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  1. So there are definitely a bunch of interesting people coming out this year, from the looks of things. Has anyone actually had any luck putting together an actual group thus far?

    If most of y'all have already grouped up, I'll hold my tongue for now--but if there are still people looking, I have a couple of meet-up ideas in mind... ^_^;;

  2. Name: Joshua

    Age: 29

    Cosplaying As: Kakashi Hatake, international shipment permitting

    Interests: Web and game development, cybernetics, the Singularity/Kurzweil debate

    Hobbies: Paintball, kickball, cooking, chess, mayhem

    Anything extra: My desk at work pretty much says it all. Thank the Great Green Arkleseizure for tolerant coworkers...


    First year gofering, and I'm totally stoked. Wouldn't mind a few other senior citizens to bandy about with, but since I've got the heart of a 12-year-old, I'm open to anything.

    Staying at the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor, if all goes to plan... ^_^;;

    Hit up joshua.d.hill@gmail.com for all your nutty-buddy needs.

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