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  1. BAH! StuPID CastlevanIA! Cant GET THE FREAKIN SOULS! :evil: :evil: :evil: bAHHH!H
  2. just saw 28 weeks later...meh, not nearly as good as the original. it was ok. speaking of disease infected humans destroying england, i made dean's list this semester which kinda scares me
  3. i just wanna say, kissmybunniebutt, you have an amazing avatar. anyhoo, i just got my tux for junior prom and it is studly. i am ready to rock...and perhaps roll, if there is time. i'm going feel so weird there...all those juniors and i'm a pre-sophmore in college...oh well. at least i can smoke cigarettes and it'll be legal...cept i dont smoke
  4. speakin of proms, i need money for my tux! baaH
  5. i'm kinda tempted to keep this lovely banner MC has given me
  6. beat castlevania SOTN with 193%...not bad for a rush. back to studying for finals!
  7. i had one too many drinkssdsss..... i',m ok though
  8. its a vicious cycle. steal cause you're unhappy, and you're unhappy cause you steal. dont do drugs!
  9. i cried during history of trunks when gohan died. trunks life sucked man. that was a really depressing movie
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