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  1. Heya! as you can tell I was a tiny Nell tu from Bleach on part of friday. but most of the weekend I was Faye Valentine for all of Saturday and friday afternoon. ( http://www.acparadise.com/acp/picview.php?p=e608_0453 ) Any pictures would be appreciated! ~Meesh
  2. I missed it :{ Crap. Is there any chance that this will be online later?
  3. I'll be there in a few hours myself! Can't wait to see everyone!!!
  4. I enjoy making my cosplays over buying them any day. There is a lot of personal satisfaction in completing a costume, but not just that, i'm artsy fartsy. So I like the process just as much as the final product. I will buy a few random things, ex. being my Faye costume. She wears a loose work shirt tied around her mid section and the sleeves pulled up so they cover below her shoulders and above the elbow. Why make something simple when it is just as easy to buy. If i was entering this in the competition i would have made something like that...but otherwise..meh
  5. I don't mind taking organizing duties or least helping. Granted even though I am not the starter of either threads or anything this will be my fourth Otakon so I know my way around the convention center and surrounding area pretty well. When wearing Legato, I REALLY want a picture with Vash there of me and him sitting down and starring at the donuts/eachother. My Legato is from Trigun Maximum, and those who read the manga know that Legato is an all around glutton and not just a sweet tooth.
  6. Hmmm, not such a bad idea. I'll look into it anyway. Thanks, and love your pic, Nel rules! ^^
  7. I have you considered a clear plastic head band of some assortment, you could easily glue said stuffed animal to your headband. and lay the head band on your head in a way that it will not interfere with any hair/wig style you may have happening.
  8. I could have sworn I posted here, but apparently not! I have a fair list this year, but nothing big by most peoples standards. I'll have Blaziken from Poke'mon More then likely Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. And probably my Legato Bluesummers costume too. http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/m13817/
  9. Now if only I can make my friends coming with me this year realize this... LoL The Inner Harbor is bound to be an interesting place to be this years Otakon weekend, that's for sure. Between the anime fans, music fans, baseball fans & the Navy? The Inner Harbor will be a literal melting pot creating some interesting clashes & appreciations during the weekend I'm sure. I'll definately be down there to see the battleship & take a few pictures during the weekend. After all, my Dad wouldn't let me hear the end of it if I didn't, I come from a family with a strong Military connect
  10. Even though it seems to have a lot have already mentioned their interest, I will throw myself out there too. Sounds like a lot of fun, and although I may be somewhat busy with various photoshoots, I do not have an art table to be strapped too this con and will have a lot of free time to have fun with something like this! ~Meesh
  11. Well, I already mentioned on cosplay.com (minivicious) But I will be bringing my Later Trigun Maximum Legato costume, after all, I must protect my master if he is around. (derp derp) http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/44748/ ~with evil love, Meesh
  12. I have my DS were ever I go, so if I do end up in a long line, and I am not in costume, that will be there to entertain me. The Pre- Reg line always goes pretty fast for me, so I do not bring anything along for that, instead I try to have some nice conversations with those around me in line. Its a great way to meet people before the con truly gets under way! Man, I am really starting to get giddy for otakon!
  13. Different people take different times to get a distinctive funk, it really depends on how much you sweat. Myself, I do not require a whole lot to keep the funk off, even with some of my most body covering costumes. I shower twice daily at conventions, one before I am in costume and one after. I spray down the costume with the febreeze after I am out of it, and layer on the D.O. And that is all I need. Now I know some people need a multitude of showers after being in a sticky costume to get the stink off them. Also, how much of your body will be covered? Because its a costume
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