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  1. hey y'all this sounds pretty dope i have some drum machine type stuff I could bring out if anyone wanted to jam, is there gonna be straight up open jam sessions at all? im hella into electronic music so if anyone is trying to do something that isnt like guitar (or even if you are, we can house it up) umm let me know and ill bring my electribe esx down
  2. If you want to lower the ratio of mainstream to obscure cosplays, then become part of the solution and cosplay something obscure! That's all there is to it. As a cosplayer who consistently strives to be the only one at the con as their character, you notice two things: - if your cosplay is well done, people will give you props and take pictures no matter what you are - when those half dozen fans of the series find you roaming the halls, them flipping out is probably one of the best feelings ever
  3. To be fair, this past year's 18+ panels did not start until 11PM on both Friday and Saturday nights (it started even later on Saturday). The 18+ panels were not limited to hentai, though there were one or two hentai ones scheduled. Even if you weren't interested in tentacles, you could check out the Dub Actors After Dark, or the late-night Evangelion panel. Not to mention that the video room version of Main Events featured fan parodies and fan films both nights until the wee hours, and 35mm was churning out films until midnight and 1AM. You're correct that there's not quite as much happeni
  4. they go to their rooms sauced anyway, then come back to the dance. who told someone to go to their room and get wasted?
  5. hey whattup this is dj dan da lion from saturday night 2007 I had a great time, and so many of these ideas are great. I agree with maiku that the voting process has alot of difficulties that deal with licensing, and given the attendees im not sure an online form could hold up to DDOS or some nastiness like that... seems like a can of worms and every year the DJs are great so why break it. Personally, I don't have any issues with my mixes being put up and I have some on my myspace if you want to peep them. as far as I know, I don't mix anything from RIAA labels plus fair use etc et
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