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  1. I need to secretly pray to the vacation gods that one of the doctors will go on vacation on Otakon postmonday so I don't have to go home on Sunday! It could work!
  2. He just wants to eat crap again!! <3s Hyde.
  3. It's possible there will be something else to do thursday. No, I'm not saying anything more just yet.
  4. See this is why I always say: Pre-reg line IS the Thursday Event.
  5. Personally, I'm a huuuuuuuuuuuge fan of the Rite Aid. It's now located on Baltimore Street right off the corner of Calvert Street. Or.. If you are FACING the Raddisson keep walking down the street going right for like two and a half blocks. It's around the corner from the McDonalds on Calvert. I don't remember it being very crowded last year.
  6. Wait in line as a group and pee/do errands in shifts?
  7. A year ago before Otakon 08, I went to see MacBeth (Patrick Stewart is Epic Win Forever!) and walking to the train station heard the group ahead talking about cons (otakon as well) and such and anime and I was like "Hahaha Otakon is EVERYWHERE!"
  8. Like alabaster, I've never gotten the DR line wait thing either. I mean, the room is open 6-8 hours most of the weekend so I don't know what the line for when it opens is for unless its just the desire to be first ones in?/Giddiness to shop? I mean, when I attend I put programming/events more priority over shopping, but then I have friends who go mostly just to shop at the DR and go to like three events all weekend. I guess I always see the DR line as the most uneccessary one? But I think what happens is the line-waiting becomes something a con-tradition/social norm
  9. Here's the thing I was thinking of as I read this thread....if we ever did pre-reg events (and I mean that in the MOST hypothetical sense), based on what I've seen of the pre-reg line as both an attendee and staff....people would still probably line up very early and there would STILL be a line, even knowing they had a spot/seat. People who pre-reg KNOW they have a badge, they've paid for their membership...but most still choose to camp out Wed night/Thurs morning anyway. What's to say this won't happen if there was a pre-reg for events? Every con has lines, this is unavoidable, an
  10. Everytime I say I'll have money for Otakon I never do. I should stop jinxing myself like that. ^^; Ideally, if I were to buy things I like to have $100 to spend in the Dealer's Room because there are manga titles I've been eyeing. I've learned to feed myself on a budget in downtown Baltimore, so usually my ideal minimal budget for Ota is like $150. I still budget like the broke college student I was I guess.
  11. This is the first year I'm going to Katsucon, but it's pretty much to help out at the Otakon table. ^^;
  12. I find "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" by WHAM! to be a good starting song for the trek to Otakon. Slayers music is always a great bet, Fire Bomber as well. But then I'm also the girl who'll sing along to the Memorial Song Box set of albums from Sailor Moon. Come one, who doesn't love the now seemingly defunct image song?
  13. I've been attempting to work on my writing portfolio for grad school admission, Katsucon next month, a short Eastery road trip in April since my boss is away anyway and I pretty much have to take a vacation that week, then Anime Boston, possibly AnimeNext, then OTAKON YAY!! But probably most important should be the writing stuff.
  14. It's a little over six months to the con, so if you put $10 a week aside for otakon starting now, you'd have about $240 by Otakon. Just a little factoid for you guys. I find it a good idea that if you're going as a group, do your hotel and travel math now. Ex - My friends and I rent a van, and they all stay in the same hotel so what they do is add the cost of van rental, tolls, parking, the estimated cost of gas (we check how many miles the trip is and compare it the van's gas mileage to get an estimate), and hotel cost plus hotel tax and then we divide it evenly. Know how mu
  15. We made an 80s Only Playlist for the six hour drive to Baltimore with really upbeat songs. When we left CT at 5am the first song was "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!" by Wham, when we got into New Jersey "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi, when we were making our way out of the tunnel in that last stretch getting into Baltimore and onto the highway at the last toll booth was "Final Countdown" by Europe and then "When Doves Cry" pulling into the city. It definitely had us perked up. Next year I'm planning on all anime theme songs.
  16. My Share of Van Rental/Gas/Tolls - $100 (paid that back in March) Food Thurs-Mon - $20 (mostly I lived on staff vouchers and my Section Cheif was very nice and helped me out a bit foodwise) $120 in total. I hope I never come to Otakon with $20 in my pocket ever again.
  17. If you are going to do the meet up on Thursdays, perhaps the time should be somewhere around 7:30-8pm? Most of time earlier than that people are in the pre-reg line/getting their badges/still getting into Baltimore which may have factored into this year's shortage of people who showed.
  18. Haha, I heard about the JIM Project thing. If that happened it would totally turn into Doctor Who improv I would hope. ^^ It's nice to see they have an awesome sense of humor.
  19. Yes, Endoh wails fantastically as well. What I mean is, for the example, the "woah"s during "Angel Voice". But I admit I'm also partial to Yoshiki as I am a Fire Bomber fan. ^^; And yes..half a century is pretty accurate, lol.
  20. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the JAM Project concert and having been a Makkun and Kageyama Hinrobu fangirl for 10 years and a Fire Bomber one for five...IT WAS EPIC WIN. Everyone there was so into it and it was awesome to hear Cha La Head, Rinbu Revolution, and Angel Voice live. Unfortunately I did miss the panel because I was doing my stafferly duties, but I'm glad everyone enjoyed them and that I got to see the concert. And I was very interested in seeing how Yoshiki-san sounded live because he does what I call "epic song wailing of awesome".
  21. Since I took care of pretty much crit stuff.. Nom nom on cheese and cold cuts. Take iiitt easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
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