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  1. I hope this is up and running by Otakon '09 as well!! It would be terrific for exploring more of Baltimore than just the Inner Harbor district . As well as allowing people who want to drive into the city an opprotunity to park in one of the outlying (CHEAPER) parking garages, perhaps even stay in one of the outlying, hotels and then easily be able to get to the Inner Harbor each day (without having to pay for a taxi!!). Now I'm even more excited about next year
  2. I love the dramatic drop in the price for the hotels! Many thanks to negotiating such a fabulous rate for the con. I WAS sincerely hoping that once the Hilton opened up with their over 700+ guest rooms, it would force the other hotels to be a bit more competitive with their prices. I'm thrilled to see that it's done just that!!!
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