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  1. Konacha

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    Wow I got no errors at all today and got the Marriott Marquis just like I wanted. In fact this is the first I even heard anything happening. I had 5 taps up on Chrome, two for the portal, one on Facebook Otakon Page, one on Twitter page, and one on the website. Once I got something I went in and got it right at 12:01. I had zero problems and got no errors. I have not even seen any other errors. Could it be a regional thing as I'm located just outside of Atlanta in a hotel room with extra speed wifi?
  2. Konacha

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    So why was this changed? Why did it updated with little to no warning a few days before it goes online? I had to rearrange my schedule around like crazy to make Saturday work and now I have to rearrange my schedule all over again and I'm going to miss the MST3K panel I had planned to see at Dragon Con. This to me seems like a mis-communication going out or something, something Otakon is "famous" for I know that much.
  3. For Japanese Voice Actors/Actress Asami Imai Ayaka Ōhashi Mamoru Miyano For English Voice Actors/Actress Troy Baker Charles Martinet Honestly, any one of those and I would be first in line for on any of them.
  4. I'll honestly say this was maybe a good convention for me. I'd rank it as one of my Top 5. Good -There were a number of fan panels that I wanted to go to. There was a few I just didn't have time to go to but honestly I wasn't bored at all this weekend. -The DC Convention Center. Honestly, this is just me but for 2 years in a row I felt that the DC Convention Center is miles better than the old BCC. I don't feel as claustrophobic in the DCCC as I did in the BCC. The staff for the DCCC is also miles better than the BCC staff was. I honestly hope Otakon stays in DC from now on. Plus the dining and food choices outweight everything. -The guests. Kawamori was great, the Studio Ghibli panel was top class and maybe ranks as one of my top panels of all time. -The Dealers Room and Artist Alley. While I've been moving more towards games and there wasn't as many stores for video games (this is becoming more common though in most anime cons since now retro games and video games in general are getting their own cons). The layout of both rooms and some of the booth, that Dragon Ball Z booth felt like I was back in the mid 2000s. While I know we will never see every industry booths being like the Dragon Ball Z again, it was still great. -Video Game Room. Great selection and nice that it was so big. I really liked the choices and had a lot of fun this year at the place. -Maps. OMG, you don't know how wonderful it was to see the maps this year in the middle of the floors unlike last year. This was fixed and I was so happy for it. Bad -No Voice Actors After Dark. I figured when it disappeared from the schedule it was more of a conflict that there was some that just didn't want to do it. Was upsetting so to me to at least put it on here. -Bag Check- It wasn't ugly since it did move and I know Otakon can't do anything about it. But god it was just more stupid this year than last. Thank god I didn't have a bag most of the time but I was still with my sister and her friend who had bags. Ugly -Autograph Line- Just hearing second hand accounts and seeing it myself shows what a mess this was. Wasn't in it personality but from what I heard and saw it was bad so I should give is a mention. -Panels Cancelled- Just seemed to all of the sudden cancel when people are already in the room. No notice or anything. WTF guys? -No Communication- For the love of God Otakon, I love this con but this has been going on for as long as I can remember. Fix the communication people. You have video monitors everywhere now. Some notices on those huge screens would help so much. It almost feels like a secret meeting nobody is invited too when stuff happens.
  5. My problems were more of the hotel than Otakon so those will be in that topic. The Good Size of the con. My god how nice it was not to bump into people all the time Dealers Room had some really good vendors this year. I spent way more than I normally do thanks to the vendors. Artist Alley, again, thanks to the size it felt like we had many more this year. I got into the panels with no problems and rooms never seemed to be all full up. The Bad Maps. While I was happy to see full size maps everywhere. It took me longer than I should have as they had no "You are Here" notes on them Rain. Not really Otakon's fault but the Friday night I got wet trying to get food then later on I got sick (also due to the lack of sleep) Lines. The main problem is that I could never seem to find any organization of the lines for the panels. It seemed to be all over the place or people would randomly line up. Due to the size of everything I didn't miss anything but man we need them better organized. The Ugly The bag check. I'm sorry but everything about that was a full waste of time and joke that caused the most problems for me. I know it seemed to be required by the DCCC but half the time they just "shook" the bag and didn't open it. Due to that it opened my pills in my bag and they were all in the bottom of my bag. When they did open the bag they seemed to be looking for a cartoon bomb than a real bomb. If they used any type of stuff I've seen the Mythbusters used they wouldn't be able to find anything. Heck, I've seen Disney World put more work into bag check than they did.