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  1. Since I'm 24, I am sure my friends that are meeting me there (people from CT! I am from PA) will want go outside and just stroll sometimes... and you know. Stuffs : ) haha I am not sure, as I did not search too hard, but if anyone doesn't sleep well/likes to meet new people, etc... I'd be all up for it -- even when Otakon comes to close for the night, every night : )
  2. Fantastic movie. I really enjoyed it myself.
  3. How about a not so Otaku, but more techie straight forward. (not fanboy, a 9 to 5er attitude) <-- too much?
  4. Haha. You guys rock. But yeah, "metrosexual" is a term, I suppose, people use for guys like us. It's like, "I'm a dirty person. I shower once a week, I have a unibrow, and my pits sweat constantly." Like... why? Why would you hate someone for looking good, while you're so darn nasty. AMIRITE? : ( I mean, if you don't want to do these things, keep it to yourself~ Don't make fun of us. But back on topic again...!! I'm glad to see some replies here. Makes me happy!
  5. No one at all? I can't believe it. Either you're all to lazy to post something here, or you're embarrassed. Pfft : )
  6. So, who else gets their nails done on occasion, gets their eyebrows done, and other things of the sort? Any guys out there besides me like to take care of themselves? I get my eyebrows done often, however I haven't gotten my nails done in forever. Also, what makes you guys feel "pretty?" Your hair? Smelling nice? Share all here! And if this topic is strange, well.. it is, in a way I suppose. But it's also how a lot of people live their lives. And I know a lot of guys like to be "pretty," amirite? : )
  7. Siiiggh. ;o I am shy. The end. Wait that... that isn't want I wanted to say at all. Anyway -- I have a girlfriend at the moment, who is totally obsessed with me, and while that can be a good thing, it really isn't. I don't know what to do anymore. She gets so bad, that it actually turns violent at times. I feel like I am the female in the relationship because I am the one who gets hit/kicked/whatever. My friends, and many other people tell me to just "kindly leave her" but I am a coward. What if I can never find anyone else ever again? That is ALWAYS my fear, so I
  8. that mentality lived in my mind for about a week when i was in 9th grade, then it pretty much dropped when i figured im stabbing myself in the leg if i keep up with it
  9. I went to Japan for Christmas/my birthday (December to January) I stayed in Tokyo. The only thing I can "complain" about it the prices of more "Americanized" food. Like, Pizza, chicken fingers, french fries... haha. A pizza from Pizza-Hut cost roughly almost (if not on the dot) $30.00! Although when we went to the supermarket (Supermarket OK! Always low price! ... lmao) I loved it. The prices were indeed good, and you could just buy stuff there and cook it at home. Haha.. I loved when the little Japanese kids would stare at me... almost like, "Whoa! Look at that person's nose!"
  10. Finding love at a con is highly possible. But I think some people are way too picky/scared/shy. Many otaku, are obsessed with finding an Asian boyfriend/girlfriend. I personally don't have a preference -- however my past 3 girlfriends have been Asian, haha
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