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  1. You know you could’ve come down and asked us for one, we would’ve been happy to give one to you. As far as “notification” ...from what I recall last time we got unique lanyards like these, they are donated to us from industry -and very last minute/close to con. I myself (and I’m sure other staff) were just as surprised they had FGO lanyards when we sat down to start working on Thurs. Heh, even commented a few times I was a bit jealous over it, lol....but I digress...
  2. Welcome 7-day weekend

  3. Summer break: When the days of the week merge into only one of two; "weekdays" or "weekend"

  4. Tis the season for video gaming marathon....-ing

  5. hibernating time...

  6. What? We're THAT close to Otakon?!

  7. zzzZZZzzzz.....

  8. Been playing HM: Lost Valley & Tears to Tiara 2 mainly...

  9. Currently playing P4G...and random iOS games still...

  10. Currently mainly playing: Conception 2...and random iOS games

  11. Currently playing: Bravely Default & some random iOS games

  12. Newest Harvest Moon game has a bachelor named "Nadi". My reaction: "HEY! They finally put me in a HM game~!" 8D

  13. Don't follow in my footsteps. I run into walls.

  14. summer almost over... *tear*

  15. Recovering from Otakon XX ((GAH! my muscles...))