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  1. Oh well I was just saying it's not something you hear every day.

    So what started off your anime addiction

  2. oh I see. I bet that's an interesting story


  3. Yeah but those are my step-parents my real parents cosplay and might be at Otakon I'm so excited to meet them :) I haven't seen them in 15 years

  4. well at least there like every other parents when it comes to anime I don't think any of them like their kids watching it ^_^

  5. Yeah they aren't :( They think it's stupid and a waste of my time

  6. oh I see.

    are they're not fans of you liking anime ?

  7. Yeah. I'm still trying to go next year. But, since I still live with my parents til after college they might say no :(

  8. well that's not too bad but I can see your point :(

  9. This is my second year and it's not really a lot since I stay with my best friend and my fiance and it's 250 dollars for airfare

  10. well I can see why otakon is the best I take it you fly down ? I can't imagine how much that must cost so how many times have you been to the convention already ?

  11. Yeah I know I wanna go to Otakon every year :(

  12. oh I see well that's a bummer :(

  13. Because, I live in Oklahoma and since I'm so far away I won't have the money next year.

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