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  1. He was a very special situation. He'd pre-reged for Otakon before he found out that he was deploying the Friday of con. So he stood in line to get his badge and have some sort of con experience before he had to leave. He was a really nice guy, I talked to him for a while on Thursday. Actually, that's what he did in 2007. In 2008 he actually was there for the whole con and gofered it too! That's dedication. o.O
  2. There's an entire section called /index.php?showforum=93">Rooms and Rides just a few sections under this Q&A section.
  3. Ahhh that brings back memories of my first trip to Otakon. First drove from Toronto to Montreal with my then gf (before she moved in with me she lived in Montreal) to pick up a friend of hers. Then we all booted down to Hartford to pick up another friend. It was a large van that my then gf's parents lent us. Total trip time from Montreal to Baltimore was about 16hrs. But that includes a 2hr stop over in Hartford and frequent leg stretching breaks.
  4. Actually, we have a leap second this year, so 2008 will be just a moment longer...
  5. As I recall, one year (was it last year?) the contract wasn't finalized with some hotels (and thus no con rates yet available) and a couple were sold out in a few hours after con announcement.
  6. Which makes me uberly thankful that I got the job I did last year....
  7. Random Otakon 2008 pics
  8. Aren't Otakon rates usually for thurs, fri, sat, and sun nights? From what I can recall, monday night doesn't have otakon special rates. was able to get it for the holiday inn this year, plus a good number of people don't leave sunday, some got long drives that they rather not do on sunday Ahh are you meaning staying over sunday night into monday? Or staying over monday night into tuesday? Because, from what I posted, I did say sun night should be feasible, but not monday night.
  9. Otakon 2008 mix of photos These are size reduced versions. High quality ones can be made available upon request.
  10. Aren't Otakon rates usually for thurs, fri, sat, and sun nights? From what I can recall, monday night doesn't have otakon special rates.
  11. It makes sense everything would get damp if you have 9 people taking showers. XD
  12. Loki

    Cash Or Card?

    Normally I like to pay everything with my credit card as it's an excellent way for me to see every month on the bill what I spent it on. Unless you save the receipts, with cash you sometimes forget after a couple days. That being said, since I'm coming from another country, I think I'll mostly deal in cash as I don't want to get dinked on potential service charges for currency changing.
  13. When I first started coming to Otakon back in '03, I had a meticulous budget that looked something like this: Room: $100 for 4 nights split between 4 people. (This was back when I could get the tremont plaza rooms for $89/night ) Registration: was like $45 Food: $15/day = $60 Dealer's Room + Artist Alley = $150 Travel costs = $25 ($100 fuel split 4 ways) 2003 budget: $380 Jump ahead a few years and a new career as a Nuclear Operator.... Room: $570 for 4 nights split between me, myself, and I (this is staff discounted...) Registration: Staff Food: Staff + $50 random
  14. There's also a Creamy Collon. I actually find they are very tasty.
  15. Try the Chocolate Colon japanese snacks. (Actually spelled Collon, but Chocolate Colon sounds ickier XD )
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