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  1. Name: Jessica

    Age: 26

    Cosplaying As: Red Medic from Team Fortress 2

    Interests: Reading, science, space history, video games, costuming, Star Wars, classic movies, lots of other stuff I'm forgetting

    Hobbies: Sewing costumes, napping, collecting Russian military hats

    Anything extra: I plan on being at the con for only about four hours each day, and about two hours of that will be at photoshoots, but don't let that stop you from messaging me if you want to meet up and hang out. If you've ever wanted to know anything about stormtrooper armor, I'm the girl to ask.

    E-mail: cosmos_cowgirl@hotmail.com

    Hi Jessica,

    What type of Russian hats do you have I might be able to help you since I have quite allot of Russian Friends and visit Russia at least once a year. Also you will have to stop by the Sat evening Star Wars shoot. Time is 730 location the Outdoor Fountains.

  2. Name: Rob

    Age: 44 Yea I'm Old but I don't look like it or acted like it (Whats that Junior speak up :D )

    Cosplaying As: Myself this year Next year I will if all goes well be Bring the 3rd Doctor Who (Classic Who) car Bessie and a real Police Box and being Cosplaying as the Warlord

    Interests:History,Old School Punk,Old School Anima

    Hobbies:Aircraft and Old Car restoration,Photography, Rev War,US Civil War Re-actor

    Anything extra:I was on Staff for 10 year at SD Comicon and SciFi Vegas, I'm a Semi-Pro Photographer that many of you I have done shoots with well at least some of you Old Time Kon Folks.

    I'll be shooting a few groups stuff this Star Wars,Res Evil, and Gurren Lagann. I might also be doing the Girls and Guns shoot if it gets set up in time. If anyone is interested in doing a shoot just pm me here.

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