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  1. I've had a dream or two about Otakon.

    Don't think I'll ever forget this one I had gosh, back in '03 that combined Otakon, a Creed concert & a missed wedding all into one event. All 3 events had happened within a 2 week period & strangely enough I received that freaky dream as a result of sorts.

    My mind works in mysterious ways...

  2. America is seriously on an energy kick these days. There's more out there to give you that extra energy boost than there ever was.

    I was at the store the other day & ran across Crystal Light On The Go drink mix with caffeine & B vitamins.

    What's next? Gatorade with herbal energy supplements?

    Just when I thought it was bad enough being a Pepsiholic, with Stay Awake pills on stand-by for that extra boost. I'll have the occasional energy drink when I'm in the mood, but that's about it.

  3. All I ask is that you keep Redeath on the Saturday night fan parody schedule.

    I love getting the chance to watch that on the big screen at Otakon in a room with a few thousand people who know it as well as I do every year.

    Another classic fan parody I'd like to see on the schedule this year is This Is Otakudom.

  4. And considering the price of hotel food and NOTHING being open at 2 a.m. that ramen is a necessity :P

    Now I do agree that it is a great idea to bring some cups of ramen noodles with you, since you'll at least have a coffeemaker in the room to provide hot water.

    However, you can't say that nothing is open at 2am. A few years ago that was quite the valid lament, until they opened that 7-11 at the corner of Howard & Baltimore in '06 if I remember correctly.

  5. hey matt, hotels.com is offering the hilton for 169 a night, passkey is offering the hilton for the same price as if you reserve with the hilton directly but with no idea if your going to get a single or double. i cancelled my reserve with passkey and just booked with the hotel directly due to the fact that passkey could'nt guarantee me a double room, while hilton was offering double rooms at the same price OUTSIDE the block.

    passkey has been nothing but a headache and nightmare for me

    Just out of curiousity, when was the Hilton offering double bed rooms for the same price as Passkey offered? I've been checking in with the Hilton fairly often since September & the lowest rate I've been quoted is $228/night & that's if you pay for the room in advance. Otherwise it's from about $259 & up ratewise.

    Thus why I reserved my room thru Passkey, even though I'm still contemplating whether I'll keep it or not due to no guarantee that they'll honor my request for 2 beds. Also I truly doubt I'll be able to get any Hilton Honors points for my stay due to the fact that it was reserved thru a 3rd party.

    I really preferred reserving through the hotel directly myself, it was better insurance that you'll get what you originally reserved that way. For the 1st time I am seriously going to be worried till the time I arrive in Baltimore for Otakon that everything will work out alright with my hotel.

    I can't help it, everytime I've ever reserved a hotel room through a 3rd party I've never once gotten precisely what I originally reserved. One time I got to the hotel & wound up arguing with Management for over an hour b/c the price they had the room for on my reservation was around $50 more a night than the rate I reserved the room at. I even had my copy of the reservation with me, it didn't matter to them.

    Other times when I get there hotels have denied my request for 2 beds or have even told me I never had a reservation at all with them.

    So, I'm sure you can understand why I can't help but worry about the Passkey system & will continue to do so until the con.

  6. The most I've ever spent for Otakon was around $650, & that was my first anime con ever.

    Ever since, I seem to spend less money every year & my friends have always envied me for this. It's all in how you budget your money.

    Also, I'm certainly not the 1st one to admit that one of the many reasons I started Gofering for Otakon was just to save money in the long run. :o

    To be entirely truthful, I'm one of those that uses my tax return as my yearly con budget. I've planned out my cons that way ever since I started attending more than just Otakon in '06. For years, to me it's like a federal savings account that I put money into everytime I get a paycheck. Since '06, this has worked out for me quite well.

    Last year I budgeted it to include going to a 3rd con & I still had money left over for Xmas.

    For this year, I'll just be doing what I do well, to the point that I can include a 4th con to the list...

  7. Took me a few tries, but I've finally gotten the hang of Mario Kart Wii. Doesn't help that I don't have a Wii myself, however my best friend does. I play when he falls asleep on me & I'm still wide awake, was doing that last night & unlocked all the Cups on the 50cc level. :D I was so happy, I finally got to play the new Rainbow Road! Even though I bounced off of it at least a dozen times the 1st try...

    Wasn't my friend surprised to find that I won all the cups though! I'm not known to be the best at video games, however I've always had a talent for the driving games. I've found the Wii version of Mario Kart to be alot of fun, however there's a few tracks I wish they had included, including the GC version of Rainbow Road...

    I must say I really like the new Super Blooper Kart though, I love being able to short cut it off road on a few of the tracks. :)

  8. Ok, I'll admit it. I finally managed to find the patience to reserve a room at the Hilton from Thu-Sun through the Passkey site the other night. Still don't like that site, however now I have 2 hotel rooms reserved for Otakon next year, heaven help me...

    The worst part is, I think I might actually know enough people who just may finally come next year to fill those rooms too. Either way, I think I'll be staying at the Hilton Baltimore, just for the experience. ;)

  9. I voted for the lower hotel prices myself, but could've easily chosen both. I have no problem with next years con dates being announced at Closing Ceremonies, it's better than waiting in anticipation for the announcement. However this rush to reserve a room just after the con? :P Ridiculous.

    I've never even contemplated reserving a room this early in previous years. Even last year a room in my group wasn't reserved until November & we were still able to get a room in the Inner Harbor. I don't think I can say the same for this year, thus why I have a room reserved already.

    As far as prices are concerned, the only hotel I've seen to have lowered it's con rates from last year is the Days Inn. All the other hotels have either raised their con rate or charge $20 apiece for the 3rd & 4th person where they didn't up until now. I'm paying $34 more next year & couldn't even get in at my preferred hotel. They quoted me $209 a night as the con rate, when it was $151 this year! :shock:

    Playing the reserve a room game has become more challenging this year in my opinion...

  10. Well, after checking the reservation system numerous times & getting entirely too frustrated with it, I really don't like it... I decided to reserve my room the old fashioned way, dealing with the hotel directly over the phone. Decided to stay at the Sheraton City Center again, but after going around & around with their reservations for a week, getting 2 different rates, etc I finally gave up on Wednesday & called the Radisson.

    With no problems whatsoever I was able to reserve a 2 double bed room Thu-Sun for $185 a night with an early check-in. I can live with that, I stayed there in '04, however I'm not too happy with paying an extra $40 a night for the 3rd & 4th person, we've never had to pay that before. :P Oh well, at least I have a room reserved for next years con, I can rest more easily now...

  11. I used to suffer from PCD after Otakon, however this year it didn't really have time to develop. I was too tired to even contemplate being depressed about Otakon being over after cosplaying as a Staff member for the weekend.

    Then after recovering, I found to my amazement that I should be planning for next year already! Who has time to suffer from PCD this time around?

    Besides I've long ago found a way to get over any type of PCD by planning my next con, I'm going to attempt going to 4 cons this year! 2 down, 2 to go. NYAF & MangaNext here I come!

  12. ~ Getting the chance to finally meet & work with Cousin Sue. :(


    : )

    Our reg kicks butt, doesn't it? Even when we have glitches!

    You're quite welcome Sue. However it really was great to finally meet you after all these years, I'm surprised it took us so long! Remember our help in the skirt emergency Saturday night? We all really do take care of each other, don't we? I so enjoyed working the con this year...

    Our Pre-reg/Reg does kick butt! As I tell people, we at Otakon have it down to a science now. Here's to breaking another record July 16th! :D

    Back on topic, I'd have to say another highlight of my con this year would have to be finally being able to make the time to go see Edgar Allan Poe's grave Sunday before I left Baltimore. :D

    As morbid as that may seem, it was great to finally be able to pay my respects to my favorite poet since I was 9 years old. I actually felt totally at peace leaving Baltimore this year, it was nice... :D

  13. Sorry, wouldn't let me finish. Evil computer... Continuing on:

    ~ Getting free drink

    ~ Getting free drinks at the Rat Friday night :D

    ~ Peeking in on the Sunday music acts doing a sound check Saturday morning. :D

    ~ Watching This Is Otakudom in the Con Suite :)

    ~ Joining in with a few thousand other Otaku & my best friend to sing AC/DC's Big Balls during ReDeath. :D

    ~ The satisfaction of finally opening my 1st bottle of Ramune. :)

    ~ Being told by several that I better come back wearing a black shirt next year. Priceless. :lol:

  14. This is probably kind of goofy, but there were really two highlights for me:

    1) hearing we pushed more than 8,900 people through pre-reg Thursday night, and we had over 26,000 registrations overall, and

    2) seeing the convention center go from completely empty Thursday morning, to being chock full o' people over the weekend, and then back to empty Sunday afternoon

    I must agree with you here, these were highlights for me as well.

    However with #1, I'd have to say a true highlight was seeing that we had processed 8,994 attendees in less than 5 hours & knowing that I was a part of making that happen. :lol:

    Other highlights of the con for me would have to be:

    ~ My grand entrance into Gofer Ops Thursday. :D

    ~ Getting the chance to finally meet & work with Cousin Sue. :D

    ~ Sitting in Video Ops, watching Duck Tales, & having random attendees pop in & ask if it was really Duck Tales we were watching.

    ~ Getting free drink

  15. Here's a few notable anime series & movies I would include:

    Ranma 1/2

    Video Girl Ai


    Fushigi Yuugi

    Revolutionary Girl Utena

    Cowboy Bebop



    Vampire Hunter D

    All the Miyazaki movies: Castle in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service, Nausicaa, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, etc

  16. I just tried the passkey system for 4 people July 16-19, what comes up? Lo & behold the Hilton, Rennaissance Harborplace & Sheraton Inner Harbor. Can't win with this system I swear. Personally, I don't like it. How am I supposed to know 11 months in advance precisely who is going to be in my room & why do they need all that info?

    I'd much rather reserve my hotel room the old fashioned way, through the hotel. Besides, it gives me a much better guarantee that I'll get what I want if I deal with the hotel staff directly. I've never had much luck personally with online reservation systems, so if I can deal with the hotel directly, I will.

    I've already been assured I will be able to get a room at my preferred hotel at the con rate as soon as the contract is signed. However why does it always seem to be the last one? :blink:

    It may be 2 blocks away but I don't mind, I enjoy being so close yet so far from the BCC in a sense, plus I've stayed there 3 times before now with only minor complaints, why shouldn't I stay there again? It's familiar to me. :(

  17. Place I stayed: Sheraton City Center (formerly the Wyndham)

    Number of people in room: 4

    Hotel Staff: Nice, friendly, helpful. Liked the fact that many from the Wyndham stayed thru the changeover.

    Walk to the con center: Approximately 5-7 minutes depending on what route you take, I typically go thru the courtyard behind the hotel to Hopkins & down to the BCC.

    The bad: Although they have renovated since the changeover, it still feels like the Wyndham to me, probably always will. There's certainly a difference between the 2 Sheratons.

    Minor inconvenience having to get the room cards reprogrammed Friday afternoon.

    No fridges in the rooms

    Shower pressure could've been better

    The good: Renovation did this place good, definite improvement in the rooms. They were nicer than when this was the Wyndham, clean & having those comfortable Sheraton beds with plenty of pillows is definitely a plus! I was disappointed to find we had central air in the room, however the room temperature was easily controlled by a thermostat on the wall.

    Had no problems with Staff, particularly the front desk, I found them to be very friendly & helpful, especially the night desk clerk. No problems getting a room receipt in my name, getting extra towels, or scheduling wake-up calls. I also noticed the Staff was very nice & gave Otakon attendee's no problems that I could see, even when we may have happened to be up all night down by the piano. I talked with a few of them & they're used to us, we're a nice change of pace from the professional convention goers they usually have staying there.

    All the elevators stayed operational & weren't slow in the South Tower this year, which was great.

    I've always liked the location of this place, not too far & not too close from everything.

    Would you stay there again? I don't see any reason why not. I already have a semi reserve on a room there for '09. For some reason, they are always one of the last contracts to be signed. Also in the 3 times I've stayed here, while it was the Wyndham & now a Sheraton, I've never had any major problems or complaints, maybe I'm just lucky, I don't know... :(

  18. I completely agree with this, Otakon should definitely go green for 2009! As a convention of over 26,000 now, we trash entirely too many recyclables throughout the average Otakon weekend. It's unreal when you think about it for a moment.

    I can definitely see green or blue recyclable containers located throughout the BCC. Also, I fully agree that we can get someone to help us with collecting the recyclables & taking them to collect money for charity like the Boy Scouts or similar organization. That is, unless the BCC finally decides to go green like it should.

    Either way, we have 11 months to organize this. I think we can make it happen! :D

  19. Well, I spent around $300 this weekend. What did I spend my money on? Let's see...

    $150 - Given to my friend Pedro for my share of the hotel room & gas, parking & tolls.

    $40 - Spent at the Wharf Rat for fish & chips as well as a few pints of ale throughout the weekend.

    $17 - Spent on 2 backfin crab cakes at the Lexington Market. 1 from Faidley's & 1 from the Crab Pot.

    In the Dealers Room:

    $31 - Spent at the Otakon Merchandise Table

    $42 - Spent on essential oils from That Pagan Chick booth. Who would've thought I'd find essential oils at Otakon?

    $15 - I finally found my black Mokona plushie! :D Forget which booth I found it at though.

    $8 - Spent on an amethyst crystal from the Undiscovered Treasures booth.

  20. Wow, I can't believe this. For the 1st time I'm actually going to reserve my room for next year the day after the con. I'll be reserving my room in the morning when in house reservations is open so I can get the con rate.

    I've already decided to stay at the Sheraton City Center again, I rather enjoyed my stay there this year & don't see any reason not to stay there next year as well. Besides, the only other hotel I'd have considered was the new Hilton, but since it's apparently booked solid already :D I think I'll just stick with the hotel I'm most familiar with in the Inner Harbor. This year was my 3rd time staying there for the con, stayed there in '05 & '06 when it was the Wyndham, & I was happy to find out this weekend that many of the staff have continued to work there. :P

    <-- I've finally reached my 500th post! :D

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