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  1. You know you could’ve come down and asked us for one, we would’ve been happy to give one to you. As far as “notification” ...from what I recall last time we got unique lanyards like these, they are donated to us from industry -and very last minute/close to con. I myself (and I’m sure other staff) were just as surprised they had FGO lanyards when we sat down to start working on Thurs. Heh, even commented a few times I was a bit jealous over it, lol....but I digress...
  2. Ikano

    Backpack or Messenger Bag?

    Like Clutch mentioned, depends on what you carry. I’ve personally never even once considered a backpack because I’m more likely going to overpack it and end up in the middle of a crowd rummaging through it because it has too many compartments and in that panic won’t remember where I put stuff. Really I picture myself only needing money/wallet, phone and/or ipad, small bottle for water, maybe mini umbrella....so, my point being- think real hard about what you REALLY need to carry around.... In my opinion...packing another empty bag (like a drawstring bag or something similar) into your messenger bag should cover for anything that you DO end up buying/picking up at the con that won’t fit in the messenger bag (granted you don’t get something crazy bulky)
  3. Ikano

    Marriot Marquis Being Used for Otakon Events?

    Last I heard Marquis does not have anything.
  4. Ikano

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    I'd support this part of the sentence more the moment trolling stops being a thing. (Not necessarily here but you know they're out there)
  5. Ikano

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    IMO...seems more effective to have “official persons” than an “official place” especially when it comes to something that is potentially very active like discord or any other chat/instant messaging. While the idea seems interesting enough, I think there are already other better ways to get an “official answer” if the need really arises...
  6. Welcome 7-day weekend

  7. Summer break: When the days of the week merge into only one of two; "weekdays" or "weekend"

  8. Tis the season for video gaming marathon....-ing

  9. hibernating time...

  10. What? We're THAT close to Otakon?!

  11. zzzZZZzzzz.....

  12. Been playing HM: Lost Valley & Tears to Tiara 2 mainly...

  13. Currently playing P4G...and random iOS games still...

  14. Currently mainly playing: Conception 2...and random iOS games

  15. Currently playing: Bravely Default & some random iOS games