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  1. http://www.bewareofninja.com/cosplay/photo...ls.php?album=26 Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Full-Size/No Watermark available.
  2. I'm doing TF2 at 1PM. Later on Friday would be better for me (although I'm in two panels and don't know when either of them are yet.) I'd do Sunday too if someone else got another group going.
  3. Make as many meet-ups as you want, it's not like there's a limit. There doesn't appear to be any organization yet, so I don't think there will be one big one. I'd probably be up for one on Friday morning or Sunday. (Actually, I just realized the big meet-up WAS Friday last year. Durr, i R smart)
  4. Hi! I'm bringing either Frost or Kitana depending on which one I finish first. There's usually a meet up on Saturday (the group was pretty big last year). Try checking cosplay.com on the Otakon board.
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