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  1. lots of stuff in this thread to try and comment about...

    Naruto and bleach will have a lot, but death note will have quite more, i think because it's mostly a closet-cosplay. It's a good manga/anime and easy to do.

    Personally i've done naruto cosplays - i did tsunade when so few people knew who she was, I did demon form tayuya and NO ONE recognized me when i did Rin. (I guess being current issue manga naruto characters doesn't help noticibility). Anyway, i had fun as those characters (except tayuya- her wig with the horns in it hurt a LOT). and even if it seemed like less ppl payed attention because of 'oh, another naruto cosplayer' (even though it was 2004 and 2005 - yes even then) it was still a lot of fun because i liked those characters.

    I've also done a costume where ONLY ONE PERSON aside from people I went with knew who I was. I was going to do it again this year since the manga is in shoujo beat and the anime is being released (finally), but I don't have time to fix it properly. I had a few comments in elevators and stuff at how nice my costume was, but no one along the way asked for a picture. It was kind of upsetting because i poured a TON of work into it and it was ignored quite a lot. Even now, 2 years later, i'm still proud of the details i put into that costume. I'll probably wear it again sometime. Maybe next year if i can get more people to do a group. groups are better for being noticed :)

    and if you want to do something obscureish, and you have friends or in a community or group that also likes it, and you DO want attention, go as a group. you'll likely to be noticed that way.

    i hope all that was on topic...

  2. hm, no one has mentioned it that i noticed, but i'm sure it'll help a little with the funky (as it's main use is keeping hte costume stain free in a particular area)...


    wut? yes, panty liners. put them under your arms inside your costume and they prevent sweat stains in the pits. and if you know you're getting ikky, you can change them (and kinda wipe yourself down in the meantime) and this way the stain/stench doesn't linger in your costume. yay theatre tricks :o

  3. Veigue Lungberg (Tales of Rebirth) - 80% done

    all that is remaining is his waist band thing and his decor and trim on his armor. he's swordless, but i'm ok with that.

    Gunter von Christ (vol. 2 manga version - Kyou Kara Maou) - 80% done

    Coat constructed, needs to be trimmed and wig needs to be cut and styled.

  4. making - mine and others' tho when RL throws crap at you and you have to tell someone you can't make it, it's heartbreaking T_T

    but nonetheless! i've noticed i've started to gravitate towards crafted costumes (armor and such) and am having a crazy awesome fun time with it. lots of hot glue is necessary to hold fabric onto the armor and whatnot, but making your own costumes really challenges your imagination and ability to find use out of the most random things (like a tuna can and lid from spaghetti sauce) ^_^

    tho if you're using hot things like boiling water and friendly plastic... be careful not to burn your thumbs :(

  5. search for leechable interwebs wtih my psp to check my email... and try to finish more of tales of Innocence so i can feel better talking about it at my panel XD (after friday, my psp comes out to play again~)

    but lines are also fun for chit chat and being silly and of course the cosplay pix (taking and being taken). lines sometimes can be half the fun :D

  6. back on pg 1 i wasn't sure on my third costume, but now i am!


    Kyou Kara Maou - Gunter von Christ (manga #2 version)

    Harukanaru toki no naka de - Tachibana no Tomomasa

    Tales of Rebirth - Veigue Lungberg

    and with 31 days to go, NOTHING is done T_T

  7. I'm quite shy with the singing in public, but i've a few songs I'd like to do (in character, nonetheless XD) but hopefully it won't be like last year where i waited with a friend for 3 hours and they weren't even close to getting her up there (and she never did get a chance to sing T_T)

  8. I did the Tales of... panels the past few years (different titles, as different games were used as a hook) and am continually surprised at how many people show up XD I'm pretty sure we had people standing last year in panel 1. I'm really hoping to do it again. Each year I learn things and try to make it better. This year i hope is the best yet (if accepted, that is). I just wish that I had more time since there's really only like 45 minutes (esp. if the one before me runs over :D ) to cover prob. about 15 games and 3 anime series (come august, pending any MORE namco/bandi announcements).

    also, i want to do a 2nd info panel focusing on Kyou Kara Maou, since the fandom for that is surprisingly large yet not as many people are aware of it's awesomeness~ Or the fact it started as a light novel series. But aside from just comparing novels, drama cds, anime, manga versions of it, there are some deep rooted theories and speculations that hopefully we'd have enough time to cover. The content is still being discussed with the other 'would be' panelists, but we'll have our act together before the panel application deadline ^_^ (tho if anyone has suggestions, i'm all ears ^_^)

  9. i'm definately doing:

    Gunter from kyou kara maou (this time with a manga version ^_^ )

    And Tomomasa from harukanaru toki no naka de

    i'm not sure who from Tales of Rebirth. Either Veigue or Saleh

    there's also a possibility of a Gintama cosplay from me too. man, not enough days to wear it all.

  10. ok, i'm getting to this a bit late, but here goes...

    1) Thanks for everyone's hard work on the whole panel recovery. I know you dealt with a lot of angry and impatient people (me being impatient) throwing questions and concerns and general flames at you. I know you went through a lot to get panels off the ground. hopefully '08 can run as smoothly as '06 seemed to.

    2) Monies and stuff: Deposits for panelists... NO WAY. first, i'm not even sure if my reimbursement for me and my one panelist is ever going to get to me, and second, that said panelist.... being able to help me host my panel and stay with me in my apartment is what was able to allow her to enjoy otakon in the first place. I know i can afford to put in a deposit, but that really might not be true for everyone, and panels may suffer. (she was a very large help to me). Also, in the event of a melt down like this year, i'm pretty certain we had submitted at LEAST all the panelists email addresses. I know i only come to the forums occasionally, but some of us not at all. so, by the time i found out i had to email info in or do the pre-register thing, it was already completely past the pre reg dates. Perhaps we can be emailed if that were to happen again?

    3) Despite the program saying we were saturday at 9, thanks for those who came to see us friday at 8 for the Tales of... Panel. (and luckily i found some people wanting to see us earlier who were mistaken about the time so they could come :lol:)

  11. i have a bit of a concern for this year's contest. I just applied for the saturday Hall contest, but i am not technically registered yet (i'm being registered as a panel host). I was just wondering if that will affect my ability to get a slot vs. someone that may already be registered.

    sorry if that doesn't make any sense, i just unburied from 4 layers of working on said costume...

  12. I liked it next to the music as well. I was in line for quite some time before getting inside to get a time slot and since all my friends were off doing who knows what, it kept me entertained. plus it was one of the only ota-events i saw because i spent 90% of my time at my art table :) maybe if you used a room further from the stage it wouldn't be so loud, yet us in line could still enjoy it.

    tho, i'm pretty sure pictures were taken last year (straight down the line) and the year before, but i'm not sure if that was official otakon picture taking or not. if it was, i'd like to see how that turned out...

    EDIT: Suggestion! it may be difficult and a lot of work, but maybe after con is over, on the sheets that the judges make notes on for each contestant, there can be a box that says how they can improve and the sheets can be sent to teh cosplayer or something. I know i'm always looking for feedback on any endevor i pursue and outside influences would be awesome.

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