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  1. I can attest to the region one Casshern movie...and yes it came out in 2004...it's sitting in my dvd player actually as I type this...lol So I have a feeling that that is what's showing... Very..hmm..interesting movie to say the least!
  2. *twitch* ok...as a tried a true Rocky watcher (as in I've seen it IN theatre 100+ time)...I'll let you all in on a little secret...the only true way to see this movie is in a theatre, with lots of friends, learn the A.P. (audience participation) lines by listening, throw popcorn, toast, toilet paper and get 'ON YOUR FEET!' for the Time Warp...lol Oh and if go plug 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' into Wikipedia and you'll learn quite abit about this cult classic...then you should go track down a theatre that shows it... (in the name of the franky, the rocky, and the hoooooooly riff raff)
  3. well that would be an interesting idea for Masqerade or a Photoshoot...similar to Marvel Zombies..an undead take on many of the popular cosplays...
  4. real simple reason for the increase in hotel costs....having crowds of kids like in that youtube video over at the old Wyndham crowding 20-30 folks into their room and overflowing into the hallway..standing on the skywalk and yelling..thinking it was hilarious to shove the complimentary phone tables into the elevators. If I was a hotel and had to deal with hordes of unruly kids like that, I'd up the cost of the hotel rooms too. It's always the small handful of rotten apples that end up making it harder for the other 22,970 folks to get good deals...... though it could also just be co
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