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  1. I'm hoping to attend this year. I haven't been to Otakon since 2007 and I've found myself missing the con experience. I think the small crowd will be good for me too. Otakon is the only anime con I've ever been to, so this will be a new experience for me....hoping it works out that I can go.
  2. Oh sweet! You got a pic of my bf! =D http://photos.animejutsu.com/tools/a.php?a=20713 Cain from FFIV
  3. Rules will appear eventually, but I'd say that the *audience* is likely to fall asleep long before you hit six minutes.....
  4. Is it safe to assume that the AMV still has to be under 6 minutes? >.>
  5. How so? I'm curious. I saw the TV Drama almost when it aired in Japan as I had anticipated it for quite a long time. I love the TV Drama, but not because it was necessarily good, but because it was a good alternate perspective. The issue with the TV Drama was that by showing the new perspective, they forgot the old perspective. They portray Seita was portrayed to be a hard-headed brat that didn't care about the rest of the world. All he cared about was his little sister. The sister was portrayed as even more ignorant and stupid, she had no sense of anything at all except following
  6. Since I couldn't make it to Otakon this year, I'm hoping to make it to Katsucon. This would be my first year attending. I have a friend in VA that lives in the general area, so I can stay at her house rather than a hotel, and we could probably take the metro or drive in. If we take the metro that'll save us on parking/gas. ^^ So we'll see what happens. I don't think I'll cosplay though. If I do, I'll probably just throw together my gothic lolita costume that I wore to Otakon in 2007.
  7. I do quite enjoy my Asian movies and Jdramas. <3 My all time favorite Jdramas are GTO and Stand Up. I just started watching My Boss, My Hero, and it's decent so far, but not one of my favs. As for movies, I watch a lot of Asian horrors. I have seen some really lame ones, but there are a lot of great ones too. I wish Hollywood would stop remaking them and just show the originals, but I think the majority of the American audience wouldn't want to see them for various reasons. *sigh* Oh well. Favorite horror: Ringu Ju-on Shutter (Thailand) Alone (Thailand) Tale of Two Sister
  8. Financial woes is exactly the reason I couldn't make it to Otakon this year. >_< I'm around $2500 in debt, but it's mostly due to medical expenses. And I was thinking I could go to Otakon, as I had some savings, and then BAM I found out from my previous landlord that his mortgage company was threatening foreclosure because he was a few months behind in payments. So I had to move suddenly and used the savings I did have towards the deposit on the new place. I'm doing okay financially now, but I still have that credit card debt. Every time I start to make some headway on it, some
  9. I haven't used Rinkya, but I've used Japamart.com several times, which provides the same type of service. I've never had any issues with them. And last I checked, their commission fee is lower than Rinkya's too.
  10. All I can say is, I hope justice will be served.
  11. I actually watched the live action movie first. I thought it was interesting and decided to check out the manga. I finished the manga before watching the anime. I only watched...maybe 12 episodes of the anime? It seemed to follow the manga pretty close, but for some reason I couldn't get into the anime that much. However, I could not put the manga down. I was hooked the entire way. But then again, I seem more likely to read manga than to watch anime nowadays. It's funny because I used to watch anime all the time in high school, but was never interested in reading manga. o_O Anime an
  12. Seeing how I live on my own, pay rent and my own bills, I'd rather have the hotel rate be lower. I know there are Otakon goers who are in the same situation as me, but I think the majority of the con attendees are high school or college students. Without the expenses of having to be completely financially independent, they can save money much easier for a hotel. Most hotels give you plenty of time to cancel in advance without being charged a penalty fee. So even if you book the room(s), it gives you plenty of time to sort things out with friends.
  13. There is an Otakon group on MySpace, ya know. ^^0
  14. Sweet. Did anyone else notice the hotel prices went down for a couple (Holiday Inn and Radisson)? =D I just booked Holiday Inn. ^^ Now let's hope all goes well and I can make it next year! But just a heads up to those who may have credit cards that expire before Otakon 09...all of my credit cards expire before July 09. And if your card expires before your checkout date, you can't reserve a room. >_< Luckily, my mom let me use hers, so once I get a new card, I'll just switch it to mine. It's kinda lame though if you want to reserve a room, but have credit cards that expire be
  15. UGH. This looks like it would have been an awesome opportunity for me. ;_; But it's such short notice and I really don't have the time available at work (due to them reworking the PTO program ). I recently had to cancel my plans for Otakon. I was all set to go, but then I suddenly found out I had to move because my landlord was going into foreclosure. So I had to use my hotel savings for the deposit. This would have been PERFECT for me since I have retail experience. RAWR. Sad panda. ;_;
  16. I think a lot of people misspell "weird" because of the whole "i before e except after c" rule, because well, it certainly doesn't apply to that. Ah, the English language... I really hate when people mix up you're/your, there/their/they're, and then/than. And then there's whose/who's or it's/its. People ask me to proofread things for them a lot because I catch grammatical errors very easily. I've caught them in published books as well. :/
  17. awesome!!!!!!! currently im trying to figure out yahoo japan, its all in Japanese so im confused @__@ doiy LOL
  18. Just to add, if you're gonna use Yahoo Japan Auctions, use Japamart.com rather than Rinkya. Last I checked, Japamart has a lower commission fee. I've used them several times and have no complaints.
  19. Well, anime has increased in popularity over the years, so it would make sense that many more people are making AMV's as well. Not everyone is going to start out awesome. I've only made 2 so far, and I didn't make it to the finals both times I submitted mine (including this year). But I had fun making them and I feel satisfied with the finished work, so that's what matters in the end. I make my AMV's for myself really, not to please the audience. I put my own personal emotions and feeling into it, so maybe that has something to do with it? *shrug* Not all AMV's are made to be "contest wor
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