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    But I'll quickly add that if you were offended, I am sorry to cause such an offense.
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    It's really not that big of a deal. Lambogirl isn't really a Johnny's fan, so it's completely reasonable for her not to know the name of the actual company. In fact, in Japan (where I happen to live), I think many people don't know that the company is actually called Johnny's & Associates. It's just "Johnny's". Honestly, the US fans are probably more aware of the full name than the Japanese fans are. It's not as if people know the names of the record companies of all of their favorite artists anyway. They just enjoy the music. And there's nothing wrong with this. I probably wouldn
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    Wait, no one in this thread about boybands in the Japanese culture part of this board know about the biggest Japanee boyband producing mogul of Japan?
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