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  1. I have plenty to work on: 1) The next issue of my comic book 2) My web comic 3) A new EP to release around the first of the year 4) Recording other bands 5) Work on new 3D stuff Between all that and going to a handful of other cons, I'm good.
  2. Here's a bit of video I took from my table at the Artists Alley:
  3. As far as I know, although I am not staff, escalators get turned off because they just can't handle the amount of foot traffic that Otakon has. That's typical of many escalators in general. They would most likely break down within hours of the con opening. I myself have a hard time with stairs but I didn't have any problems using the elevators through out the convention center.
  4. Getting music rights in a week make everything a bit difficult. Once again, I want to thank Concrete Prophet for writing us the Adult Swim music in a weekend and letting us use it for only a credit. Next time we do a commercial, I'm sure we'll be putting an all call to local and independent bands who want to provide music for us. We'll also need music for other promotional items If anyone thinks their music would fit great with Otakon, please let me know!
  5. dont forget, usually by 5pm friday, the atms are empty of cash
  6. More and more vendors accept plastic these days or at least they have in my experience. Hell, I'm even accepting credit cards at my table in the artists alley.
  7. Here's my take on why I feel Death Note has gained a bit of popularity. 1) Scientific and paranormal type crime shows seem to be rather popular. Death Note captures a pretty good feel for that sort of thing. 2) The quirkiness of L and Ryuuk provides for comic relief for a good bit of the series which helps balance out it's serious nature. 3) The beginning of the series draws you in because you're trying to decide whether Light is good or evil. Those are at least the three main reasons that make sense to me but it's just an opinion after all. Everyone isn't going to lik
  8. Ahhh Voltron! One of the first anime shows I got to see as a kid (my first was Battle of the Planets). I may have to check out Saber Rider, though. I don't remember seeing that one.
  9. I disagree -- he's very good at certain types of roles, but he's been SO typecast (as Neo, or Ted) and he hasn't done well with trying to branch out. For what OUGHT to be an action piece where the lead is a bit of a cypher, Keanu could be a good fit, and a guaranteed draw.
  10. "That profession" compared to what? A typical 30-second TV commercial has a development budget that runs a few hundred thousand dollars; some have budgets that rival Otakon's operating budget for a year. A typical local commercial runs several grand. Ours cost us a comped membership and a fair bit of hard work by volunteers. And we got a pretty hefty discount on the ad package. Personally, I prefer the adult swim one. In a nutshell, we were hoping to be able to use footage from the animation, but it wasn't ready -- then things got very very busy and we ended up having a week to wri
  11. I moved to the DC Metro area in the spring of 2000 to marry the girl I was dating at the time. Well, without going into a ton of details, things didn't go as planned and we were on the outs by late summer. I was looking for a reason to get out of the house and get my mind off things when I read an ad for Otakon. So, I drove up early Saturday morning and I was pretty quickly hooked. Prior to Otakon, the only anime I knew was Sailormoon and things like Akira and Demon City. That year I was introduce to Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star and Gundam Wing which was the start of a new habit. Eight
  12. Jim! You've gone and made me hungry now. I guess I should eat dinner then. (BTW, I agree with you 100%)
  13. I'll probably hit Grandmart before I head up for the con and get some of the giant strawberry Pocky that's like a foot long.
  14. I still have quite a bit of work to do for everything that I'll have at my artists alley table. Thankfully, though, my comic book is done and at the printers. Other than that, I'm sure I'll spend a lot of time in front of all the gaming consoles I own (well over 10 now).
  15. I suppose that unlike many people that I know, I never become the stereo typical fan of anything. Sure, I'm a huge Rush fan and I own a number of their albums but I've only seen them once in concert. It's the same thing when I meet someone 'famous'. I can easily turn off that fan attitude and treat them like a normal person since that's what they are after all.
  16. Personally, I still like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. Sure, battles can last a bazillion episodes but it comes down to what you can be entertained by. They're easy to watch and you don't have to put a lot of your brain into understanding what's going on. Sometimes that's what I'm looking for in entertainment. I don't always need a heart warming complicated story to keep my interest. At 34 years old, I have quite a variety of interests in the shows I watch and the music I listen to. I try to give everything a chance which includes watching american dubs which have gotten quite a bit better o
  17. Now if we're talking old school, how about some classic Gatchaman! That was the first anime I saw when I was quite young although it was the Battle of the Planets dub. That or Starblazer. Being 34 sometimes makes me feel old but not very often.
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