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  1. Been playing RF5 lately like it's the end of the world...

  2. I had to leave when the Q+A started at the end but I was a bit sad you guys didn't mention Devil Survivor 2 in the "Beyond Persona" panel considering that it's way more popular (or at least appears more marketed) than Devil Survivor 1 (It-meaning DevSurv2- having a pretty good anime adaptation and all). Tho I guess that's a minor personal gripe... the rest of the presentation was great *claps* Er...back on topic tho....unfortunately I didn't go to any other "panels" per say unless the Zen Garden workshop counts. I'll just say that...that was the first time I ever found time to go to a Sho
  3. There should have been "water coolers" spread throughout that are periodically refilled... I didn't actively seek them all out but I know for sure there were 2 situated right outside of the "salon" that Registration sits in....
  4. I'm scrapping the former cuz of...how the year's been y'know....and realized I technically never completed the latter mentioned outside of the jacket so guess what? I'm spending the weekend sewing together the missing pieces and MAYBE making a matching mask.....gotta love last second runs to the fabric store and last second sewing...on top of everything else. Edit/aside: I could make my life easier and fall back on an old Minato cosplay I have lying around but 1) That also has an annoying amount of accessories that I don't feel like bringing just cuz....and 2) I LAUGH in the face of CHALL
  5. In general heavier things do cost more to mail/ship.....
  6. *casts revive on thread* After thinking about it...I'm going to be super lazy and bring a super simplified cosplay...of some old "costumes" *cough*probably Fox (P5) and/or SMT: Devil Survivor 2 Technically I wasn't considering making new costumes anyway though I'm on the fence on making masks that "matches"...Not going to go super fancy with potential mask though so...procrastination sets in...
  7. Well I did say "arguably"...you just cut that part off when you quoted me 😆 But thanks for the hours. Don't have the old schedules in front of me but it always feels longer on Sat lol. That also proves that I know nothing 🤣
  8. Generally...(and this is more like "as an attendee for many years" response and not to be taken as a "staffer-in-the-know" response cuz I know nothing) Friday is better day to look for things you think might be "limited" Sunday is better day to look for things that might go on sale but not necessarily limited especially Manga or DVDs stuff, etc. cuz vendors rather bring/ship less back with them. Saturday is kind of a "wild card"....since it's the longest day dealer's is open (arguably) I've seen some vendors in the past do "time limited" sales/giveaways/events at their booths th
  9. The only other thing that I can think of that someone hasn't mentioned here before is you could offer to take COVID tests after con to prove you did or did not catch it... I saw CVS selling two different rapid ones the other day in-store like...with over-the-counter medicine [no need for doc "prescription" or what have you to purchase the kits]....one seemed to give results in 15 minutes and it didn't appear like you had to send it in the lab somewhere...Though honestly I don't quite remember the details printed on the box since the price tag was not quite chump change in my book...
  10. Identity crisis...I can't decide on a profile photo...

  11. Speaking of Metro....This is posted in the "How to Get Here" page already but even I took a bit of time to notice it... If you have a SmarTrip card issued prior to 2012 you need to arrange to get it replaced TLDR; They're beginning to phase out the old fare machines this month. The new machines can't read the old SmarTrip cards. I also want to add that if you try to do the mail-in option (which does grant you the $5 bonus credit into your already existing credit) The "mailed back within 10 business days" may be misleading. After support told us our family could mail back our 3 S
  12. @ClutchThe zoo specifically: https://nationalzoo.si.edu/visit/entry-passes-tickets
  13. And then there's my county.... MoCo...whom are pretty much against anything Hogan decides....it's gotten to the point I've personally stopped paying attention to all Covid-related announcements regarding restrictions etc. unless MoCo says so....(says someone who formerly caught every single covid-related press conference from every leader in the area) Sorry, I digress though, carry on.
  14. *starts singing: "I got Cabin Fever! It's driving me insane~!"

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