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  1. i have friends that go to towson...so perhaps next year i'll check it out. you cant be a free price tag. I'm surprised you guys had fun despite the lack of explosions. Every good con has some explosions...well, to me anyway.

    do you guys have any ideas on guests?

  2. Pilot Candidate - Jesus...that show just sucked beyond sucking. it was like...wow, so lame.

    Half the Gundams - there were just far too many of these damn shows. I think there should be a law that instates only 3 Gundams for every decade.

    DBZ - should have ended after Cell. The show really hit a wall after that and never recovered.

    Naruto/Bleach - Already have been done (see: DBZ/Yu Yu Hakusho)

    Rurouni Kenshin - you took away from Samurai X's greatness, you campy, bug-eyed sorry-excuse for an anime.

    Pokemon after Brock left - really? you're gonna take away Brock? You suck, Pokemon. You suck hard.

    Inuyasha - apologies to the Fly and most fangirls, but this show was horrid.

  3. banana hammock!

    nah i think most people that see it are either used to it/intrigued and want to know whats going on but dont have the courage to say anything. i mean i know when i first when to otakon, i was also like many of those people we see gawking at us and staring like we have a gigantic duct tape katana hanging on our backs...ahem.

    all i know is if philly had a con that brought masses of people dressed in anime costumes, i'd love every minute of it.

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