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  1. I really don't understand why people get so upset and start going on about how unfair it is that this or that hotel is booked. Is it because they are unfamiliar with Otakon? I'm assuming so, because anyone that has been to Otakon for the last few years ought to know better. As soon as you know the dates, book. If you are traveling, have someone back home to keep an eye on the forums for you. What's unfair about people not knowing to check the website or forums? Live and learn. I hope people stop being so negative. Complaining about how unfair the situation is doesn't change anything and in s
  2. How is it being unfair for people to be concientious and book as earlier as possible? That's just being prepared, not unfair. Everyone has the same chance as anyone else who is willing to keep an eye on the next years dates and whatever hotel they wish to stay at. It's just another part of the excitement of attending Otakon now.
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