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    :O Otakon group finder

    Hi Jessica, What type of Russian hats do you have I might be able to help you since I have quite allot of Russian Friends and visit Russia at least once a year. Also you will have to stop by the Sat evening Star Wars shoot. Time is 730 location the Outdoor Fountains.
  2. Scorpion89

    :O Otakon group finder

    Name: Rob Age: 44 Yea I'm Old but I don't look like it or acted like it (Whats that Junior speak up ) Cosplaying As: Myself this year Next year I will if all goes well be Bring the 3rd Doctor Who (Classic Who) car Bessie and a real Police Box and being Cosplaying as the Warlord Interests:History,Old School Punk,Old School Anima Hobbies:Aircraft and Old Car restoration,Photography, Rev War,US Civil War Re-actor Anything extra:I was on Staff for 10 year at SD Comicon and SciFi Vegas, I'm a Semi-Pro Photographer that many of you I have done shoots with well at least some of you Old Time Kon Folks. I'll be shooting a few groups stuff this Star Wars,Res Evil, and Gurren Lagann. I might also be doing the Girls and Guns shoot if it gets set up in time. If anyone is interested in doing a shoot just pm me here.