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  1. ah yes, weird al is the man. havent heard that song in forever. good choice.
  2. polysics melt my face. i'd let them have sex on me
  3. live free or die hard > die hard 2: die harder. however, live free or die hard < die hard/ die hard with a vengence because die hard = die hard with a vengence. and thats bruce willis math.
  4. mmmmm strawberry cheese cake. so i'm pretty sure i'll never understand girls
  5. the o'rally factor. did you know chuckie cheese is actually the head of an underground mob consisting completely of mascots for theme parks, restuarants, and um...other stuff. you should watch out man, he'll cut you up. reservior dogs style.
  6. so i decided i'm going to make a spoof con of otakon completely dedicated to the making, purchasing, and trading of Quaker goods. it'll be a bizarro otakon, if you will. Quaker cereals, pop tarts and other goods will be the focal point of the con. the name? Quaker Oatakon. terrible joke. and now back you regulary scheduled RTT...
  7. soooo this is not gonna work out i'm sorry RTT, i just dont think we're going in the same direction...i mean you being a website forum and me being a ninety-pound-geekish-almost-a-young-man from philadelphiaish. we had a good run though right? we had some laughs.. i'm sorry RTT, its over. good bye
  8. This means whoever posted this line is not really you? Obviously without internet you couldn't have posted it.
  9. why does my laptop have no connection to the internet BAW! :evil: :evil:
  10. why does chinese food always seem like a good idea until you eat it..
  11. thanks everyone...except you sanaelar..except you. j/k..or am i? dude, i've decided, two nerfs guns as a present...awesome.
  12. yay, its offically my birthday...so...19...wow
  13. i want some pie, do you want some pie? no way, i hate pie aw scrubs, quality stuff
  14. man, just woke up. first day i've slept in in forever....wow, it feels awesome. you know what game had a good soundtrack, megaman 2
  15. no i will not make out with you. i want either a dragon, chocobo or a gremlin as a pet. probably a chocobo, easiest to feed/manage...except they are freakin hard to breed.
  16. i wouldnt be surprised if they made a 3d remake of VI, they remade every final fantasy up to it like eighteen times. so i'm gonna be a door to door salesmen this summer. yea jobs we do to get a car!
  17. i want the final fantasy IV remake for the DS riiiiiiiiight......now! hm, oh well...man i dont wanna work today
  18. hm...wait, how am i more stressed during summer than i was during my last semester of school?
  19. my senior pictures were kinda crappy...but i dont really care. my mom wanted them more than i did. man, this is the first day in a while when i was able to wake up and just sit around
  20. heroes...such a strange ending...not really like an "aw man i need to watch next season" feeling, more like, "aw man what the crap is going on in this show?" feeling. overall, i still love the show, and there were some interesting twists that i'm excited to see unravel in the next season. oh yea...gnocchi is ruler of you.
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