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  1. LOL! How did you get Tropic Thunder? That is awesome! XD Now I'm debating if I wanna go to my Soul Eater gathering or go see the movie. XD CT
  2. It will be Saturday night at midnight on the 4th Floor. CT
  3. I will be there as Adiane and Western!Adiane (from the Parallel Works video #4). CT
  4. Me, Myself, and I.... x.x Though I'm meeting up with friends while down there. So, I'll only be lonely for a bit. CT
  5. Because I have this slight phobia about driving anywhere outside of my valley town ( XP ), I have my parents drive me down every year (which is a 2-3 hour drive...I live near Harrisburg). It's also because of the fact that my parents get very nervous when I consider taking the bus or amtrak instead. I do pay them in full for gas, however... which is going to be a pain this year. >.<;; This time, I'm trying to get them to use the same weekend to take a beach trip somewhere else in Maryland. That way, it will not be a pointless drive for them. (They dislike anime, so I can't persuade
  6. I rarely cry during anime....Do I get shocked? Yeah... heartbroken? Most often... actually shedding tears? close to never. So far, I have only cried during three series: The end of Cowboy Bebop The end of Serial Experiments Lain The last few episodes of Gurren Lagann CT
  7. I will be there as Adiane the Elegant. Also, if you check out the Otakon forum at Cosplay.com, there is a thread recruting GL people for a photo gathering. CT
  8. I would love to see the live-action Mushi-shi film that came out last year. It also goes by the title "Bugmaster". The series is beautiful, so I would love to see the live-action version of it! CT
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