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  1. The writing is basically on the wall at this point, Otakon is almost assuredly going to be cancelled.
  2. Hasn't Otakon been doing this for the past couple years now? Anisong was a charged event when normally it would have just been a musical guest. This year i recall premium seating being offered at a fee. While likely not Otakons fault don't forget the Funimation autograph session travesty. That only cost a blu ray preorder fee. That's not something you'd normally see at Otakon.
  3. If there's more people than the autograph line can get through, they'll either cut the line and send people away, or let people stand in line and hope for the best. I recommend getting in line early if this is important to you.
  4. No lie this was a complete blunder by Funimation. Massive paywall, you don't actually get to have anything signed, only 50 guests, and they opened ticket entry an hour ahead of the time they said. Get your act together Funimation, this was completely disgusting.
  5. Here's a question, I only received the badge and lanyard. Otakon usually supplies a plastic slip on cover to house the badge itself. Are those going to be available at the convention, or should those have arrived with the badges? I can guarantee my name will not stay on the badge the entire weekend, even in permanent marker, as I bring an around the neck camera which constantly swipes against my badge.
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