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  1. *peeks in* Okay, woah. This is different than I remember. ...Nooo, I didn't forget about this place, I just... uh... okay, so I forgot to keep coming here. *waves hello*
  2. Whew. Back from Vegas and Fan Faire. ... It RAINED. In Vegas. Like, major thunderstorms. So much for that dry heat. Had a great time though.
  3. Well, this will be my last post until the 8th, unless I find a hotspot that I can use my PSP at. I'm really excited for Fan Faire....moreso than the rest of the Vegas trip, for some reason. I guess I'm looking forward to seeing my EQ buddies.
  4. Well, I start my new holdover job today (Marketing rep), and I'm nervous. I had my onsite training yesterday, and I get to go at it alone today. My manager at EB wants me to transfer to a different store too, one that's just opening up...I'm not sure if I want to. It'd probably mean more hours... but I'm trying to get out of retail, it'd feel like a step backwards. Ah well. Next week this time... I'll be in VEGAS! Yeah baby! Video Game convention, gambling, and booze. Could it be any better? I'll be out there for 8 days, the con's only a small part of the trip. I is excited. Edi
  5. I read that entire book in 2 sittings.... *twitches* *yawns* I had a good time. I so didn't make it to Sunday of the con. Buddy 'ol pal decided we had to leave by noon, and we all kind of accidently slept until 10, giving us enough time to pack, load the car, and pick up the person who was staying in the other hotel, and get on the road pretty much exactly at noon. So, we get back to other friend's house, and lo and behold, my car wouldn't start. Yippee. Good thing I ended up not driving...that wouldn't have been fun in a hotel parking garage. I mean, it was a simple matte
  6. Great....change in plans. Now it looks like I have to drive myself. I hate city driving with a passion...and I can not afford the hotel parking fees. Ah well. I'll figure it out. The main thing is, even though my ride told me I may not have a ride... I definately have a hotel room with him, so all is good. I'm leaving in a few hours myself.
  7. Woah. I totally faded out of existance for awhile. And turns out, I will be making it to the con, after all. 3 weeks ago, I thought I'd be able to. 2 weeks ago, it looked like I couldn't. Last week, I knew I couldn't. This morning....I made ride plans. Thank goodness for friends with an open spot in their hotel room Talk about last minute...lol. Looks like I'll be doing the attendee thing this year.
  8. *sigh* Still no job for ninn. *doesn't admit that she had forgotten about these forums for awhile*
  9. Aye. I know that. But you still have to have a prescription regardless. And in order to get a prescription, you have to go to the eye doctor. I want to get my eyes examined, anyway. I've never had a proper one, just the quickies they gave in middle school in the nurse's office, and when I'd get a general checkup - both my parents and my grandmothers and lots of other people in my family need glasses. I'm the odd one who doesn't need them. Seriously, I have no idea how that happened. Genetically, Ithink I should have needed them by now. I never said it had to be a corrective prescription.
  10. Taken straight from the FDA's website (http://www.fda.gov/OHRMS/DOCKETS/98fr/E6-19887.htm) "All contact lenses, including decorative, non-corrective contact lenses, require premarket approval or clearance by FDA and may be dispensed only upon a lawful prescription order by an eye care professional." I simply would not trust a site that does not require a prescription. Who knows what else they may be doing that's shady. Look, I bet people just learned something new from reading that!
  11. I've not tried many beers, but of them, I could only tolerate one of them. Asahi, or something. I don't know. It was at a con's staff "Yay! Another successful con!" party, and I swiped the can out of another staff member's hand to try it (We're con buddies, it wasn't just a random "Hey, I don't know you, I'm going to try your drink!...though I have done that too.) Most of the stuff I've tried, I've wanted to spit out after one sip, but I took a couple sips of that and didn't want to spit it out. I probably could have finished the whole can, but I was happily drinking my death punch. So,
  12. Yay! It's back. ...I spend all day randomly popping onto the board to get the first reply, and I still manage to miss it Hmm...I wonder how much it would cost to get my eyes examined. Judging by how I see stuff, I don't need correction (if anything, it'd be very very very *tosses in about 10 more verys* minor), but I want to get cosmetic lenses, both for costume and everyday wear. I want to be able to switch between blue and green eyes, darnit! I love how people were telling me that for non corrective lenses, I don't need a prescription, I can just go somewhere and buy a box, y
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