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  1. Konacha

    Another Chance for an Otakon Video Game

    Yeah, I admit that I could have choose those words "under the rug" a bit better, more like "pretend it didn't exist". Since all we heard from Otakon years ago was that it was handed to the lawyers, the licensed was pulled and that was it. I was hoping for some official statement on something other than what we got. When I heard the quote "handed to the lawyers (I believe this came from an old feedback panel)" I was hoping that we get at least a statement about what happened. I just felt like everything was quiet and that was it. As I said, if another game was announced, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't back it just because of how bad a taste the old one left in my mouth.
  2. Konacha

    Another Chance for an Otakon Video Game

    As someone who lost $200 from the game back when it was done (and I only paid that much money because Otakon was supporting it). I would first like to have my money back before any other project was announced as this would be a kick in the teeth for me. Or at least have the people who backed the game have our original ideas and tiers done. Having another game would feel as if Otakon is trying to sweep it under the rug, which they seem to have done already.
  3. Konacha

    Otakon 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The Good: The space. Every year that has been in DC I can't get over how much space the con has now. I honestly hope it never goes back to Baltimore. The panels: Honestly, this was one of the better cons that had really interesting panels. While I'm not "huge" into panels. The fact that there were a number of panels that I really wanted to go to sealed it for me The Game Room: This is maybe some of the best games in the game room this year. I like how a lot of the games were Japanese games with a mixture of US console games. I think since Otakon is loosing more video game vendors (due to other video game conventions popping up) and US arcade machines really shines the Japanese ones. Line: No line con this year, yay. Photoshoots: I love how it was all in one giant area. The Bad: The Guests. I wasn't that big into the majority of them. However, this was just my preference than any others. Kyoto Animation Signing: Seriously, not Otakon's fault a lot but screw you for advertising on this. It would be like a lawyer showing up at a funeral handing out business cards. I honestly think there should at least been someone keeping an eye on it. Bag Check- Security Theater again. Makes you feel safe, but honestly it doesn't and might make it worst. At this point I think Otakon should just raise the prices to get rid of this. The Ugly: No outside Food or Water: Seriously, this was the most messed up of them all. I had a metal water bottle on Friday that didn't get called out but Saturday I'm asked to get rid of it. I had to go back to my room. Plus with how inconsistent it was. I understand not bringing Pizza or McDonald's food into the place like the BCC was but there was seriously no communication or clear information about this. Plus what about people who are diabetic and need them? Or special diets from doctors? There needs to be something like "Can only bring this much in" or something.
  4. For Japanese Voice Actors/Actress Asami Imai Ayaka Ōhashi Mamoru Miyano For English Voice Actors/Actress Troy Baker Charles Martinet Honestly, any one of those and I would be first in line for on any of them.