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  1. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    I just wanted to throw in my two cents. PERSONALLY, since I'm a female Asian, I took the comment very offensively. Did it greatly affect my opinion of him? Yes. I see him much more negatively then intended. Am I so enraged so much I'd want to take some sort of action? No. Because the internet is how it is and you just have to learn people like that just exist. That doesn't mean I'm totally not bothered by it though, I still very much am. However it does also bug me a bit that some in here are downplaying how offensive it could be hence enticed me to say something...please be mindful of every possible person that could be reading this but not necessarily posting...it breaking my heart. Anyway that's all I PERSONALLY wanted to say on this subject... I guess...like kimberly, if you want to ask me anything else about this subject you can PM me....otherwise.... /goes back into the lurking corner
  2. Swag!

    Really ended up buying only a few things this year: Two pokemon "mochi shaped" plushies, Zelda: BoTW 2018 calendar, one of the Zelda:BoTW Nenderoids, this year's Ota shirt & some zipper pulls, a random shirt with a cute Kitsune on it, and A Tales of towel Honestly thought I was going to buy more but nothing in particular caught my eye that I didn't already have......that and I spent a good chunk of Thurs in dealer's room getting lost and unlost as I was trying to price compare then forgot where booths were... sat didn't go in at all, Sun was a time crunch for obvious reasons
  3. Otakon 2017 Cosplays?

    Sigh.....so...I finally got off my butt to try my costume to see if it needs resizing or not and I can't for the life of me find where the pants for it are. Also can't for the life of me remember if I actually made pants or used any ol' regular pants.... well...luckily I have every other part of the costume but man...dunno what I used last year...
  4. Wednesday before Otakon plans

    Besides obvious double/triple/quadruple-checking of bags and cosplay stuff....I'm usually re-staring the schedules again...see if I missed anything or rerank my priorities for what I want to see/do...if you know what I mean...
  5. I was at Gamestop this past weekend for something other than games (surprisingly) and my bro bought 2 games for a B2GO free used game deal....and I ended up picking Stein's Gate (Vita) for the "free" choice Played a bit of it just now to make sure it works and whoa....really interesting... (I've never touched anything from Stein's Gate franchise btw, so complete newb here) Other than that...honestly I've been hooked on mobile games lately more than video games... like Fate Grand Order...for one
  6. Otakon 2017: What's Your Objective?

    As some have already said...not getting lost is #1 in my mind.... The only other thing I can think of right now is pay attention to TCG dealers earlier...I forgot to check them out last year until Sunday and obviously some things I would've liked were sold out by then.... uh...I guess other than that I might pay more attention to figmas etc (in dealer's room) I don't usually look at them in the past but last year started to take notice after I found one of a character I didn't think was popular enough
  7. @onsenmark Wait...what?! Hack //GU remaster?!? Oh snap....did not hear about that. I was even feeling nostalgic the other day for Haseo and gang too....but too lazy to dig out the Ps2 @hiimjimmeh dang you lucky...l live on East coast and...found out way too late about E3 being "open to the public this year" to plan stuff to go there (like flight, hotel etc.)..... I crai.... One of these days though! *fistpump*
  8. Old thread is OLD... New one cuz, Guess I'm a little curious what everyone else is playing... Me personally? Since it's officially summer break now I'm in a dilemma of what to work on... Was originally working on some VN games like Hakuoki, Utawarerumono, and Kenka Banchou: Otome.... but have a sudden strong urge to work on either Story of Seasons (since for some reason that I can't remember, at launch I barely played an in-game week before switching) or maybe FE: Echoes... Or try to go back to console gaming, which...I guess is either Zelda: BotW or Persona 5 (second playthrough) or....need to search harder to check what else needs working on (lol)
  9. Summer break: When the days of the week merge into only one of two; "weekdays" or "weekend"

  10. 2017 Cosplay Predictions

    I seriously thought persona 5 since the theme was spies. you know...cuz they're theives? surprised it wasn't mentioned...
  11. Otakon 2017 Cosplays?

    Bringing back thief outfit Yusuke(Persona 5), ESPECIALLY because of this year's theme....other than that, undecided/uncertain.... I would like this year the year I attempt a Fire Emblem outfit but at this point that's a wish....
  12. Tis the season for video gaming marathon....-ing

  13. hibernating time...

  14. What? We're THAT close to Otakon?!

  15. zzzZZZzzzz.....