that show would still be going on if it was Live Action.)
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