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About Me


  • I'm an "A.B.T." (American Born Taiwanese)
  • Sometimes draw as a hobby -never considered "selling" my stuff though...
  • HUGE Genso Suikoden [video game series] fan
  • I try to cosplay every year despite well...being "opposite of a model"
  • I also occasionally write/take part in NaNoWriMo....even though I dislike writing... ((EH?!?))
  • I am slightly fluent((??)) in Japanese [enough that I've played through some released-only-in-Japan video games...]


My top fav RPG video game series (in no particular order):

  • Genso Suikoden
  • dotHack
  • Bokumono/Story of Seasons
  • Fire Emblem (only more recent ones, excluding the "remakes/re-releases"...)
  • most MegaTen (incl: Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Devil Survivor, etc.

Notable mentions [of game series I like] (latter 3 are "on and off"):

  • Legend of Zelda
  • Pokemon
  • Legend of Heroes/Trails of
  • Tales of  (post-Symphonia)


I have do have MAL, dA, FB accounts - but you must ask me personally [for the latter 2]

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