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  1. Hi there! One of the judges here. First let me just say to anyone who comes through this thread to everyone who participated in the Hall Costume Contest this year: THANK YOU. Without you guys we wouldn't have had such an amazing turn out this year and I know things were a little rough and rocky, we're gonna work out things for next year and hopefully have a smoother run. I have to say, from my end things were really going well up until it came time for the Masquerade. Granted, the other judges and I missed the first 15-20 minutes of the show but it was just starting when we got the
  2. Yea the Hyatt basically told me they have the Otakon group in their system but no rates, so booking is impossible. The lady I spoke too said it might be 2-3 weeks before rates are up. I appreciate trying to get us info asap, but I'm starting to get tired of calling and getting nowhere.
  3. You should get an e-mail regardless as in my experience. Which I haven't gotten ANYTHING. Of course, at this point I'm screwed since most of the staff is probably already getting ready to go set stuff up. Someone's going to get an earful at the convention... I swear. I don't care if this was a non-human error, it's a human error when you don't make any mention of stuff being lost and don't reimburse those who signed up right at the beginning.
  4. Yea I've got the same problem too. I signed up for the Saturday the day it opened and still haven't heard anything back. I'm wigging too, as I'm also leaving tomorrow *Wednesday*
  5. So with pre-reg for the hall costume contests closed, should everyone have heard back by now about whether they made it or not? Because I still haven't heard a thing and I'm starting to stress, which I really don't want to do. But I'm leaving tomorrow night and I'd like to have all my info in order as soon as possible for sure. I know that I accidently pre-regged for both costume contests by accident, without realizing you couldn't do that (rules are a little muddled and unclear about that). So I was wondering if that meant I was dropped? If so I wish someone would have told me so I coul
  6. ~_~ This gets really old too... I can understand e-mail problems but they should have them fixed by now. I know it's hard work and it's a thankless job, but with a week to go before the con it would be nice if we got SOME kind of information from SOMEONE as to what the heck is going on. Everyone I know who have sent e-mails and various other methods trying to contact staff for questioning hasn't gotten anything back for a while, which is just upsetting. Kinda makes one feel like it doesn't matter. Maybe they're waiting until today when it's all over? Bah... this whole thing is confusing, muddl
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