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  1. Well, I'm glad to hear the online system is coming back, so I'm a happy girl! Thanks!
  2. I'd like to flesh out my reasons for really wanting online pre-reg online again: most of us who come to Otakon in cosplay do it because we want to walk around the con showing off our work, having fans enjoy the work that we've done. Friday folks, I hear the line wasn't that long, but it was VERY long on Saturday (I think we have the masquerade walk-on to thank for that in part). It's a huge bummer that to just be eligible to be judged we'd have to sit out a good couple of hours of the day standing in line. (i.e. I showed up at 10am, was told the thing doesn't fill up usually until 2p
  3. Please bring online registration back! Saturday's contest filled up so unbelievably fast I am sad I missed it.
  4. Kefka here! ueeeehehehe I'm in the group cachalot is organizing. And I am bringing a Mog. If there's a General Leo at Otakon, no worries, I will stomp on his face :B
  5. It's an older series but usually you see at least one or two FY cosplayers around. Anyone else going to be cosplaying from Fushigi Yuugi? I will be Tasuki and my friend will be Suboshi, probably on Saturday. We will come as a pair
  6. Only one: Rose of Versailles. Seen it about 6 times, I still cry :oops:
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