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  1. I agree with you, they would drag out the quest for a feather way too long at times throughout the series, then you'd get a feather an episode just to throw you off. Anyways, Tsubasa Chronicle, watched the 2nd season not long ago, just to learn that the 2nd season was basically pointless. What a disappointment... Should've never existed, unless they come out with a third season & that was just the middle of the story. Then again, that's just my opinion. So feel free to add the 2nd season of Tsubasa Chronicle to the list...
  2. Anyways, things I absolutely neeeed for Otakon, well, in no particular order: Sleep, Pepsi, water bottle, clothes, beach towel for my hair, my own pillow, an umbrella, cell phone charger, comfortable sneakers, camera with film & batteries, money, etc, etc... Oh wait, I almost forgot one, I'll gladly be the 1st to say it - I neeeed My Sanity!!
  3. I didnt know they had Ouran dubbed, that is cool. I must be out of the loop. Well, I read somewhere that they should be in the studio dubbing it now or soon. Thus, I figure they should be coming out with the 1st DVD by or around Otakon. Am I thinking wrong here? As far as Xxxholic is concerned, they have the 2nd DVD out already. Hey, I'm just a fan of both series that wants to see anything concerning them. It was very limited last year & I was so disappointed...
  4. My 1st Otakon in '01 I spent about $600 for everything. (Hotel, food, D.R., etc) Ever since I seem to be spending less & less. LoL Since I started Gofering for the con, my con expenses have been cut in half for the most part. I've spent an average of about $2-250 for Otakon the past few years & I doubt that's going to change this year really. My friends usually hate me for this too. Last year I spent at least about $85 getting there by Amtrak, (got a ride back) $75 on food & drinks, $27 for a last minute rock concert at the First Mariner Saturday night, & about $60 in the
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing some retro badges this year myself. It's been a few years since any retro animes were used as badge designs & with '08 being the 15th anniversary, it'd be a great idea... Series like Ranma 1/2, Fushigi Yuugi, Slayers, Evangelion, etc. Otherwise I would love to see either a Xxxholic or an Ouran HSHC badge this year, they're both coming out dubbed this year so I see either or both being a possibility.
  6. First of all, I agree that having the chance to meet Hikaru Midorikawa back in '01 was awesome, (I only wish that I had had something other than my Wing Zero badge for him to sign at the time though) he would be an excellent repeat Japanese guest to have. However, as far as repeats are concerned, I'd rather see Yoko Kanno, who if I'd only known about Otakon in '99... Other Japanese guests I would love to see would be Megumi Hayashibara, Yuu Watase, Hideko Anno, etc - All dream guests, all amazing talents. As far as musical guests are concerned, well let's just say if Otakon ever mana
  7. How about The Real Folk Blues or Blue? They're both really good songs...
  8. As someone whose worked as a Front Desk Clerk & stayed in numerous hotel/motels in her lifetime, I agree that hotel staff will work with you to fix any solvable problem that arises during your stay if in anyway possible. Unless your calling the front desk multiple times a day with complaints that is. LoL I'm kidding, then they'll just get annoyed with you, you're not their only guest after all. However, not every problem is solvable, such as you being in a room next to a noisy stairway or highway etc, & they can't place you in another room at that time because they have none available.
  9. Personally throughout the years I've encountered no major problems with any of the Inner Harbor hotels I've stayed at, only minor inconvenient ones for the most part. This year I'll be staying at the Sheraton, former Wyndham. I'm curious to see how it's changed from when I stayed there in '05 & '06. I've never stayed in a Sheraton before, shall be an experience for me.
  10. 8) From '01 to '06, I rode down & back in a car with my friends taking I-95 for the most part. Well, because my friends decided not to go last year, I ended up taking Amtrak from Trenton, NJ to Baltimore. Wound up riding back up I-95 on Sunday with the one friend who decided to drive down to Otakon at the last minute. This year I'll probably be riding down in a car with the new group of friends I've put together for Otakon.
  11. I have to wholeheartedly agree with this choice as well. An OVA that should've never been done. May I also add Ikkitousen, Magikano & Wedding Peach to the list? All three of them, at best, are parodies of better series based upon the same type of storyline more or less. Bobobobobo doesn't need to exist either, but that's just my opinion...
  12. Ah, yet another Inner Harbor eatery gone for good... A moment of silence if you will. I'm not too disappointed though, just as long as they don't close down my 2 favorite places to go every year to eat. I'm not telling what they are though, seeing as I don't have any wood to knock on right now...
  13. Don't people know why there are no holidays in August? (Unless my birthday counts as a holiday that is...) Because it's too hot to celebrate anything!! On a side note, I got an A on my final tonite in Medical Terminology!! Which mind you was quite a feat considering the fact that we didn't have an actual teacher for 75% of the course, school admin says we'll get one for the next course, however I'm not holding my breath...
  14. I was quite enthused by the con pre-schedule as well. Quite a few panels caught my interest this time around. Also, I got my TCG schedule & I like it! Plenty of time for me to have fun at the con (not like I don't have fun Gofering, b/c I do) I can't wait for Thursday!! On a side note, I'll be seeing the Harry Potter movie this afternoon! Not just in any format either, we're going to see it in 3-D at the IMAX theatre. That way, whether I'm disappointed in the movie or not, it'll at least have looked awesome.
  15. Hm, to go to AnimeNext next weekend or not to go to AnimeNext? That is the question... Otakon has definately spoiled me throughout the years, just seeing AnimeNext's pre-schedule just didn't excite me at all, unlike seeing Otakon's pre-schedule. Can't wait till it's posted this year...
  16. <-- Really wants to get that new Linkin park CD...
  17. 8) I wouldn't mind going over for like a week or 2, though I know limited Japanese from subtitles & fanfiction, I believe it would be an interesting learning experience. Wish I had the money to go over in the next year, one of my best friends is a teachers aide teaching english to middle school students over in Morioka through the Earlham program. He speaks Japanese & knows kanji fairly well, he's been there about a year now & loves it. Is constantly tempting us with his stories & pictures on his Flickr account. Maybe later on we can go over on a trip together or something.
  18. 8) Ok, I'll reveal what anime moments made me all teary eyed cause it was just too heart wrenching, I've found they just love to do that in anime at times, thus my moments of excess emotions are as follows - Fushigi Yuugi - Nuriko, need I say more? Ayashi No Ceres - Moments towards the end of this series were almost painful to watch. Trigun - Wolfwood, I know I needn't say more about that Full Metal Alchemist - Episode 25 affected me so much I still haven't watched the 2nd 1/2 of that series, how could they do that? Magic Knights Rayearth - The end of the last episode when the tr
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