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  1. I will be going with a couple of my friends (Hopefully) but I'm willing to meet more people and have a great time there.

    Name: Kara

    Age: 22

    Cosplaying As: Day 1 (Or Maybe Two days) The Space Pirate Ryoko (Tenchi in Tokyo Space Pirate Outfit)

    Gabrielle Kimura (OC from Firesphere 306)

    Interests: Drawing,



    Roleplaying Like DND,

    Video Games

    Cosplaying (I'm a noobie but I love it already)

    Movies and Music

    and Graphic Design

    Hobbies: Making and publishing my own manga that I have been making for 10 years now (Firesphere 306)

    Video Editing (Making Amv's of my favorite shows

    Making Flash Animation

    Web Designing

    Roleplaying and Cosplaying.

    Anything Extra: This will be my first trip to Otakon and I'm so excited to meet new people and see all of the amazing cosplays. I have only been to one other convention (Setsucon 2011) but that was a smaller convention.

    Contacts: AIM: userpookie79

    Email: Firesphere306@yahoo.com

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