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  1. Because I have this slight phobia about driving anywhere outside of my valley town ( XP ), I have my parents drive me down every year (which is a 2-3 hour drive...I live near Harrisburg). It's also because of the fact that my parents get very nervous when I consider taking the bus or amtrak instead. I do pay them in full for gas, however... which is going to be a pain this year. >.<;;

    This time, I'm trying to get them to use the same weekend to take a beach trip somewhere else in Maryland. That way, it will not be a pointless drive for them. (They dislike anime, so I can't persuade them to join me. *sigh*)


  2. After 4 years of helping out in reg, it seems to me the anime badges are from new shows or releases that the distributing companys want to push. So look to shows coming out during the summer or late spring for hints of badge designs.
  3. I rarely cry during anime....Do I get shocked? Yeah... heartbroken? Most often... actually shedding tears? close to never.

    So far, I have only cried during three series:

    The end of Cowboy Bebop

    The end of Serial Experiments Lain

    The last few episodes of Gurren Lagann


  4. I would love to see the live-action Mushi-shi film that came out last year. It also goes by the title "Bugmaster". The series is beautiful, so I would love to see the live-action version of it!


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