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  1. Well I had to go to school tonite, already missing tomorrow, then my ride home took a nice long detour, so I didn't get home till 11pm. I still have to pack! Just call me Miss Procrastination here, I always wait till just about the last minute. Within the next 10 hours I have to take a shower, pack my bag, sleep a few hours, wake up, get dressed, make sure I have everything I need, make sure my friend Frank makes it to my house around 9:30am & Pedro picks us up by 10am. Then we'll be on our way to Baltimore & Otakon! So I'll be sleeping at least 4-5 hours tonite at some poi
  2. That would be Bodyworlds 2. It's taking place at the Maryland Science Center this summer. I know b/c me & my group may be going to that Sunday after the con if we can.
  3. Considering my TCG schedule, here is what I'm going to try to see this weekend, even if I don't catch 100% of anything: Friday Part of the JAM Project concert This Is Otakudom Saturday Masquerade Japanese Modern & Indie Rock Eva: ReDeath (part of the Fan Parodies) Otakon Game Show Some late night panel programming... Sunday Best of AMV's Slayers Revolution Closing Ceremonies
  4. Being a Virgo, I'm naturally thrifty, I carry enough cash to take care of the essentials & a little extra, for anything beyond that I use my bank card. It's easier to keep track of your spending at cons if you don't use a card for small purchases. ~ Something to take note of ~ Even though most dealers nowadays accept credit/debit cards, many have a minimum purchase to use them. Found that out the hard way last year when I wanted these 3 pins from this one dealer & was told there was a minimum purchase of $20 to use a card. Since at the time I had barely any cash on me (it was S
  5. I'd certainly love to have a new job with better pay & hours myself. I haven't gotten a raise in over a year. They keep getting delayed due to labor costs, & I currently work in the fast food industry while going to school for that better job. I see many people apply & get interviewed, maybe 5% are hired these days simply b/c sales are most definitely down from last year... So I wish the best of luck to all of you seriously looking for a job right now, it's not as easy as it used to be with the economy the way it is. As sad as it may sound, it's the honest truth.
  6. Thursday from a TCG's point of view: Wake up early, take shower, get dressed, finish my packing, call Pedro to see what's happening on his end, then call Frank & make sure he connects up with Pedro. I'll either be making my way to his house or he'll pick me up on the way to I-295. We'll take that down to the Delaware Memorial Bridges, get on I-95 & cruise on down to good ole Baltimore. We plan on arriving in the Inner Harbor by 1pm at the latest. Once we find a place to park, we'll check into the hotel, drag our stuff up to the room & relax for a bit. About 2:30 wherever
  7. Definitely the elevator. Loaded down with my luggage, you couldn't pay me to take the stairs if there's an elevator. I've lugged my luggage up the stairs to my room enough times in my life thank you. Also, since my room is rarely below the 4th floor, you don't catch me taking the stairs too often at cons anyway.
  8. Back in '01 when I was just starting to truly get into anime, sometime in June I went bowling with my friend Frank. While there he was telling me that him & some of his friends were going to this anime convention called Otakon. I was interested so when I got home I checked out the Otakon website, researched a bit & thought it could be a lot of fun. So I went to work the next day & told my workbuddy Kaybo about it, she agreed with me & we started organizing the trip, her brother joined us then a week before the con Frank ends up joining us b/c his group fell apart. Talk about ir
  9. Since I've always had an higher than average vocabulary thanks to my Mom, misspelled words will forever annoy me. You don't need a spell check around me, I'll be sure to let you know, misspelled words just seem to pop out at me. What annoys me the most is when I misspell a word & don't notice it before I post or send something. All this slang shortening words when not necessary isn't any better. Some of them I don't mind & use myself like b/c, w/o, lol, brb, ttyl & sometimes even u when texting on my cell. Others like pls, thx, & prolly couldn't annoy me more. Alot of t
  10. With 7 years worth of Otakon stories it's not easy to pick a #1 favorite, in fact I don't have one, it's more like 1 or 2 from each years con if I had to pick faves. So instead I'll just tell you a couple of my favorite Otakon moments for now: ~ 2003 ~ Friday morning as me & my friends are walking to the BCC to get in line for our badges, I suddenly realized I'd forgotten something vital, so I told my friends I'd meet up with them in line & ran back to the hotel. We were staying at the Days Inn that year & as I'm waiting for the elevator in the lobby I notice the guy next to m
  11. I was a big fan of Muffy the Mouse too! I used to love her apartment, for a mouse she had an awfully nice house didn't she? Sam Crenshaw was cool too. Anyways, many of you have reminded of so many shows I watched in my childhood so I shall add to my list: Muppet Babies Fraggle Rock Dinosaurs Smurfs My Little Pony Inspector Gadget TMNT Garfield & Friends Rocko's Modern Life Tiny Toon Adventures Animaniacs / Pinky & the Brain Out of This World Small Wonder Growing Pains Facts Of Life Perfect Strangers Doogie Howser M.D. Wonder Years Save
  12. Well, my schedule for both Friday & Saturday morning generally goes... Wake up about 6-6:30am, drink a Pepsi, take a shower & get ready to work the con. Walk about 2 blocks to the BCC, thru the main doors & up the stairway around 8am for my shift at Registration Friday morning. Down to the D.R. for my shift at the Merchandise Table Saturday morning. I've usually been the 1st one awake in the morning every Otakon somehow. I like being either the 1st or 2nd one in the shower, leaves me time to eat before I head to the BCC.
  13. Hmm, childhood shows I watched, let's see... Other than Sesame Street, I distinctly remember watching The Muppets, Mister Rogers, Reading Rainbow, Punky Brewster & Today's Special. Now who remembers Today's Special? I swear that's where the idea for the Mannequin movies came from... As far as cartoons were concerned, I watched plenty of Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry & Disney. I also watched Masters of the Universe, Rainbow Brite, & several others I can't remember at the moment. I remember the beginnings of the Disney afternoon better, Duck Tales, Chip & Dales Rescue Ran
  14. Actually Cowboy Bebop was a badge choice in '01, I distinctly remember there being a Spike & Faye badge. I had chosen the GW Wing Zero badge since I was more of a Gundam Wing fan at the time. However I would love to see another Bebop badge choice with all the main characters on it. I still want my Ouran or Xxxholic badge & I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. Only about 3 more weeks until we find out what our choices are, ah, the torture!
  15. I'm not so sure either about the casting for Ouran. I saw a video of the Ouran announcement panel done at AX where all the main voice actors showed up, including Mike McFarland cosplaying as Ranka! I thought that was awesome. LoL Overall, I think most of them will do a halfway decent job, but the one I am most skeptical of is Caitlin doing Haruhi, not the voice range I imagined for Haruhi at all. However I'll wait till the dub comes out in October for my final criticism on the subject. On a side note, as soon as I heard that Funimation got the licensing rights to Ouran, I just knew that V
  16. Between now & Thursday Aug 7th, I will be doing the following in no particular order: ~ Working my lovely job that certainly doesn't pay me enough ~ Going to school Tue, Wed & Thu nights enduring my school internship ~ Getting my group ready for Otakon, at least 2 newbies coming with me this year ~ Visiting the Otakon BBS on a daily basis for important info & updates ~ Catching up on my anime ~ Trying not to let my family & friends drive me insane...
  17. I agree, I just don't see the Baltimore Police Department doing something like picking up underage congoers coming back to their hotel from the BCC at 2am when the con closes. It just doesn't seem logical at all for several reasons unless the congoer was causing trouble somehow. I believe this law applies more to the Baltimore locals, not to tourists. I hope all those attending the con have someone rooming with them over 21, it's just sound policy just in case.
  18. I agree with you 100% on this one, I'll never forget my 1st Otakon in '01. We stayed in a hotel on the Beltway & I had to navigate a new route back & forth to the Inner Harbor each time. Everytime we got in the car we had an adventure, streets were opening & closing that weekend left & right. Oh & who can forget walking out of the BCC Saturday night to Otaku dancing in the flooded street! Ever since, Ravens game, Orioles games, etc, doesn't phase me, just means many more interesting people I might chance to run into Otakon weekend that's all. I kinda feel sorry for
  19. Hmm, what would I like to find in the D.R. this year... Black Mokona plushie An Ouran HSHC or Xxxholic t-shirt or other stuff A cute t-shirt for my best friend's 'lil future otaku A few anime pins To find some merchandise of anime series over a few years old in the D.R. this year! One can hope...
  20. Now if only I can make my friends coming with me this year realize this... LoL The Inner Harbor is bound to be an interesting place to be this years Otakon weekend, that's for sure. Between the anime fans, music fans, baseball fans & the Navy? The Inner Harbor will be a literal melting pot creating some interesting clashes & appreciations during the weekend I'm sure. I'll definately be down there to see the battleship & take a few pictures during the weekend. After all, my Dad wouldn't let me hear the end of it if I didn't, I come from a family with a strong Military connect
  21. MMmmm, good milkshakes... I must find this place as well. I may be willing to bring a few Staffers back some shakes... I'll make sure to pop in Spec Ops & ask before I go k? Oh & you all are giving me some great food ideas, I just might eat more this year than normal, which would be a good thing...
  22. Just to let you know I believe the parking lot you are speaking of is the one that was closed a couple years ago to break ground for the new BCC Hilton slated to open the week after Otakon this year. Sorry to break it to you, I understand though. Me & my friends used to park in that lot the first couple years we attended Otakon as well. The convenience couldn't be beat, however the city found a better use for it. Never fear though, there is plenty of reasonably priced parking garages in the vicinity if you only take the time to look.
  23. By chance, is it the one where you have to take the elevator there to get down into? Where the only way by car to get into it is a down ramp from Fayette St.? In that case, it's the garage me & my friends have been using off & on for years. Love that garage, it's always had reasonable prices, happy to know they still do. Plan to park the car in that garage this year as well for the weekend, I'm not paying no $20+ a night...
  24. Well, so far I'm going with my classmate & his best friend going for their 1st anime con ever, a friend of 3 years going to Otakon for the 1st time whose been to AnimeNext & my best friend who hasn't been to Otakon since '04. Someone might be added, who knows, however I'll have an interesting group going with me this year, that's for sure. Won't see them for over 1/2 the con anyway being a TCG, except for the last one who I've convinced to sign up as a Gofer None of my friends have ever Gofered before, this will make for an interesting con, I can't wait
  25. Well, since becoming a Gofer then TCG, I don't need to stand in line for Pre-reg, I'm one of the people handing you your badge instead. I've waited with my friends in line to get their badges a time or 2, & of course I waited in line from '01-'04 when I was a regular attendee. Anyways when I do wind up in line at a con, I always wind up talking to the people around me, I've met several interesting people over the years that way. Oh & take the occasional picture of a cosplayer that catches my attention. Watched anime in line one time cause someone had a mini dvd player, exchanged f
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