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  1. I'll be JLF uniform Tohdo. Beware my shoulder things.
  2. Suggestions? Less american rock, more anime/video game/j-rock songs.
  3. We can do metallica covers anytime. The average citizen understands that. It's only here, however, that we have a space for anime/video game covers.
  4. HOLY CRAP YES. I already know the song, we actually do it occasionally with my band if we get a singer who knows the words. I call keyboards. Who wants to sing? Now I just need to get my friend to come and bring his talkbox to get the voice right... (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.) -Dom
  5. I can't get Still Alive from Portal out of my head. Anyone interested in doing it?
  6. Can we have a giant sign at the door: "No 'Freebird' requests"?
  7. Yeah it seems like it would be - kind of Rage Against The Machine-y. =0
  8. What's up people is actually incredibly simple to play.
  9. I'm a guitarist. Here's my repoitore: Bleach-Asterisk, Houki Boshi, rolling star, d-tecnolife FMA-Ready Steady Go!, Rewrite NANA-Rose, A little pain, Wish, Glamorous sky Ouran-Sakura Kiss, Shissou cowboy bebop-the real folk blues trigun-HT Melancholy of haruhi suzumiya-God Knows Niea_7-gokigen gundam wing-heero's theme, rythm emotion Death note: the world, zetsubou billy, what's up people, L's theme A/B Ghost in the shell-Rise, Lithium Flower flcl-ride on shooting star gunslinger girl-light before we land lain-duvet Halo theme metroid-kraid's theme
  10. Question: With the new club otaku, is the saturday night band night still happening?
  11. Thanks so much to the people who got this together, i'll definetely show up and play. Last year I had to take my guitar to the halls, it'll be great to have a place to actually do this officially.
  12. Not actually an anime, but Kingdom Hearts, it's like they gave someone's godawful crossoverfanfic a six million dollar budget.
  13. hedgehogey


    Who's seen this quirky, fun little series about microbes? I'll be at least one day as Tadayasu (the microbes will be made out of sculpey or something), is anyone else cosplaying it?
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